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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

We are Coming: It's no longer 41-0
Take a look around.  See what people are saying.  We aren't invited to the big show come February.  Most don't understand what Mike Zimmer is saying when he speaks of this team coming from the low rent district.  We simply don't fit the fantasy mold ... we are the uninvited guests.  There is a way to change that ... and it must change.

Back in our 2000 season ... well, that team certainly fit the fantasy mold ... well before anyone knew what fantasy was all about.  It was lead by Cris Carter, Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper.  What it got us was a 41-0 drubbing by the New York Giants on their way to face the Baltimore Ravens.  Maybe that slap in the face was a wake up call as no one wanted to face that Ravens defense that year, as in my opinion ... it was the 2nd best defense of the modern era taking a back seat only to that 1985 bears squad.  Of course, were are looking at an entire season ... not just one particular Super Bowl game.  

As it stands today we have 50 wins, 59 losses and 2 ties versus the Green Bay Packers.  Back in the Tarkenton Era, we had the slightest of leads over these Packers.  What this means, in case that you haven't been paying attention is that even through our most dominate era of the late sixties through the seventies ... Green Bay found a way to either beat this team or secure a tie.  For the Packers, the Minnesota Vikings are their #1 focus ... their #1 rival ... their live or die moment.  In their mind ... we stole their region ... a region that they believe belongs to them.  If the Packers lose ... heads will role ... it's just that simple.  Said another way, if the Packers lose, their well established continuity gets disrupted, severed, and gutted.  It's much much more than just winning and losing a game ... it's about the future of this franchise.  Greenbay has always known this fact ... the floundering youth of this franchise did not.  For example, the problem with 2009 season is that it turned into the blight of the Brett Favre era  in that it had no real lasting power as Favre's days were numbered.  Things are different now and the Packers are fighting for their very survival.  Rick Spielman has built a very different foundation that shines toward our future ... but there is something different ... something missing ... something troubling.

We all understand that every individual makes mistakes.  We all understand that you're learning each and every day.  What you need to realize is that that every man, woman and child learns something new each and every day ... so you're no different. 

With no disreprect to what might be an All Pro athlete, there is a vast difference between Linval Joseph and Stephon Diggs and the root of the issue lies at the feet of one of the greatest wide receivers that has ever played the game ... Keenen McCardell.  I say greatest as he did more with less, coming out of know where, to be part of one of the most feared combo's in the league.  It's not that Linval isn't elite.  It's not that he's not dominant.  It's not his maturity and it has nothing to do with showboating.  What is missing is that look into the camera letting the world know that they have to come to grips with something ... and that they are going to have to come to grips with it real soon.  "We are coming!  We are coming!  And your going to have to come to grips with that!"  

What this team has to keep in mind is that bragging about stuff isn't going to do anybody any good however when you are surrounded by the media ... you are speaking not just to the people that you are surrounded by ... you are speaking to the world.  There is a message that is not getting across ... and people aren't getting it.

At this moment in time, maybe the most feared team in the country is the Boston Patriots.  Now Edelman is down.  Could there be cracks appearing in the pavement?  Now ask yourself the question ... Exactly who or whom will be taking up the slack if the Patriots fade down the stretch.  The reality is that they've been on top for a very long time and just like standing on top of Mount Everest ... in time you must withdraw from the summit.  Back in July, the Packers were on top ... no so much today.  Then there's old number 99 talking about this red headed kid playing with a bee-bee gun.  The red head has been on top for a while too.  Somewhere in all of this lies the word destiny and awe shucks just doesn't do it.

Now look at this brash and bold Diggs kid ... from day one.  He had that look in his eye and it has never faultered.  His eyes spoke volumes ... I am coming ... and there is absolutely nothing that you can do. Then there's Adrian Peterson.  Sure he cracks a smile.  Sure he's cordial to the reporters.  Sure he turns on the charm but look at his eyes on the field.  There is no question of what those eyes are saying.  

Sometimes what you need to say is never in words.  Sometimes it's a just a deep breath followed by a stiffled moment with direct peering eye contact that conveys the message, "We are coming ... now deal with it!"

I'd like to imagine myself standing in front of Linval Joseph ... maybe just to shake his hand ... never knowing who I was.  Maybe just to say thank you ... choking back a tear or two of what it really meant ... passing through the ages of time.  I'd probably be in a group. where he'd turn up the charm, swaying his eyes side to side as if he were public speaking, so as not to leave anyone out.  Then I'd dream of a moment ... a moment in time where he's be my instructor on the deck of a live-action Nimitz Class Air Craft Carrier ... where I'd see his eyes peering through me while he jack hammered my attention span into the very real reality of this death zone.  "People die on this deck and I'm here to make sure that never happens".  Now I have his message ... "We are coming!"

Brian Billick led that 2000 Ravens squad and he used to be our offensive coordinator back in that majical 1998 season however it is clear from both his tone and history of biting comments that he's soured on the Vikings.  To be direct ... he reminds me of John Madden in that he'll do nothing to help the Vikings only to relish in the fact that he beat us reaching the pinnacle of his career.  Maybe there is no one on that 2000 squad that will be willing to share their secret with us but one thing is for certain.  To achieve what the Ravens achieved in 2000, they had one very simple and very basic message.  The Ravens were coming.  They'll tell you that nobody wanted to watch a densive show on the worlds greatest stage but the Ravens didn't care.  They were going to ply their trade ... and there was absolutely no one that could stop it.  In that season, just like in 1985 ... no body wanted a part of those defenses. 

Now peer into the steel within my eyes ... "We are coming".

As for the Panthers, there is a problem with showboating.  Sometimes the boat leaves the dock without you, and when it leaves, the only thing that you have left is to put your hand in the dirt.  They remind me so much of 98 ... and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 8, 2015