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14 Team 4 Week NFL Playoff Schedule 
Presently, the NFL playoffs has twelve teams playing a total of 11 games in five weeks, where there is generally 1 additional week between the Super Bowl & Conference Championship Games .  The eleven playoff games include: Four Wild Card Round games, Four Division Round games, Two Championship games that conclude with One Super Bowl match-up.  Two teams in each conference are awarded a 1st round bye based upon their seeding, which is an enormous advantage, having to play one less game to go along with an additional week of rest.  It doesn't guarantee your ticket to play in the Super Bowl but it can & does award playing a weakened schedule, or worse yet a weakened division, to achieve a higher seeding.  In short, the NFL's potential for inbreeding & meddling has to come to an abrupt end.  

Based upon recent history of regular season results, the league is now entertaining adding one additional team from each conference to be able to contend for an opportunity to compete for that Super Bowl Championship in the NFL's yearly playoff tournament.  Getting two additional franchises an additional shot at the NFL's biggest prize can't be a bad idea as the playoff field can only be a be purely wholesome endeavor.  However, to be direct, what consumers want is to consume is as much playoff sudden death level football as they can pound down their gullets & that is exactly what advertisers see as advantageous to their cause.  For all involved, they are ravenous for it.  By adding two additional playoff teams each year, along with a new proposed format would do wonders for this league.  The below listed format increases the number of playoff games from eleven games to fourteen game, for the fourteen teams & it does it within the same playoff format of four playoff contests over the NFL present five week playoff window.

It is now high time that the NFL clean up its act be eliminating first round byes.  Any athlete worth his salt knows that byes that are awarded in the winners bracket of any tournament format is nothing more than a license to steal.  The intent is to level the playing field between all 32 franchises, eliminating the possibility of awarding favorable seeding ... and favorable outcomes through byes ... based upon weak regular season scheduling or weakened divisions resulting from franchise dynasties.  Dynasties serve ... and are the master of ...  only one thing ... one particular franchise.      

When you do decide to award a regular season outcome from NFL seeding ... that reward must be reasonable ... not overwhelming & self serving.  The proposed new playoff format will award & guarantee the NFL
's overall #1 seed of the regular season access to the 2nd round of the playoffs.  Where Round 2 of the playoff, also known as "Octo-Knock-Tow", the highest seed that lost in the first round, or first week of the playoffs, gets to move onto the 2nd week of the playoffs.  Call it a 2nd chance at redemption based upon what could have been a stellar season.

Imagine how many fans would salivate at a 2nd chance after getting duped on a last second field goal, or a missed field goal, or some sort of sour play that ruined a season. But alas, it will only be  for one franchise that earned it through regular season play.       

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: March 20, 2020