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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Dust Em' Off
For the first time ever, not one of our purple gang will get to look forward to showcasing their talents in the NFL's second place individual awards bowl.  That's because this year the NFL has placed severe restrictions on attending this event.  It's about time.  For all-pros there is little difference, however making the pro-bowl doesn't insure the status that it once did ... and as Forrest Gump once said ... That's a good thing!          

Last year, the NFC west, arguably one of the weakest divisions in the NFL did not serve the Cardinals well, although it did secure them a bid at the big dance.  Back in the 1970's, we had somewhat of a similar problem as the AFC proved to be dominant.  This year however, the NFC North has now transformed itself into arguably the NFL's strongest division, certainly the strongest NFC division, although that fact hasn't seemed to catch on yet, but time will bear these facts out to be true.  

Kudos' to the Vikings staff for not acting on the ravenous squawking vultures that represent the 31 other teams in this league by foolishly dispensing with TJack.  If you close your eyes real tight it's not hard to imagine TJack playing in the Super Bowl, which just might be both his and your reward for not jettisoning him.  As for TJack, an awful set of episodes it has been.  Your history is now clear in that you're on that path of becoming a mythical figure ... being snatched from the primordial ooze.  Apparently you're capability does not lie in being taught from just class room X's and O's.    Your progression indicates mentoring toward greatness like Montana did for Young.  In other words, the story of Star Wars lives throughout the ages.  For coaches, it's safe to say whatever but it only took Farve a brief one moment in a day to indicate what greatness is.  It comes from a combination of athletic skills and the will to improvise which enables all plays to be made.  The death strike can be found beyond the hypnotic rhythm of 1-2-3 throw of the metronome.  We'll always remember the diatribe of questions that were asked of Fran Tarkenton, "Why don't you stay in the pocket?"  His response was, "What pocket?" or "There was a pocket?".  Today he might say, "Look lady, I'm playing on an expansion team ... there is no pocket"?  

Eight in the Box
The problem with the continual re-use and reliance upon play action lies is the defenses response to it ... to fill the gaps.  When a fake is used, the quarterbacks reserve of blockers are gone, in that they are dashed into the line.  The bulk of the defenders that held their gaps are then ready to exploit the quarterback with pressure by attacking the holes created by the blocking scheme.  This doesn't bode well for Brett Farve and his aging legs.

It was Jim Langer of the greatest running team in the history of the NFL, the 1973 Miami Dolphins that said, we used misdirection plays to nullify pursuit, the Vikings key advantage, having the defense commit to going one way followed by counter (punching) blocking to seal off each reversing defender.  None of this works however until you achieve success on the flanks (Morris sweeps).  In other words, defenders mired within the gaps (eight in the box) have little hope at successfully defending the flanks, explaining the success of a Chelor-Slash (A slashing Chestor Taylor).  Once established, an inverted blocking scheme can be incorporated.  In other words, establish a first-move blocking scheme to the now exposed flank to commit defenders to the flank, allowing the blocking scheme to invert to seal off the inside for an explosive Peterson run up the gut.  Brett Farve's experience will enable the dictate to exploit these schemes.     

Within Shula's successful 3-5 scheme, a scheme that we will confront ad nauseum this year, is the instrument of its own demise.  The 3-5 adds an athlete, and so shall we (Tahi out ... the frightening Chelor in)!  A Chelor-Slash is not something to be stashed on a shelf ... so blow the dust off him so that we can apply some drag-ass to that pursuit.  

The overall objective is to maintain Brett Farve's status hitting on all cylinders 24/7.  The question is ... how do we get him to his overall goal, as we are all desperately trying to make his daughter very happy and prove to the world that she's clairvoyant?  We are in the enviable position of having the greatest QB depth in the league, something that was not available under the Warren Moon era.  When Moon faded, spit and sputtered ... there was nothing for us to grasp onto.  Warren got that way because of his exposure ... and no possibility at a breather.  Why hasn't anyone innovated by considering a closer, just as it is done in the major leagues?  A concept that is foreign to NFL primarily due to the lack of depth ... or better said ... fall off.  Once the lead is established, our game automatically switches to a power game anyway, with play action, which lends itself nicely to a QB with a different skill set ... specifically mobility.  Let's take advantage of our assets to the fullest.  Why expose someone which already has every record to be achieved, as his goals, and the goals of his team, have nothing to do with records?  The NFL advantage is the unlimited reentry rule, but it won't be necessary, but it'll be there nonetheless.  So you might be thinking, Why take the chance?  Well, the greatest NFL minds always took advantage of its assets to its fullest to nullify its opponents.  Today they call them innovators.  Tell me who was it that said ... you can't do this!  Who knows, not only might Brett make it throughout this season by limiting his exposure, he just might might have enough left in the tank to come back for another ride.  Brett's concerned ... as if there is anyone on the planet that walks upright that posses his tilt.  There just isn't much that phases this guy.  It also does something never attainable before in the NFL ... it shakes off fleas from tracking the scent  ... one less monkey on our collective backs.

Adrian Peterson is not the only athlete out there that found out that more can be less ... more yards can be achieve with less carries.  It's never just who you play, it includes where and when you play them.  The same is true for each segment of a game.  Tell me ... what is the minimum number of carries to achieve 200 yards ... the answer is 3, however nobody wearing the number 28 can do that.  Could the same apply for #4?   

So you might be wondering about McNabb's recent issues with continuity.  Doesn't this apply to Farve?  No!  McNabb is in an untenable position ... facing his demons ... the same stigma of the 1970's L.A. Rams.  He's been to five (5) championship games without attaining the ultimate prise.  Either McNabb cashes in on his Super Bowl mortality this year, which is highly doubtful without either the heart of their defense or a stable offensive line, or he punches his exit pass.  Vick makes this a possibility.  This is the reason why both McNabb's and Vick's contracts are both two years in length.  If McNabb excels to the next level, Vick becomes a smart move where the Eagles end up with draft picks as compensation in dealing Vick out of Philadelphia.  If not, Vick takes over the helm leaving McNabb the smart out.  Either way, Andy Reid comes out of it looking like a genius.        

Mass, Velocity and Acceleration
The return.  Arm tackles can be easily shed at maximum momentum.  Momentum is the combination of mass (your weight), which does not change, and velocity, that does change.  If a body in motion tends to stay in motion, it's easy to maintain maximum velocity with small effort once it is attainted.  The keys to the greats lies in the ability of accelerate at maximum momentum (speed).  How could this be?  This doesn't make sense ... how can you accelerate at maximum speed as I'm already running at my fastest speed.  The answer lies within the change in direction at maximum speed.  Aim  toward the defenders inside hip as that body in motion will tend to vacate its original position.  This is the secret of #23 in gansta-ville.  Only Einstein can violate the laws of physics.  Go get em', Darius and Jaymar.     

Congratulations to our 53.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 6, 2009

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