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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Focal Point 
There is a never ending price to be paid for Brett Favre.  He set the precedent.  Adrian Peterson, or better said, his agent ... learned a very valuable lesson from the "Brett-Favre-Experience" ... although no one in Minnesota is willing to talk about it .... and once again ... someone has to pay.  Adrian Peterson has gone from the man who would lead us to our first NFL Super Bowl trophy to the NFL's foremost pariah, thanks in part to the never ending saga that was Brett Favre.  At the end of Favre's career, he turned himself upon the Packer nation, to the point of bringing the Viking Nation his greatest and most glorious season in 2009 ... only to then gut the "Viking Nation" like pigs in the 2009 NFC championship game, versus the Aint's.   The question is ... did the entire Viking Nation learn from this experience?  When Favre lost ... he actually built his legacy in Green Bay ... by sinking the 2009 Viking ship.  Don't you think that the entirety of the "Fudge-Packer-Nation" wasn't cheering when Favre threw that interception when all he had to do is run with the ball to gut the "Aint's"?  Man ... that was tough to say!  It is ... what it is!   
It's good to see the Vikings are now publicly stating that they aren't stupid ... "We have no intention whatsoever of releasing Adrian Peterson".  Hey Jerry Jones ... "You ain't gonna get the Milk for Free".  

Adrian Peterson, after benefiting several years behind his lucrative portion of his guaranteed contract ... no longer likes his contract ... and wants out.  In the old days, it was called having your cake and getting to eat it too.  Today, it is nothing more than pissing and moaning.  Mr. Peterson ... you made your bed ... now you must sleep in it.  The Vikings hold all the cards ... except one ... THE FOCAL POINT.

The entire Vikings franchise was Seconds away from maybe it's most important historical record in its history.  It was sold out ... to save face ... for selecting Christian Ponder ... so that we could state that he brought us to the playoffs during Adrian Peterson's historic run.  Instead of thinking playoffs, if we just handed the ball to Adrian Peterson one more time ... the rest would have been history stored in the annals of the NFL.  Instead ... we weren't ready for that moment in time ... and we failed badly.  When will we learn?  At present ... the way everything is going down ... Adrian Peterson is in a NO-WIN situation.  It is time to turn that around.
Well, Adrian Peterson has set the mark.  Maybe you haven't been listening but the man lost 10 million in the 2014 debacle.  More importantly he lost his future endorsements ... as if the people of Arizona or Texas are going to run to his door.  The owners lost their collective shirts too ... judged by the knee jerk reactions to "The-Courts-of-Public-Opinions" ... but they'd be the last to tell you about their wallet woes.  So how do we make good on this?  How do we make good with Adrian Peterson?  By restoring his 10 million dollars.  In return, how will this franchise gets to make hundreds of millions more in the form of future revenues for the owners of this franchise?  Actually ... the answer is all quite simple.  Establish a focal point ... an all or nothing focal point.  It is what America is made of (see the movies "Gung HO" or "MAJOR LEAGUE").  It's much better than having to negotiate with 31 other franchises ... from such a poor position, or better said ... from the hole that we dug ourselves.  In short ... the Viking Nation loses nothing by such a bold move.  What this represents is this ownerships last and final attempt to state unequivocally ... to the entire world ... that our objective is to win it all by not walking away from Adrian Peterson without attempting nothing short of a miracle.  Adrian Peterson once again gets to become the face of this franchise where the entire league of NFL players get to decide if Adrian Peterson was treated the way they want to be treated ... the GOLDEN RULE. 
There isn't a man on the 2014 Viking Squad that hasn't paid his dues for what transpired last year.  There won't be a man on the 2015 season squad that won't know the absolute score ... upon this very visible and very public focal point.  It is akin to Joe Willie Namath's first outrageous contract.  It's called playing the "BOSS TRUMP CARD".  It is time for the owners of this Viking franchise to state openly and verbally to Adrian Peterson ... PUT UP ... OR SHUT UP!   
If you were to ask Rick Spielman, he'd be the first to tell you that he's done everything in his power to assemble a championship roster.  We are about to embark on our most important draft class in our history ... DON'T SCREW IT UP.  If you were to ask Norv Turner or Mike Zimmer about their squad, they would be remiss in not telling you that they know that their squad is on the precipice of a championship season.  Everything is falling into place ... except for one key factor ... the focal point. 

So what is the FOCAL POINT?.  It is an all or nothing proposition ... a reflection upon the mark ... for Adrian Peterson and Adrian Peterson alone.  We'll (the Viking Ownership) will make you whole again ... making up for all your losses.  We are offering you a 2016 bonus payment of $10,000,000 dollars in an all or nothing proposition.  If the Vikings win the Super Bowl, whether you're on the field or not, we will pay Adrian Peterson an incredible incentive bonus of ten million dollars however it is only payable if the Minnesota Vikings win Super Bowl "L".  You want your contract to be re-negotiated, well we will offer you this ... and only this ... as a very open and public incentive, added as an addendum to your present contract,  with the right to make you whole again, by earning it ... a reflection of the man that you are ... which is an unquestioned fact.  You say that we haven't backed you .... well, what does this say?  They say that you just might be the greatest runner in the history of the NFL ... we are here to prove that this is in fact ... a fact.  This statement is a bold as Joe Willie Namath's guarantee ... for all the world to see.  As members of the Viking Nation ... it's time to get off my back as it is time to stop riding me man!  It's over ... it's done ... it's put up or shut up!  Everything shall now point in one ... and only one ... direction.  Let the grind begin.
Do you think the Vikings roster might see this as a very visible focal point that places a huge potential wedge directly into the Wilf's family pocket?  If Adrian Peterson achieves the goal, he'd be the primary cog in that result meaning his endorsements would soon return.     
Do not re-negotiate his guaranteed money for the 2016 season as this benefits no one except Adrian Peterson.  It would be too easy for him to drop the ball.  His incentive has to be greater than any other option.  The teams incentive has to be so overwhelming that although they may not be able to touch it, it will nonetheless be there as something so outrageously visual as to be obscure by uninterrupted passion.  This you will not take from me like the NFL season rushing record was ripped from my grasp.  Everyone ... and I means everyone ... will have one thing on their minds ... the Wilf's must lose this unprecedented wager.  So ... you say that our contract was paying Adrian Peterson ... a simple running back ... too much.  We'll let us blow that out of the water by doubling down ... and ... let it ride. 

So what does the franchise gain?  Winning you first Super Bowl has an immeasurable impact upon the franchise that only the owners know, or can estimate their financial rewards however it is most certainly in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

In any case, for Adrian Peterson to be able to be apart of our franchise, the vein of winds need to change directions.  He has to go from pariah ... back to victim ... and then ultimately ... back to the man on a quest to bring the Vikings it's first Super Bowl championship.  You're looking for that exit ramp ... and it's time to get back on board.
The Viking Ghost Writer
March 19, 2014