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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Draft Control
Control of the 2012 draft is firmly in the hands of the Cleveland Browns, not the Minnesota Vikings, unless Indianapolis wakes up and selects RG3, which they already announced that they would not do ... but stranger things have happened in the NFL.  When the 2012 #3 pick is on the clock tonight, the Cleveland Browns will be on the clock using both the Vikings time allotment and their full time allotment ... to make their final franchise life or death decision on Trent Richardson ... the future of their franchise. 

Trent Richardson, the key to 2012 draft, in many ways is far superior to Adrian Peterson.  Heís an every down back, in the mold of Emmitt Smith that doesnít have to learn how to catch the ball or give up his spot on an obvious passing down, as Richardson is a dominant blocking back.  Richardson has darting 360 degree quickness that Adrian Peterson resolves with power.  What separates Richardson is in his willingness to take on a decoy ... an additional offensive threat ... and forgo that additional blocker, meaning that he's quite comfortable beating his man, using the "GO STRATEGY", which counter's Petersonís attrition-power-ball "CHESS STRATEGY" ... adored by Chilly.  Could our future legendary backfield include the names Richardson & Gerhart.  Adrian Peterson is a known quantity whereas Richardson is the wild card on which dynasties are formed.  Cleveland is drooling all over these facts.   

As time expires on the Vikings clock (Kevin Williams), Cleveland's bluff will be called into the realm of Eli Manning.  Regardless of what might happen, the only name that should be on that #3 selection is the name Trent Richardson, regardless of who picks it.  As old Stone-Faced-Bud-Grant repeatedly said, "You select the best available player regardless of need or want".  After the Vikings time expires, the Hovering Buc's will completely unhinge the Browns ... which clearly knows the price.  In regard to Justin Blackmon, the player that the Browns want you to believe that they will be selecting at #4 tonight ... well either they've resolved themselves where the Vikings price is too high for Richardson ... or they are flat out lying.  Now peer into your crystal ball ... which one do you think they are doing?  Do you believe that a team desperate for blue chip offensive talent is going to pick a receiver (Blackmon)?  You need to look no further than the recent series of Detroit Lion busts selecting receivers.  It's not so much that it will happen but rather it points to the risk in selecting a receiver as your blue chip offensive talent.  The only question is ... it is going to take a man to call this bluff ... what do we have in Rick Spielman?      

Understanding why Cleveland would be willing to trade the #4, #22 & #67 pick to move up one measly spot to select Richardson is counter intuitive however it has been clearly explained in the commentary Belly Hunger & Need vs. Want vs. Covet.

It's now draft day, and there are now four (4) clear suitors ... the most notable of all being the Buc's ... right on the other side of the Browns at pick #5.  They are so close to Trent Richardson that they can actually taste that relished pick.  Kalil will still be available at both pick #4 & #5 however it's the deal on the table with the Buc's that is the only thing that Rick Spielman should be considering at this juncture.  Without the trade, the Buc's are certain to lose out on their two most coveted prospects ... which they are not going to let happen.  Really, it all comes down to the deal.

As for the Raven's and Steeler's, there isn't a team in the league that's going to trade with you to select Hightower ... maybe the best defensive player to come out in 15 years.  With the #22 pick, could the Viking's be consider the implementation of that 3-4 defense with Hightower in the middle with EJ's little brother, with Greenway & Griffen on the ends?  Oh, that's right, no body wants Hightower.

With successive 3rd & 4th picks (#66 & #67) in the 3rd round, might there be another trade available to move up into the 2nd round?  Could there be a 10-12 year starter available at left guard to package with the likes of Kalil?

The Viking Ghost Writer
April 26, 2012