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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rank #2
Me thinks that the Zig Master has finally figured out how to get his new stadium built.  The Viking Nation is now so upset they are clearly ready to burn the Dome to the ground ... pitch forks & torches.

Have you ever once considered why Christian Ponder is listed as our #2 quarterback.  Actually, it is a brilliant calculated move.  Why?  Because Ponder, no matter how the rest of this years rookie class does, is clearly not ready to start in this league.  That is an unequivocal fact.  Everyone realizes that there was no off season training camp however what people tend to forget is how bad it is even when rookies QB's do get off season training.  If Ponder does start, it may not be so pleasant for him.  Believe me that this is a nice way of skirting this issue.    

So why was the Ranking of Ponder at #2 such a brilliant move?  Now that "3 & Out McNabb" has screwed the pooch for the third straight week, most sports writers and commentators think that Leslie Frazier's only move is to now cut bait and play Christian Ponder ... the sooner the better.  Since he's clearly not ready to lead this team, it becomes quite easy to squash all thoughts of starting Ponder without having to face the reality that is buried within the purple depth chart.  There is a brilliant move to be made however it appears that Frazier's hands are clearly tied on this matter ... the buck stops at the top.

Now consider for a moment if Joe Webb was ranked as our #2 quarterback.  Well now Leslie Frazier has a significant problem.  You see, most every breathing football fan remembers Donovan McNabb's & Troy Aikman's first year in this league.  It wasn't pretty.  In my opinion, Joe Webb outperformed both of these freshman quarterbacks and he did it under the most adverse conditions possible.  He also did it with such flair & style that few were not immediately enamored with this enigma.  Why?  Because Joe Webb is clearly a winner.  In fact, to put this all in perspective, Daunte Culpepper never beat the Philadelphia Eagles ever ... Joe Webb did it his first time out and on their field.  Let's not forget that Daunte Culpepper had both Randy Moss & Cris Carter.  Do I need to say more?  So in effect, this brilliant Ponder #2 ranking move, like the anointing of oils that is splashed upon all high draft pick quarterbacks, is buying this franchise time.  Stealing time is clearly not something that these men will allow to happen because a pay check is just that ... a pay check that is going to be snatched by the commissioner anyway (see Kevin Williams).   

It is sort of like playing Three Card Monte or the use of the magicians smoke and mirrors.  If you don't know what to ask for, or better said, if you are afraid to directly confront the issue, then the plan succeeds.  As Prime Time stated quite clearly ... it is ok for the Vikings to win this one (Kansas City Cheifs) which leads us to believe that it was not OK to crush the Lions.  Let's put this another way ... if Joe Webb was on that field versus Detroit on the 25th ... the Lion's would have been crushed.  Prove me wrong!  
I admit that there is a great deal that offends my sensibilities in regard to the Vikings.  It is not so much thin skin as it is that I'm ready to rip off some ones head with blood shooting from my eyes.  You might say that I'm a touch irate and a tad impatient.  Hey, it has only been 50 years.  When I read commentary hoping for a guy named Ponder, thereby slashing & chucking the entire 2011 season, I take a breath and wonder aloud.  Are you on the parole ... a company yes man?  Are you sucking up to the organization for some past misdeed?  Are you negotiating for access?  Did you do it for a lead story?  Why would you do this?  Are you blind or are you on-board with a certain purple franchise relocation to Los Angeles?  Yeah!  I'm upset.

There is a certain saying about putting all your eggs in one basket.  I'm not afraid to tell you what you can do with that basket.  What are you asking of this franchise when all its trust must be placed within 3 & Out McNabb?  The way I see it, those eggs are hatching.  The natives are a bit more than restless.  The good news is that something is going to get burned to the ground.

So ... you're known for listening to your players.  That's your shtick!  Well let's see about that!  Why don't you start by telling your players that winning it all now ... just can't be done.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 26, 2011

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