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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Back into the Bottle!
News Flash ... there is no way to stop Joe Webb & company!  Adding that one piece changes absolutely everything.  You need to look no further than yesterdays result.  Every touchdown that was scored yesterday was scored on the ground.
Back in 98, we all tend to forget that the Packers won it all with their 96 team and the 97 Packer's played and lost to the Bronco's in the Super Bowl.  The Packers were on top of the world.  Then there was this kid who ran a pattern that Brian Billick had never seen run that way before.  Randy, that's not going to work ... we need for you to run it this way.  Again, our offensive coordinator never saw a receiver run a pattern that way before ... ever.  So of course Randy did it again.  Billick, that now has that 2000 Super Bowl Championship under his belt said to Randy ... Ok, Randy ... we'll run that way.  The rest is now history.  Take a look at that 98 Championship game ... how many players went down in that game.  They never stopped our offense that year.
Yesterday McNabb was his typical self as the dependable 3 & out quarterback that he is.  There is a weak link on that field and it is glaringly obvious ... it shows up on film ... it followed with a crescendo of boos.  How many of those passes ended up at the ankles or in the dirt.  Those boos aren't for the Minnesota Vikings ... the ones that strap on the horns ... they were directed at our owner and its management for this years performance of one single player.  In the clutch, the Vikings are one dimensional, as there is absolutely no way that you can put the ball in McNabb's hands.  Absolutely everyone knows this.  This morning our coaches are probably taking a blistering from our owner for taking the ball out of McNabb's hands and putting into Adrian Peterson's ... the result ... 3 TD's in the first quarter.  By the time they figured out how to stop Peterson ... the game was over.  After that, McNabb had nothing to lose.  There was nothing that McNabb could do from that point forward that could lose that game.  His mistake was getting in on the fun by showing how effective Joe Webb will be in the Red Zone.  There is no way to stop this offense.  This cannot be contained.    

In regard to the 2012 Andrew Luck bid, by winning yesterday we dropped five (5) spots in the draft from drafting 3rd to drafting 8th.  What were we thinking?
It happened again yesterday.  It happened the week before too.  Did you notice it?  Can you tell exactly when it happened?  There was a point in the game were there was absolutely no way to stop the Vikings running attack.  There was something that happened, that transpired, during that transition that may have obscured it from your view.  It was because McNabb was on the field.  It was as if it was unleashed and then the gods quickly and neatly tripped it up ... then contained it ... back-up into the bottle.  "We are going to run it on every down ... except that one"!  There is no team within the league that can stop this.  Am I the only one that can remember the 73 Dolphins?

We are this close to tasting our dream.  All that it requires is to install Joe Webb as our Quarterback.  So McNabb wants to taste the confetti.  Turn it over to Joe Webb and you will realize that dream.  Your time has come and gone.
  There will be key events to secure your legacy but not as you might think.  You cannot control destiny ... you can only allow it to happen.

Aaron Rodgers, for many, is considered the most prolific passer in the league.  If you think this ... then you've got it wrong.  This is in no disrespect to him as a passer as the kid is dynamite.  The reality is that Aaron Rodgers is the most dangerous running threat in the league.  Look at his stats for the year.  Why would this make a difference?  Because it gets receivers open.  The secondary can never turn its back on Rodgers and that is all that these receivers need to gain that step.  If you take away Rodgers as a runner ... the whole Green Bay world gets turned upside down. 
Book it! 
Now what can we expect?  You're not going to be able to be a one dimensional team when you play Chicago.  They will pound AD into submission ... that is, if you let them.  You need to look no further than the one dimensional Barry Sanders versus the Vikings.  It was ugly ... at least is was for the leagues greatest back ever.  The Vikings organization might finally give in and bench McNabb which brings Bledsoe back to his greatest role ... as a streaking insurance policy.  They will try to insert Ponder and if that happens, not only will it be apparent that Ponder is not ready ... there will also be a glaring exposure that our franchise may not be prepared to confront.  Thus the penalty for Rank #2.  The gods have been angered and retribution is at hand.

As for our offensive coordinator, keep your focus squarely upon Billick.  When they ask ... tell them directly ... "I honestly haven't a clue what's going to happen on that field."  That statement alone carries the mass of a black hole and shall strike fear in the hearts of all ... throughout the league.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 10, 2011