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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The new word on the street is that the Minnesota Vikings just installed a new door into their complex that reads ... "SUPPLICANT".  Adrian Peterson thinks that he's working with Jerry McGuire whereas his Bob Sugar is soon to be crawling through the "Dog-Flapping" SUPPLICANT door.  
Rick Spielman was recently heard to announce, "Du hast recht"!  Which is German translates to, "You are right" ... Bob Sugar.  All of our efforts and all of our resources shall now be directed in full toward the upcoming 2015 NFL draft.  After all ... this is what will bring the Minnesota Vikings its first championship ... not spinning our wheels chasing innuendo.  The moment of reconciliation has now past.  "Ker Plunk" ... did someone's pants just fill with a load of foul stench?  Hello!  Mr. Sugar.  Time is definitely not on your side.

In each and every moment that passes, Adrian Peterson's monetary window shrinks as more and more money comes off the table.  Headline after headline ... free agent round after round.  If there is no quick resolution ... and God forbid ... the draft occurs ... where both Arizona and Dallas select top grade talent reserves at tail back the inevitable draws near ... to supplicate or be cast into oblivion.  To be direct, the other 31 franchises owe you nothing while they hold their cards as close to the vest waiting to see if Rick Spielman will blink at a low-ball bull crap offer.  Chuckles!   

At every turn ... management has acted cool, calm and collected.  "There shall be no repeat of the Brett Favre saga"!  Sure, the coaches ... the one that have to get into the trenches with Adrian Peterson ... can say whatever they truly feel from their hearts, but Adrian Peterson now knows that they are in very little control over this escapade.  All Adrian Peterson's coaches wanted was to placate his now overbearing ego.  To allow both the player and the team the ability to redirect the focus toward the teams overall success.  The owners, and the clan, have endured mud slinging from every possible angle, all the while they've bitten their tongue, gulped ... and then stood their ground.  This was monkey tossing at the worst possible levels ... all the while stating ... we are big boys ... and we've become used to the nastiness tossed about by the competition.  The frenzy of sharks ... representing the bulk of the other 31 franchises ... have done their best to toss pure alcohol into each precise paper cut ... as Bob Sugar ...  does his calculated part ... to slice away at any weakness that he might discover.  Very little ... other than hurt feelings ... have fallen  whereas a unified front of separation has mustered.  

Here's the rub.  Just like my mother-in-law ... when backed into the corner ... in a no win situation ... all she has left is to get louder and louder hoping beyond hope to win an un-win-able argument.  As her verbiage propels forward, she slides her back up against the wall ... into that corner, with the din getting ever louder.  Then ... after a while ... in true pity ... we allow her to supplicate ... as all she wants is for it to all go away.  Is it the Viking's front office that is getting louder ... cutting their nose to spite their face ... or is it Bob Sugar (acting without his own personal consequence)?   Unfortunately, it is Adrian Peterson that's being forced to cut ties ... to shield himself within his own walls ... just like the playbook of my mother-in-law.  Adrian Peterson is being forced to play a role that leads into the abyss ... with only one insane life line to rectify it all. 

The signs of capitulation ... all around his cause ... have been slowly evolving and manifesting itself from all the major would-be players.  Unfortunately ... when trapped within the heat of battle ... it is sometimes very difficult to see the "tell-tail" signs.  For Arizona, the numbers just can never reach congruency regardless of what Mr. Fitzgerald might hope for.  Even with the offset of high draft picks, it still doesn't reconcile what the Card's renegotiated offer might mean to Adrian Peterson's pocketbook.  It just doesn't add up.  Isn't it now clear to all involved that Jerry Jones has resolved himself to selecting his future "LOW COST" runner from the upcoming draft ... using his sure thing robust offensive line.  Here's the guy ... who owns the NFL rushing record (Jerry Jones with Emmitt Smith) ... promising Adrian Peterson that he'd do just about anything to bring him to Dallas ... only to act in his own self interest ... all the while, securing a greater and stronger hold on that NFL record by redirecting Adrian Peterson's passions ... for his gain.  So ... you've never seen a wolf in sheep's clothing?  Talk about being played.  Adrian ... the dance is over.  There is no wind for your sails.  It has truly become comical to watch the parade of daily inept fortitude being played out like dirty laundry ... what can we toss out today that might stick to the wall???  Keeping in mind that the definition of gross is when someone kick the underwear and it sticks to the wall.  

Sure, there might be other suitors, but to a man now reaching the tender age of 30, these other options represent hell on earth.

So, we have to now ask ourselves, what was the purpose of the Bob Sugar's of this world?  Well, if this were Cleveland, old Bobbie my boy might have gotten them to flinch.  If Adrian Peterson was given his outright release, he'd be free to obtain a new contract with a whole batch of new guaranteed money to 2016 and possibly 2017.  He'd be allowed to walk away from his commitments.  If Bobbie got the Viking's to flinch, they might have done the same granting Adrian Peterson new veins of guaranteed riches.  For Bob Sugar ... he was in a no lose situation ... as he doesn't have to take not even one hit, and if his bluff gets through, he collects the cash for farting in church.  Sure he has to sit in his own pugh but what the heck.  A small price to pay for millions.  All the Bob Sugar's of the world have to do is pull a few strings ... Adrian's strings ... his father's strings ... sort of tugging at his heart.  

Sure, what happened to Adrian Peterson in 2014 was tragic, but that was purely based upon pure unadulterated tampering.  What ever else transpired, or might have transpired, isn't relevant ... nor is it germane.

Just like in football, there are winners and there are losers.  Unfortunately, the prime cast of character that was played hard was Adrian Peterson ... but there is recourse.

When I was born into this world, I came into it absolutely ignorant.  In the scheme of the world I am just as ignorant today as I was the day I was born.  Sort of like the size of the insignificant earth being swallowed up by the enormous size of our sun.  In that regard, no man stands alone.  We have all lost ... and we will lose again tomorrow.  It's OK to be Bull-Goose Looney!  You eventually ... just have to know ... the difference ... in time.  

All I can do is hope.  The only thing we can all do is hope.  My hope is that you are cast that virtual insignificant lottery ticket ... the focal point.  From that ... all the winds and directions change and the world shall gasp under the might of your newly found commitment.  Sure ... it's absolutely nothing ... but so was the boat built by a man name NOAH.  What could you build with a whole lot of Nothin'?

On more than one occasion, the word brilliant has been used.  The approach has been described as highly abrasive as well as hyper impatient.  With all that said, there are other words that apply ... it's hard not to argue that you (the author) was absolutely right.  With all my passion ...

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: March 22, 2015