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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Words - Less than forthright and pulling weeds!
They say the window to a mans soul is through his eyes.  I once asked a close friend, a behemoth of a man, to describe for me what it was like to stand on the flight deck of the USS Kitty Hawk (aircraft carrier), when he served in the Navy.  He at first turned away from me, then as he slowly turned back to me ... he hesitated and peered deeply into my wanton eyes of commitment.  He then unleashed a torrent of fire and spittle, ripping off my head, and began tearing at the flesh of my chest to remove my still beating heart.  He was a bit more than persuasive.  At that very instant ... I was standing on that flight deck ... in my own personal baptism of fire.  His point was quite clear and concise ... you are not going to get killed on my flight deck.  The point is ... there are some eyes that you should never peer into ... that is, unless you are presented ... with no other choice.          

Now imagine me standing in front of Steve Hutchinson.  I know these eyes only too well.  These eyes contain passion ... with a little something extra ... Hello!  No sale!  Now imagine that it's Steve's first game as a Viking ... opening day ... and he's my assigned task.  A man of 5'-8"+, of an unmentioned weight (problem), where I were to utter these words to him.  Steve baby ... your slate in clean ... what happened in the past is thrown out the window, it's in the past and it doesn't matter.  It's little wonder then, why the almighty has blessed both you and I with speed, because that is all that stands between the big man and myself.  The point here is in reference to the words .  Uttered in this direction it is apparent that these words are ridiculous ... and most importantly of all ... they are less than forthright.  Don't believe me ... just screw up ... and the vultures will be at your door.   

For us Viking fans, its all one great big continuous memory ... a blur that rewinds forward and backward of unquestioned courage, valor and emulation.  Let's not forget ... regardless of age ... we are all just kids ... and only a childs heart can wade through the muck and mire.  In everything that I do ... I've wanted to dominate life they way the Purple People Eaters dominated the game.  There was just something about their unstoppable will.  They just kept coming ... their ears were pinned back.   When you strap on those horns for the first time ... you've joined a fraternity of individuals that just simply defy description ... peer into their hearts.  So, let's just say, we've seen it all.

Every true Viking fan watched the greatest wide receiver to ever don pads strap on those horns.  He too has a sordid past where he was told these very same words.  You have a clean slate here ... what's in the past doesn't matter.  I watched that individual believe and invest in those words, and then they were thrown back into his face, and we watched him self destruct before our eyes.  My only hope, is that one day, Randy will have that chance to return to Minnesota ... as a man standing fearlessly as a Viking once more, before his tormentors.  I'd like to believe that within him are the final four home runs granted to the mighty Babe Ruth ... in the vastness of that ball park ... at least, I'd like to imagine it.  

Here's the real truth about the words.  There is never a clean slate as what you have done ... everything ... is the true measure of a man.  There is no such thing as a free lunch and everything that you do does matter.  The question, really, is what will you do with the opportunity that you have been given.  The future is written by your hand ... and it's never too late.    

The greatest comedians every known, and I include Bill Cosby in that regard, weren't foul, hurtful or dark.  They understood that there is nothing funnier than the comedy of life.  Mr. Cosby created a career out of observing aspects of life and we've all become immersed in it.  

Something as simple as a man planting a seed in a garden can tell us much about these words that mask their true intent.  No matter how hard we work in that field or garden, it's under constant attack from beetles, bugs, worms, and most notably of all ... the incessant weeds.  These weeds, and pests, sap the energy out of that nurtured plant ... the player ... and prevent that player from reaching his true potential.    

Over the years, I've seen some of these players as if they were bees.  They are out there collecting nectar to make that honey (call that your paycheck).  These bees also collect things, like pollen, which are thought to cross pollinate and insure growth (to build their team mates toward their goal).  They've become part of an efficient collective that are darn nasty at protecting their turf as they create a true engineering marvel (the honey comb), containing all thing good.  These things are admirable.  However, these bees are also collecting other things like weed seeds.  Once rooted these weeds take over everything.

To build a career, in the NFL, it takes much more than hard work.  Anyone can work hard at something ... and achieve nothing.   In a few brief words ... Cris clearly understood Randy's talent ... however, he never allowed him any slack ... you cannot drop that ball ... ever ... no quarter was given!  Was that reality ... no!  However, we never felt that either Cris or Randy accepted or entertained the possibility ... at least in their thoughts and actions.

What it comes down to ... is the thankless task of pulling weeds.      

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: May 16, 2009

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