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Vacuum Rein In
Still, Spielman reiterated Wednesday that, under his philosophy, all young quarterbacks are entitled to be evaluated under a "three-year rule," giving coaches and the front office a big enough sample size to evaluate hot streaks, disconcerting slumps and long-term viability.  Double take ... Triple Take ... WHAT????

Allow me to get this right, the dead horse that we got pulling this cart needs another year to be evaluated.  I've never heard such an absurd statement. 

To be direct, writing this commentary was a major undertaking ... being delayed for three (3) days ... waiting for some sort of sign.  Do I write the obvious or do I just sweep it under the rug like everyone else?  The answer became crystal clear after the Chicago/49ers tilt.  

Never mind Ponder's 0 win 10 loss first year campaign.  Never mind to what had transpired in Ponder's second year.  Is this a joke?  Is our history so sordid & painful that we can all be counted on to painfully block it all out.  Maybe we should have some sort of name for this type of selective memory loss.  Sure ... in the future, we can refer to it as "VIKING MEMORY".  In fact, to be considered a competent writer on the sports beat for this franchise, "VIKING MEMORY" must be a prerequisite.  You've also have to be completely gullible ... ready to accept just about anything.  Oh yeah!  Sign me up.  

Here are the questions for us all to Ponder in regard to Spielman's statement
#1 - Plausible Deniability: Is Spielman's statement nothing more than a smoke screen?  In other words, do you believe or not believe that Sir Zygmunt Wilf has already made his decision in regard to Christian Ponder in that Ponder already has one foot out the door?  As Herm Edwards once so eloquently stated, "The objective is to win the Game".  Sir Zygmunt knows exactly what that means.  Said another way, if presented with the opportunity of selecting the next Andrew Luck in next years draft, would Ponder be tossed into the trash heap of Viking history?  If you said that you don't believe the decision on Ponder has already been made then what you're saying is that Sir Zygmunt is not and has never been a competent capitalist, which is a ridiculous statement.  You're saying that he is incapable of evaluating what is and what is not an elite NFL quarterback in this league.  It is without question that Sir Zygmunt was spawn under a long standing tradition under the envious shadows of the New York Giant franchise where it is impossible for me to even consider that he is incapable in this regard.  In others words, this is Sir Zygmunt's toy where it is my belief that he definitely knows how it all works.  Sir Zygmunt is no Daniel Snyder.  On the other hand, if you do believe the decision on Ponder has been made, then Sir Zygmunt's #2 surrogate, Rick Spielman, just laid a tremendous smoke screen at your feet.  To be direct, the NFL is strife & ripe with prolific smoke screens however, this particular statement is also incendiary.

#2 - Whom else in Viking history has this statement ever been applied to?  Let me get this straight.  I'm standing in front of Carl Eller, three years to the day after being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and I get right into his face and I announce to him that he was given a three (3) year evaluation period to see if he could cut it in the NFL.  In all of my life I couldn't think of a more insulting thing to say to this man.  Believe me ... just writing this verbiage has me physically shivering in my boots thinking that Mr. All World Defensive End Stud would rip my lungs out, on this very day, for even thinking of such a thing however it does put the statement into its proper context.  When I emulate this mans career, upon his image ... I like to think that I earned absolutely everything too. 

#3 - On the present roster, whom else does this statement get to be applied?  Don't they bleed too?  Don't they sweat too?  Don't they risk injury too?  Does not one of these men stand as a man where they are measured by their commitments to their families ... their wives ... their children ... when they are cleaved for their substandard play?  Tell me, what is it in Ponder's contract that makes him so special ... so untouchable ... so Teflon-like where nothing can be allowed to touch him for three (3) years.  I'm mentally going through the 53 man roster, including the practice players roster and I don't see another name that pops into my face.

#4 - Does this rule apply to anyone else in the NFL?  Sure, it was a good thing that I was there to coddle Julius Pepper's for his first three (3) season, the feisty little pup that he is, to protect him from the big bad nastiness that proliferates throughout the NFL.  I think not.  What in the world could Rick Spielman possibly be thinking uttering this statement, especially if his intention was to protect his prize pupil?  No, No!  This statement didn't just insult every player in NFL belittling everything that they would achieved in this league.  Hey, we've made so many changes in the NFL maybe it's time for quarterbacks to wear red pumps & red mini-skirts.  Hey, it's taught & instilled throughout training camp & throughout all practices.  Why not just get it over?  On the other hand, what I don't understand is how Jake Cutler ended up with a concussion. 

#5 - Is this an admission on Rick Spielman's part that the NFL is nothing more than entertainment something akin to the "This is real" statement directed by the Pro Wrestling circuit dating back to when I was a kid.  In other words, Ponder's three years of starts are guaranteed because we cannot hold Ponder responsible for the putrid results that he's putting on the field as the results of the contest are bought and sold as nothing more than entertainment.  Sure it is nothing more than a conspiracy theory however Spielman's new 3-year rule statement fits this buy & sell entertainment system like a glove ... doesn't it?

What is certain, at this juncture, is that the end game on this Minnesota Viking championship season is quickly coming to a head.  The chess-like moves being made at this juncture are now clearly becoming both wild & erratic.  For most, they accept it all and just move on.  All they want is Viking victories, and they don't care about the details.  As blind & defenseless sheep, they are once again ready to settle for being kicked in the tender nether region.  For the ones blowing smoke in your direction, they are relying on you to stay disconnected acting as powerless Neanderthals.  For the ones that know there is something very very wrong out there, all they can do is read the moves and then evaluate the integrity of those moves.  Some might even pick up a pen and delve into this cosmic shift ... the paradigm shift.  By all means ... a Favre-like mobilization will not be tolerated.   We are firmly in control of the clean & tidy destruction of this championship season.  What is the tie-in to the 1972 season ... where just about every piece of a championship run were clearly in place?  It doesn't stink ... it reeks ... as an evolving putrid stench!

King Solomon once said that a man will betray himself every time in his own words ... well, I can't think of a more poignant time in our history.

What is certain is that the "Weighted Quarterback Rating" or better said the "Comprehensive Quarterback Rating" lit up the sports beat, causing at least four articles to be written assuring us that the plan is being executed and is exactly on plan as stated by Rick Spielman.  The problem being that the surrogates evaluation was flawed and the plan was flawed and that it is now impossible to refute the obvious truth.     

Understand that the recent chords have been struck at this franchises highest level which has caused the plan to unravel at its very foundation.  The fishers & cracks are exploding forth at an alarming rate ... with the speed & power of a Tsunami.  Personally, I'm no longer angry however I am very tired.  I am also quite hesitant to have to watch the next horrific event unfold in front of our eyes.  I really don't want to see Christian Ponder end up in a horrific mangled mass of nothing but sinew, blood & bones.  Enough, I say!  I can take no more.  Ponder clearly now knows his path out where all I want is for him to find that southern destination unscathed and completely in tack.  He has the good part of two (2) solid seasons under his belt where he will be well received with a new opportunity to evolve ... and find his ultimate destiny ... out from under this facade.     

It is time for Sir Zygmunt to make his final historic move.  To finally grasp a hold of the leadership reins and release his surrogates onto doing the job at hand, without restriction. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 20, 2012