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Need versus Want versus Covet!  and the Dinosaur!
People!  People! People!  That big bright thing in the western sky, that's about to do the 2012 dance within Taurus means something big.  Really big!  A new dynasty!  It begins with the draft where Jupiter is about to hide within obscurity ... for a bit.  I've been waiting for this since January of 1977.  

Allow me to explain the difference between the words "Need" ... "Want" ... and of course "Covet".  You never ... ever ... ever ... draft based upon "Need"!  That is a fact Jack.  Might I remind you that we didn't "Need" Adrian Peterson.  At the time we needed a quarterback.  Good thing we didn't pull that trigger ... isn't it.  The question is ... do we remember what those two 1,000+ yard rushers brought us?

Under Ponder, our 0 wins and 10 loss bust, he of course needs a left tackle to protect his sorry ass.  Thus the words ... "Safe Pick" ... when it comes to the word Kalil.  Problem is, the offense was only broken with Ponder running it.  That is a fact Jack!  However, I digress as apparently we are still in serious denial about Ponder at this juncture but the gods are soon to take control of this situation and put it to bed forever.  His ego just can't cash that check which is soon followed by the word "Jettisoned", or maybe something worse based upon the extent of the charade.  No player is above "Team" and the die has been cast for this little rag doll Patzer (Potzer).  What is of fact is that there are several incredible specimens available at left tackle in this years draft ... as well as from other sources.  As for the word "Need", the Vikings need safeties, corners, linebackers, and a dominant "anchor-in-his-ass" defensive tackle ... and that's just on defense.  On offense we "Need" to upgrade at receiver, at left tackle, and we most certainly can use a 10-12 year starter at guard.  All of these needs just make our head swim ... enough to make stupid vital mistakes ... if we listen to the garbage out there.  

As for the word "Want" ... well we might "Want" Andrew Luck ... but that just is not going to happen.  What Joe Webb tells us is that we are just too stupid to "Want" RG3.  As for the draft, the Viking's better have RG3 written on a card (Kevin Williams), at the ready, if he's available at #3, as he's the most coveted player available in this years draft.  

Which brings us to my favorite draft-word "Covet"!  Apparently the Skin's "Covet" RG3 enough so that they dealt away a kings ransom in draft picks to have the right to select him.  Hello ... Joe Webb ... smell the toast!  The problem is that the Colt's could select RG3 and put the Skin's into an immediate death spiral, which could take a decade or more to recover from ... but are the Colt's smart enough to know it?  Allow me to explain.  Everyone expects the Colt's to select Andrew Luck.  He of course is the safe pick.  Everyone expects that since the Colt's selected Manning that they have some sort of special ability at drafting the next Hall of Fame quarterback (Manning).  Allow me to be the first to bust that bubble as that has never happened in the history of the NFL ... and for good reason ... relating to the will of the gods.  Let's not forget that Walsh traded for Young who followed Montana because he of course was a special guy named Bill Walsh.  He didn't draft back to back Hall of Famer's.

Here's the rub.  What the Skin's sense is that the league never stands still ... it is in perpetual evolution.  On December 28, 1975 the league looked nothing like it did the under Bill Walsh's era.  What Shanahan senses is that the traditional quarterbacks like Ryan and Sanchez, the safe picks based on how the league once played, are now in fact "Dinosaurs".  Let me say this unequivocally ... Peyton Manning is in a class of one ... all to himself.  I know ... I know ... what about Rodgers?  Let me tell you this once again, so you'll never forget it ... no defensive back can turn his back to Rodgers on any play because he's a threat to run on every down.  This changes the way the corner defends the receiver, which by default opens that receiver to "very real" opportunities ... that gets them open.  If Rodgers loses his mobility ... he's nothing more than a dinosaur.  What I'm here to tell you unequivocally is that Andrew Luck is yesterday's dinosaur and RG3 is the prize pick of the 2012 draft.  Said another way ... RG3 is the sh-t!

This never ending evolution points to the NFL's future.  RG3, Cam Newton, and Joe Webb, and maybe to a lesser extent Josh Freeman, and a few others, represent the future of this league as these are the prototypical players that will be winning the near-future league championships.  Mike Shanahan recognizes this fact and was willing to do anything to make it happen where only the Colt's refusal to make the safe play ... can gut the Skin's like a pig.  Shanahan's gamble is that the Colt's hands and feet are bound or tied ... where Shanahan rolled the die.  His neck is way out there where all he wants to here from our commissioner is ... At pick #1 ... Andrew Luck.  Andrew Luck, in time, will prove to be the wrong pick, no matter who selects him!    

Now what in the world does the word "Covet" have to do with the Minnesota Viking's.  Our organization of course is too stupid to understand the word "Covet" ... Right?  Not so fast.  Not so long ago, Eli Manning, which if you check the record books, has won two (2) NFL championships, was coveted by the New York Giant's.  Eli stated that he did not want to play in San Diego.  The Charger's selected him anyway because the league coveted Manning.  As it turns out, the Giant's underpaid for the rights to Manning.  Said another way, coveting Walker, the so called final piece in our puzzle, resulted in Emitt Smith, the Vikings #1 pick ending up in Dallas the following year.  Enough said.  

Today the Patriot's, with two #1 and two #2 picks "Covet" Trent Richardson.  I'd deal with them only with payback for the Randy Moss fiasco firmly in mind.  The Giant's also "Covet" Richardson, which are willing to do just about anything to get him.  Let's not forget the Bengal's which also openly "Covet" Richardson and are willing to deal ... at too low a price.  Each of these teams are willing to give up that Knight's ransom to select Richardson at #3 but to be direct, none of them have the weight that it's going to take to land this prized fish.

Again, if Kalil is that safe pick, then Richardson is expected to land safely in Cleveland, OH.  Why?  Because this Vikings organization doesn't have the balls to do anything other than what they are told to do.  After all, Kalil is expected to be a perennial "Pro-Bowler".  Problem is, as the Minnesota Vikings can attest to first hand, Pro-Bowlers don't win championships ... Championship teams do!

You see, we don't "Need" Richardson.  We don't "Covet" Richardson.  We don't "Want" Richardson and that is exactly why we are going to draft Richardson.  You see, when we are in this position, we become facilitators as opposed to buyers or sellers where, "We care" ... "But not that much".  Some call it the "Cat-Bird" seat.  

Now what about Cleveland, sitting in that #4 slot.  They are awfully quiet up there on the shores of Lake Erie.  They don't openly "Covet" anyone but they want the world to know that they can be very happy with the Richardson pick. Word on the street is that they are willing to swap first and second round picks with the Vikings in exchange for the Vikings picking up pick #22 in the first round.  Problem is that this just pissed the Vikings off "Royally-in-Spades" by having the unmitigated audacity to force the swap of 2nd round picks.  What they didn't know is that they pissed off the gods too, which means that they now must pay the price at this dance.  You see ... the bluff on that coveted player can be called and in this case this particular pick is off the charts.  Why?  Because just like in the Peyton Manning draft ... there is only one true blue chip quarterback available (RG3), based upon the future direction of the league, which means the Viking's #3 pick this year is actually the #2 player in this years draft.

It all starts with the statement, "What the hell do you care what I'm going to do with Trent Richardson at #3?  That is my business!"  The Vikings message under Webb, Rudolf, Peterson, Carlson, Gerhart, Harvin and now Richardson ... with others to be named later ... is off the charts skewed.  It makes an abnormal disorder look distorted and twisted to the extreme.  It can't work ... right?  How can any coach deal with this?  Are you absolutely nuts?  Just let it settle in for a moment.  It's the opposite of sharing the wealth ... isn't it ... the way true championships are formed.  Funny thing about the word "Covet" is that you have to be bull goose loony enough to try just about anything.  With high risk, comes high reward.  You put enough incredible athletes on the field and they become unstoppable.  Let them all think that the Vikings are going to deal Richardson (the good oldie Czonka/Kick).  Let it end with the words, "We are going forward with a plan that has never been tried before in the history of this league.  Today ... nothing is conventional ... it is filled with hybrids ... combined with abnormal behavior.  Now deal with it."  On the other hand ... there is the 3-13 safe play!  Or was that 1 & 15?

Always remember that the success of Bill Walsh was in his ability of making the defenses that he faced to be forced into dealing with the unconventional.  He didn't conform to the league to make nice.      

Now, as for the price, not only are we not going to swap our 2nd round picks, for the Browns selecting at our #3 pick, we want the Brown's #4, #22, and their #67 pick in this years draft.  That is our final offer.  Call it being pissed off for the Bernie Kosar thing.  Why would the Browns even consider this?  It is because for the #2 player in the 2012 draft, future 2013 picks are going to be waived in this organizations face to bolster a fine selection of 2012 picks.  The absolute & utter chaos begins with the earnest annoucement that, "The Minnesota Viking's will be selecting Trent Richardson, if he's available at the #3 slot of the 2012 draft as expected.

It's a darn good thing that the Brown's don't "Covet" anyone ... because Trent Richardson will not be playing in Cleveland.  Now deal with that!  

The Viking Ghost Writer
April 5, 2012