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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Wearing the Blue - No Quarter
On November 22, 2020, Dallas comes to town for a 4:25 pm EST, 3;25 CST start in the friendly confines of that ship sporting a fire breathing dragon.  Well, if you know anything about this franchise's history we almost always have worn purple for each & every home contest.  In fact, I can't remember not wearing purple playing at home.  Maybe ... not so much ... this year.

If you know your Cow-Poke history ... hated since December 28, 1975 ... then you know that the Dallas franchise gets to wear their whites for almost every contest.  This is because they wear their whites while playing all home contests, and they usually wear their whites on the road where the home team normally selects their dark colored jersey like Cardinal Red.  This gives an enormous advantage to the well traveled Pokes as their continuity of attack is always using their same color white jersey uniforms. 

Now Head Coach Mike Zimmer ... the spawn of this dreaded regime ... will be the first to tell you that you're playing the team not those colored jerseys however if you're worth your salt watching the NFL over the years, there is no question that the Cowboys are a different team playing in those God awful Blue jerseys.  In their minds, the continuity of the whites turns into the confusion of New York Giant Blue and in our case ... Royal Viking Purple.  So if you're going to want to get Coach Zimmer's attention ... you're going to have to offer something in return for making the Cowboys travel with those dreaded Blue Away Jersey's.   

To be direct, to get Coach Zimmer's attention you're going to have to think unconventionally ... sort of outside the box.  To get something you're going to have to give something in exchange.  

To a man, this Viking squad will have to guarantee ... and then secure ... your Sunday Night October 11th contest playing that game in Seattle Washington.  So you might be thinking, how are we going to guarantee a Zimmer victory in Seattle, well allow me to break in down for you:

1. After so many disappointments year after year traveling to play in Seattle, you might think it's impossible to secure anything whatsoever however all that is required is a pledge from every man to give 100% effort for 60 minutes.  If there is no weak link ... you cannot lose.  

2. The number 12 is the Seattle franchise lucky number ... not 11.  Don't believe me ... just ask Percy Harvin who wore 12 in Minnesota followed by disaster wearing the number 11 in Seattle.  

So, you might be wondering why this might be out of the box thinking?  It's because this offer would stand regardless of if, or when, the Seattle game would be played.  In other words, the pledge would hold regardless of whether the game was played before or after the Cowboy's contest.  

So why is this important?  It is simple.  To achieve your future you must plan your future by seeing it in your mind well before it ever occurs.     

Most just show up for an event having a set preparation ... never knowing for what they should ask.  Then of course their is the axiom of, "You better know exactly what your asking for ... because you just might get it".   Of course due to the complicated nature of life, asking for something like money for instance might result in disastrous consequences of an unforeseen nature.  

To be direct, I firmly believe that Head Coach Mike Zimmer wants to be made to bend to your collective will.  After all, if you firmly believe in all this collective nonsense and that it will somehow result in some sort of championship level play, who is he to stand in your way.

After all, the best hitter in the history of major league baseball did not have what is considered today to be proper mechanics.  He hit the ball with his hands apart on the bat rather one hand on top of the other as they do today.  So, was the result based upon what Ty Cobb believed to be superior technique or was the technique actually superior?  

It doesn't matter ... Make the Pokes wear the dreaded Blue. 

So what is it to carry this franchise ... for these many years?  For a time, it was assisted along by Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song, however there is something missing ... something awry from these lyrics.  Without doubt it would be appropriate to play this tune prior to the start of every game however this is descriptive only of regular season contests.  To fully understand what it has been to support this franchise since 1966 you need only to listen to Led Zeppelin's live version of "No Quarter" that appears on the albums, The Song Remains the Same.  These lyrics aren't brilliant ... they have defined much of my life. Too often I would notate when, "The Snow Drives back the Foot that Slow",  Regardless of whether is was that of this franchise or my own ... it became marked.  These words will & can penetrate any Viking fan ... that awaits, "The dream for Me & You".  For the news that must get through.   

One day, that gong will ring true for this franchise & it is my hope that when it happens ... that I will be its witness. 

No Quarter (Lyrics - Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same)

Close the door, put out the light
You know they won't be home tonight.  Oh No!
The snow falls hard & don't you know.
The winds of Thor are blowing cold.
Their wearing steel bright & true
To build a dream for me & you.
We hold No Quarter
They ask No Quarter

Gong!  For us ... it marks the moment of Charlie West's muffed kick off to Brent McClanahan's fumble on the 1 yard line ... but no more.

What follows is methodical movement driving forward ... ever forward.

Walking side by side with death.
The devil mocks their every step.
The snow drives back the foot that's slow.
The dogs of doom are howling more.
We carry news that must get through.
To build a dream for me & you.
They hold no quarter.
They ask, they ask, they ask ... No Quarter!!!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: May 28, 2020