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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Nice RAC
BB, we can all see it ... that frustration.  You wear your heart out there on your sleeve wondering how & when things are going to mesh.  They point to missed time, timing, etc., and the words are killing you.  Words!  Stop the noise.  Smile, and be a kid again.  Look for the sandlot.  You haven't been forgotten.  Dues needed to be paid for string, and an entire team was willing to work and sacrifice to make it happen.  These are no fools, as they know the dividend is on the horizon.  Be good to yourself for if you don't ... who will be!     

So you know what turns Brett Favre's head ... inspiration ... apparently he likes a nice RAC.  I like a nice RAC (Run After Catch) too!  This is what Brett lives for.  Maybe you hadn't noticed, but your dance up the seam was soon followed by Brett ... applying a block to maybe one of the most dominant linebackers in the NFC ... so he could spring you?  What does this tell you?  Apparently, Veir was also following AD on his right rip.  Apparently Brett just might have plans to jump all over you too ... just like he did for the Rookie.  Be patient, and keep your head on a swivel ... cause he's going to nail you and it will be when you'll never expect it.  You know its only a matter of time.  It'll come.  Turn your heart free!  

Never in the History of the Vikings!  Not like this!
Ben Leber's incredulous reaction & Ole 69's being brought back to his days playing Pop Warner ball ... sounds a whole bunch like "bringing you back to where you want to be ... an instant of bliss, elation & ecstasy".  Be careful because you can become greedy for it and it just doesn't happen that often.  This was just a step on your journey.  Ben, you weren't alone as I awoke my sleeping wife to the chant ... "I cannot believe what I just saw.  Never in the history of the Vikings ... never like this".  Apparently ... I wasn't alone.    

The magic channels from embracing the past.  Jim Marshall acting like a kid again.  Many of these lunatics carry "it".  They are holding onto a long overdue debt ... payment is due.  See the smiles upon their faces.  Tying into the past ... bonding the generations ... all this must come full circle.  

The echo's of Dust Em Off!  Eight (8) division wins ... sounds strikingly like a strong bid to be recognized as the strongest NFL Division in football.  Detroit's new regime is about to prove that yesterday was no fluke.  Seven (7) passes for 70 yards sounds allot like a Westbrook#2 performance.  I absolutely hate hearing how this guy should be starting on another team.  He's a Viking god!  The best news of all was that there were allot of Vikings getting that opportunity to touch that ball and each successful threat slows down that rush.      

Did we become impatient?  Did we take AD out of the end game?  When did we lose our queen?  In the first half, the Niner's were certainly set up well into the gaps.  In the second half they abandoned the run blitz.  We exposed #4.  Were we foolishly listening to the noise that demanded a Favre gun-slinger ... sitting in that pocket ... taking those shots?  The British once remarked ... a couple more Bunker Hill type victories and we're finished. The first half was called brilliantly but wasn't efficient.  The block turned a 9 point lead into a -1.  It could of easily been +17.  

We actually saw the hUtch falter.  One day, while bouncing a grand child on my knee, I'll tell them about the day the hUtch faltered ... way back in ought nine.  One mistake does not make up for a Hall of Fame career.  Sounds allot like Jim Marshall ... doesn't it.  Well, at the very least, the pin heads Hall of Fame selectors will now have something to keep the hUtch out too.      

Doesn't anyone remember the hot seat rumors. They made him sound like he was senile.  Looks like our Perfect Defect not only has brought us a Tilted Field, his crew was also responsible for pulling the trigger on Greg Lewis which netted a spectacular catch (which ranks just below that Super Bowl TD).  Someday, you'll understand why it wasn't.  Maybe we should be calling this defective dividends.  Coaches trusting each other ... Harvin out, Lewis in ... how could this be?  

Favre has become the league's cash cow.  He will transition it all into a new age.  This story is well on its way to becoming greatest story of the year.  The success of the NFL, regardless of all other factors has been ... what is good for the league.  The hope of Brett Favre magic is bonding fan factions like no other ... like has never been done before.  Bill Murray ... Cat's and Dog's, living together.  There is a deep seeded hunger lying within all of these factions.  We know it well ... for generations we had sworn our allegiance but we always watched its evolution in an envious glow.  Who could hate the very thing that brings that sated result.  These things go well beyond organizational factions ... and the face of it is an unassuming chap that can Tilt a field.  Don't let the Cheeser's fool you for a moment... they, like everyone else are watching ... like watching a train wreck in super-slow-mo.  You can't avert your eyes.

Bevell Brilliant
Darrell Bevell (two v's would look better) was simply a genius.  He called a brilliant game versus the Niners ... the problem was ... we executed it ... literally.  In France they have a saying for cutting the grass.  It is, "MowD'Lawn".  In football it's the same; "CatchD'Ball".  All the right moves resulted in false positives.  Brett kept feeding the ball to his tight ends and to BB and it just wasn't their day.  Patience Double V or maybe "V-V".

After awhile, it looked like Brett had been there forever.  Problem was, up to that point, he'd only been in that role under that uneasy sterile roof for about quarter.  Quick Sand ... Something goes wrong, then another, then another ... until you threw a dart to help win that game.     

Special Teams
Chris Kluwe apparently has put the stat sheets away.  His kicking game has been elevated to a new level as he's like a field general for his mates.  Understanding his skill set, it's hard to believe than any kicker could achieve that next level, but he has.  No one can ever be perfect but he is definitely working hard to engrave professional next to his name.  Some times it's the most trivial of things.  On punt returns, Bill Parcell's once said, "Kid, I'll make you great.  Just catch the ball!  

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't I just see a blazing trail from one goal line to another.  This just doesn't happen on the unfrozen tundra!

Darius ... get well soon.  In all my days, I can't ever remember a package like what this kid brings to the table.  

Some point to the final two 49er drives.  There were breakdowns but an O-fer on 3rd downs is off the charts.  In Chili's first year, they converted 3rd and forever on a fairly regular basis ... how far we have come.  The personalities within this defense has evolved well beyond its foundation ... the Williams Wall.  A bunch of dictators!   Ronnie Lot always tied up the seams by playing the ribs.  Us rambunctious kids can't wait to unwrap the next one.  We devour defense as if it is the only thing that can sustains us. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 29, 2009

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