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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Belly Hunger
The most common reference to the lexicon "Belly Hunger" is a metaphor in reference to The-state-of-a-player's contract, however there are many many more "Belly Hunger" lexicons to consider.  For example, Adrian Peterson is now on the wrong side of his contract ... dealing with a major knee injury ... with little assurance ... on this day ... that he will be the player that he once was.  Too often we've seen players & free agents sign that big 2nd contract, forced by free agency, where something changes within these players ... that we don't want to admit.  It is as if they are playing for the bank role rather than for the fire that was once in their eye.

We'd like to think that nothing will change within Adrian Peterson ... where that "Belly Fire" still rages within his soul however we can only generally point to players on championship caliber teams, where that never ceasing fire rages on.  In most of these cases, that we can point to, these players are fighting their own immortality ... which is cast in Bronze.  In others words, it's a very rare commodity.  The problem in Minnesota ... as perceived today ... is that the Vikings are on the wrong side of that championship profile ... or are they?  Open your eyes and ears and you might notice many emaciated growling souls ... a very good thing indeed!  In other words, should we be seriously considering jettisoning Hershel Walker for some guy named Emmitt Smith.  Talk about Harsh!  What might you give for the rights to Adrian Peterson?  Of course this is irrational ... or is it?   

Is this a totally unfair evaluation of Adrian Peterson ... as up to this juncture ... there has only been one speed for this cat ... pop the clutch bull-dozer-light-speed?  The answer of course is ... absolutely!  What this obscene argument clearly identifies is that these players are in fact very rare, whereas teams generally treat the aggregate players, based upon guaranteed salaries, as if this trait somehow exists throughout the league.  In other words, there was only one Cris Carter and there is only one Jared Allen, where very few of them tend to co-exist on the same team at the same time.  Where is Trent Richardson within this scheme and exactly many how teams heavily covet this cat?

A teams money commitments do not reflect "On-Time-Interactive" Belly Hunger.  A teams resources needs to be paid immediately based upon performance ... not based upon perceived performance or past performance.  Contract anger by the player is based upon collecting on past services rather than the employers "hoped for" and rarely realized, future performance.  Why are we forced to stand in front of the crystal ball?  It is as if owners don't recognize that there are computer algorithms that can generate "On-Time" performance pay that makes the concept of agent negotiations irrelevant.  What was the "GOLDEN RULE" and how did we lose sight of that?       

Too often, in the past, this organization has spent its money on free agents always paying for the "Belly Hunger" seen prior to shelling out the commitment associated with the big contract.  There are several notable exceptions.  For example, Chester Taylor & Shank were hidden behind big name cats, where their opportunities at that pricey 2nd contract was limited.  Each of these players played timely key roles within this organization.  For Rick Spielman, to find that key and final nugget of  success, he needs to ignore the big money free agents and continue searching for players with unquestioned Belly Hunger that resolves weaknesses and holes.  Meaningful depth is everything.  What history tells us is that no team is very far from that brass ring.

Which now brings us to the most coveted player in the league ... Trent Richardson ... historically ranked as the 2nd best player available in the NFL's 2012 draft ... behind only RG3.  The "Ghost" hasn't been wrong on many things.

As compared to Adrian Peterson ... in one regard. and one regard only ... there is no question that this cat will be entering the league playing on the right side of his contract based upon "Belly Hunger" alone.  Just take a look at the big broad smile planted on Romeo Crennel's face ... awaiting the jeweled "Emerald" to drop clearly into his lap unabated.  Yes ... a green highly precious stone ... as this cat represents big time green (cash).  What now lies within the belly of Romeo Crennel is not "Belly Hunger" ... it's bones in his stomach.  There is no rest ever ... when there are bones in your stomach! 

So you might be thinking, why would Cleveland give up the #4, #22 and #67 pick in the 2012 NFL draft just to trade up one measly spot for the right to select Trent Richardson in the 2012 draft?  It's because that one spot might as well be the distance rivaling the dangerous and perilous round trip to mars.  Tell me, what would you pay for Emmitt Smith?  What did the Vikings pay for Emmitt Smith to secure championship after championship in Dallas, Texas?  The perception is both backwards and forwards.  Will the Cleveland Browns gratefully and graciously pay that price or will the political spectrum in Cleveland be too much to be overcome?  Trent Richardson will be selected by Rick Spielman of the Minnesota Vikings, without fail, unless his hand is tied by "Divine Providence" firmly in the control by a town flanking Lake Erie.  As it stands today, the "Emerald's" fate is not in Cleveland, OH ... as this is a man's game.  What follows Richardson is a dynasty in a triplet mold.  This is a done deal and there is nothing that is going to stop this freight train.  The time for threats ... is over.

The time for threats ... is now over.  Enjoy the team known as the Minnesota Viking's for it's fate is now-sealed-measured-in-days and shall Rival the lexicon "Houston Oiler" ... gone to history ... under only the franchise throwback lexicon.  Each day ticks closer toward the commissioners gavel calling for the league-owner-vote ... and there shall be but one under this Swan Song season.  The mobilization of it's execution is now clearly under way.  Powerless sheep to the shear... as there is a vast difference between leadership and politics under the political spectrum of money, power and control.  Call it the 21st century's Titanic event.  Personally I wonder if this swift decapitation can be twisted into a fictional love story ... however the ghost had me walk the streets of Cleveland during it's trial & tribulation for a reason.

Why did Jim Souhan feel it necessary to rewrite history in regard to Ponder's sorry and sad 0 for 10 2011 rag doll performance?  Why did Souhan feel it necessary to try assign blame to Webb before the greatest tilt in NFL history?  Is this still some sort of political spin that is being dictated from on-high?  When will this organization answer the question ... "Exactly how many more losses will it take before Ponder takes his rightful place ... into history ... of oblivion".  What more needs to be done to bring this franchise to its knees for its folly at the hands of the gods?  Go ahead ... press it ... press it some more!  Do you feel lucky?  Go ahead ... Make my day!!!   Angering the gods has placed my view ... at a distance ... as its witness ... as the faces of the comedy goes in both directions.  The course must be dramatically changed, from political mayhem ... to the light!  It is not as if it does not show up on tape ... immediately!  The deck hand must be drawn back into the fray of an angry deathly violent sea.

The past is prolog.           

The Viking Ghost Writer
April 23, 2012