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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

A Perfect Defect
A major character flaw that has always been apart of my personal make-up, which has a great deal to do with the history of the Minnesota Vikings, is to detest a new entity to its very core whenever we are forced to accept something new.  However it is always tempered with an open accord ... with the acceptance toward change.  The reason for this flaw lies within the word respect.  No one has the right to demand respect from anyone ... as respect can only be earned.  The accord is an understanding that effective change lies within the answer to our plea ... hope!  

In short, how could I hate the man Brad Childress, when he first came to us ... a man that I did not know ... however, my personal demons stirred deeply within me ... under a low-level broil.  He came from Philly!  My hope was that he would bring to me the answers to my daily prayers ... which was to implement a crew of chiseled specimens that would bend under no ones will.  Although physical attributes like size and speed were important, the robust chiseling that I'm referring to lies deep within a mans soul.  It is these very traits that are now overwhelming me and I am now compelled to confront an issue ... a concept.  It is called the "Perfect Defect".

It is without doubt that the keys to our demise shall come at us, not from a frontal assault, but from the primordial slime gnawing at us from the back door.  Just as the Patriots perilously gutted the Bronco's so shall the league of 31 others organizations, and their base, shall be upon our throats ... that is, if we let them.  Today we are told that Brad Childress has cast his lot ... onto a high risk bet ... that will either pay off handsomely, or there shall be a great reckoning that shall shake the Viking Nation at its core ... to its perilous demise.  We must now clearly recognize that a wedge is being driven into our back door ... a common card, a ploy, that brings an insatiable instability upon us ... where avoidance shall prove to be the tools of our demise.  As Chuck Noll once said, "Anxiety and nervousness are the traits of someone that does not know exactly what he intends to do."  Herein lies the words to a road map.  His next words, "You're all cut"! 

There is one undeniable fact ... there is no such thing as the perfect coach.  In fact, the Minnesota Vikings history is littered with imperfect coaches that at some point in their careers appeared to be a step behind the competition.  That is because we are trained to see things in terms of a snap shot rather than to admit the true reality.  Do we reflect upon Denny Green's numerous failures or do we remember the man that brought aboard players like Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald?  Do we remember the eccentric nature of Buddy Ryan or do we see the culmination of that 85 Bears defense and players like Reggie White and Cris Carter ... the tip of the proverbial ice berg?  What these thoughts represents are coaches that are Perfect Defects that changed the game forever and for all time.

As much as that fire broiled and still broils within me, it is time to confront Chilly head on.  With all of his faults, mistakes, gaffs, and his little intricate failures that drove us all perfectly nuts ... in time, he has achieved the status of a Perfect Defect.  Our organization, in its painful growth, has transformed itself under a very different class of player ... a very different class of coach ... the very chiseled organization that we all once desperately hoped for.  Now if we measure ourselves in terms of winning and losing ... then we have no choice but to accept defeat.  This I will not do!  What I choose to remember is John Wooden of the UCLA Bruins that never used the words to win anything ... he always focused on what it would take to get there.  Herein, once again, lies the words to the map.     

At this juncture in time, it would be completely out of character for our owners to press to extend Chilly's contract.  Firstly, there are numerous top flight future head coaching prospects to consider, not the least of which is our own Leslie Frazier or someone like Shanahan.  Yes, the grass is always greener, but yada yada yada!  Secondly, Brad is under contract throughout the 2010 season.  Why would our owner do something so completely out of character?  The answer lies within Chuck Noll's statement ... remembering that in 1969, he hadn't won a thing, except a team with a very very poor history.  The only thing Coach Noll had in 1969 was a guy name Joe Green and a vision.  

The Minnesota Vikings greatest asset lies within the word stability ... the very thing that we are reviled for, as the concept is foreign to the blood thirsty sharks of this world.  Our history lies behind this stability.  The question is ... do we wait and see ... like everyone else does ... or do we act based upon the intrinsic value of an unquestioned vision.  Do we pay homage to it with words?  At what point do we choose to shred the space time continuum?   Are we the goose or are we Bull Goose Looney?  Do we have a choice?   

For well over 2 years the foreign concept of #4 wearing purple was an unwavering focus ... the problem was, the fate of Brett Farve just couldn't be seen by the man that was standing within those shoes.  Either you're cutting the stone, polishing the stone, or your building the Cathedral.  The question is ... what should we do?  Do we signal strength and stability ... or do we flounder like the rest of the unfortunate souls out there!   

Mr. Farve
Mr. Farve: Exactly, at what time, of what day, did you first imagine yourself donning those Minnesota Viking horns?  At the time, we're you an indentured servant?  Did the very thought of wearing those horns reflect your chance to breath free ... to choose your own destiny?  Would you say that at that time, did you imagined yourself to be closer to the age of 9 or the age of 40?  Exactly how foolish can you be?  Have you ever wondered exactly what was the true source of your majestic abilities?  Can you explain how all of these things have come to pass?  Can you promise to flourish within your unique passion under the final wish bestowed by, and upon, the gods?

There is only one person that needs to seek and have the answer to these questions but always keep in mind that the gods have always been fans of its passion.                

Nix Pic 6
There is one undeniable fact. A stop by our 2008 defense anywhere in front of that goal line meant that you might end up kicking 3, but the probability of scoring 6 was dubious at best.  This defense was just that tenacious and now they get to add a guy named EJ to that insatiable squad.  

This is an invaluable bullet in Brett Farve's arsenal, as it lends itself to degrees of freedom.  There is no greater feeling than that gained from freedom.  The bottom line is that any interception that doesn't result in a pick-6, means that Brett, and his offensive group, can recover from just about any adversity.  In his 18 years, he has never had such a powerful card to pull from his pocket.  The best part of all of this is that this defense thrives upon adversity as they see it as an opportunity to dictate their will upon an opponent.  

One thing can be said unequivocally, from behind this pen, we are all certainly glad that we don't have to face a prospect such as this.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 12, 2009

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