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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Zig Steps In!
Way back when Viking fans were booing Childress in the stands and were publicly calling for Childress's head, my only thought was to stress patience to the Viking Nation.  Now Chilly is in the dilemma of his life ... the turning point of his career ... and he's about to open his mouth and just might commit a very dreadful error.  It is now time for Ziggy to step in, and make his Presence {Achilles} known.  What is without doubt is that the franchise ... Ziggies franchises ... doesn't lie with the courageous Kapp-like Gus Frerotte ... it lies with a very youthful T-Jack.  

Not so long ago, we put the reins into the hands of Johnson, forgoing the development of T-Jack ... but we can no longer do such a foolish thing.  What can be learned from Brad's decision, which now appeared to be the right decision, was that we all make mistakes ... we all will continue to make mistakes ... and that hopefully, we will learn from them.   It is for this reason that the decision must come from the very top ... "Where my hands were tied  ... to a future".    

Gus Frerotte is a class act all the way.  Before I barely knew him, and he was gone ... now he'll be remembered for all time in Viking history as the man that made it all possible.  Gus showed incredible courage under fire, taking-on bone crushing hits, only to brush it all aside and he led this team with reckless abandon.  When it came to the decision of either playing it safe or chucking that ball down the field early and often ... he chose the later ... because, quite frankly ... he had nothing to lose ... and he had that glint in his eye.  Even as the picks piled up ... he never gave up in this quest.  

In Gus's first stint with the Vikings, we all clearly remember a struggling Culpepper, that was afraid of his own shadow.  Gus stepped-in for the benched Culpepper and chucked several long touch down passes ... and righted a Viking ship back to a small wining streak, that ultimately turned Culpepper around ... back to his Pro Bowl form.  As it turned out, Gus's exhibition turned into opportunity, and he like others left the fold.         

Now Gus is our conquering hero once again.  His passion and leadership brought us back to within striking distance of a #2 seed in the 2008 playoffs ... to continue on our quest.  What is now tearing at Brad Childress's heart, and the heart of the Viking Nation is the decision that must follow ... but in this case ... its not a cold hearted decision.  

Gus has always known what he had to do ... it was the very reason that he was brought back to Minneapolis.  It is the very thing that Gus is made of ... an unselfish teacher ... a leader of men ... a fisher of mans character.  Gus didn't serve any subservient role for anyone ... so be very careful of how you might use the word "ROLE" ... it simply doesn't fit Gus.  His goal was to once again taste a common bond that can be achieved only by striving toward a common goal by toiling in the trenches ... always knowing that what once was ... is fleeting.   No matter how much fight ... how much courage ... or how much heart remains within your soul ... it must be passed on.  It is for this reason alone that there are no U-hauls following hearses.  In my book, there will never be an individual that can measure-up to this Kapp-like figure, and all I can do, as little as it might be, is to show him my appreciation ... as there is no more favorite a person on any team than the back up quarterback ... or better said "The Master" quarterback.  Thank you Gus!  

As for TJack, he's clearly indicated that he's learned from the very best.  In Detroit, he demonstrated that he's "in-the-process" of mastering the touch pass.  Versus the Cards, he's clearly demonstrated that he can trust his receivers ... by allowing them to run under balls.  The float was an image of perfection.  He's mastering how to throw a catch-able ball ... in all situations.  His shoulder fake was as masterful as one of Staubach's pump fakes.  TJack now has a reliable protection scheme.  TJack is not afraid to throw it away.  His leg-mechanics have clearly progressed and now are sharper than ever.  His legs are clearly healed so the threat of taking off at any time must lie in the minds of every defender.  TJack has the ability to move both laterally as well as to be able to throw on the run.  His arm is like a rocket but now with accuracy.  Most importantly of all ... although he cares ... it's not that much ... as he's decided that this time ... if he does go down ... he's going to do so playing his game his way.  He's free and clear.  Everything is now in place.

They say that a man will betray himself every time within his own words.  In fact, that is a biblical statement.  Just listen to the jealous commentators.  As soon as Gus is healthy, they will want him back on that field.  Within their words will come the truth.  

The decision must be made ... and it must come from the very top.  Brad made a promise ... and now it must be overruled.  Now ... is TJack's time!  

13 - Watch the Film
- Curt Warner wears the number 13.  
- Peterson registered 13 carries for 100 yards, at one point. 
- Curt Warner's threw his 13th interception.
- Minnesota Vikings made their 13th fumble recovery. 
- Jared Allen registered his 13-1/2 sack, sorry now its his 14-1/2 sack.   
For some, the number 13 is unlucky, whereas for others, the number 13 is in fact a very good thing.  At the beginning of this season, no matter what we did ... things went very very wrong and we were powerless to stop it.  There are some things that you simply cannot stop.  Things are aligning ... and you simply cannot stop it.  Just try to explain what happened on that Arizona field on December 14, 2008.    

Simply not funny ... At all!
It is a well known fact that the blue bloods of Europe, actually had blue or purple blood, caused by generations of inbreeding of royal blood lines.  Purple is the color of royalty, not Green and Gold.  I'm outraged at the commercial, "Give them what they need!", showing a Green Bay Packer fan bleeding Green and Gold, which is clearly paint.  The Viking Nation bleeds purple ... always has ... always will ... and quite frankly, we had it first.  Having the Packers taking on this notion for themselves is an outrage.  You are well over the line on this one.  

Stick to what you do best ... cheese and its colon binding effects.  Now that's a commercial!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 15, 2008

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