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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

He's Arrived
The admission by Toine' in seeing the long time Packer wearing Viking purple as still being odd is of no great surprise.  To be direct, what you're senses are observing has nothing to do with any uniform.  On the outside you see a worn torn veteran with grey-white hair.  From a distance, he is very unassuming.  What is odd, that you can't quite put your finger on is that he is in fact just a bit of a youth ... getting younger each and every day.  Close your eyes and this rambunctious bit of a lad will bring you back to where you want to be ... an instant of bliss, elation & ecstasy.  Each and everyone of us longs to be able to have just one more day when nothing was felt , when it wasn't work, when it wasn't toil, when it wasn't based upon overwhelming responsibility.  If he is going to be able to grant this wish then we are going to have to be our brothers keeper ... in this case, our younger brother.  The enforcers!  To be the fictional character of the black knight ... none shall pass!   

Regardless of who it maybe, we can never disclose every aspect of ourselves for if we do, these things can be used to fuel our own demise.  To gain a greater understanding of why this young lad chose to stand with you on this day, understand one thing.  How would you feel if everything that you had, had been taken from you.  There is comparable feeling.  To walk upon a Little League field that you could never play upon again.  In Brett's case, although no words may have been spoken, every possible effort was to made to ensure that he would never be allowed to take the reigns and be allowed to walk upon that field again.  To swallow the poison pill!

Within us we toil against our personal demons that take all types and forms.  The stiffness, aches and pains in many ways are easily overcome, but the mental anguish of the internal obstacles can become overwhelming.  Maybe they were right in that it was my time?  What could poses me to tear into my own Packer heart?  What lies in store for me?  How far am I from that safe harbor?  Does death await me upon this invasion?  These are the images of a Viking.  

Youth, in the case, are at a disadvantage because they cannot understand what they have not yet experienced.  For players like Toine' and Pat ... he's already arrived.  Don't miss this wish.         

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 24, 2009

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