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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Witnessing yesterday's performance was unconscionable.  
In Washington last year, we got to witness Kirk Cousins remarkable throwing ability, as what was a practice squad player the week before, made a remarkable catch in the end zone that was initially ruled to be incomplete.  When it happened, my first question was ... what exactly happen to Kirk Cousins receiving corp.  The answer that came back was shocking & completely unconscionable.  That's right ... a major step beyond unacceptable.  

We all know that injuries occur throughout the NFL, and it might be impossible to predict ... where a random event could occur at any moment ... where it is just part of the game, however what was witnessed yesterday went a long way to explain exactly what happened to Kirk Cousins 2017 receiving corp.  What is also so bothersome is that it also might help to explain why Kirk Cousins has an overall losing record.  What we may have to accept is that Kirk Cousins might be oblivious to his shortcomings as he might not have ever had to accept his role within this aspect of the process, as his instantaneous decision making allowed him to separate himself from it's overall effect but that reasoning is alarmingly flowed.  Just as Zimmer has to polish up Kirk Cousins ball handling skills (fumbling & ball security issues), so too must he effect change is this tragically flawed leading character.  The first step, of course, is to be aware as there is no doubt that Kirk Cousins wants to correct it all ... he cares ... but it is also true that you cannot correct what is not seen as a major mistake.  .    
Now by comparison, consider Kurt Warner's Greatest Show on Turf.  Maybe this is not a fair comparison to a historic group but consider the pieces: Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Ricky Proel & Az-Zahir Hakim ... and how Kurt Warner carefully played Shepard to this corp.  Now compare that historic group to what was witnessed yesterday.  Witnessing yesterday's events was absolutely unconscionable.  At any moment you could see any one of Kirk Cousins pieces being carted off the field ... being hung out to dry ... as if they just didn't matter to that end moment.  

Unless your living on another planet, Kirk Cousins level of talent is absolutely remarkable however we have become absolutely blind to the facts that he is tragically flawed where what we received from the Redskins organization is an unpolished-jagged-edged piece of high pressure carbon that we like to call a diamond.  Sure, we see that magnificent rock that has the ability to shoot a laser to a specific location upon command but we have once again ignored all the razor-like surfaces that are shaped to cut our throats.  We wonder why this offense is sputtering only to await a 4th quarter of battered bodies for our quarterback to overcome the odds.
To see the point, consider the following question.  Would you be willing to forgo a 6 yard run in the 2nd quarter, or a 3 yard dump off gain for the trade off of losing Adam Thielen or Stephon Diggs for the season.  Sure, the answer to the question seems to be obvious but somehow we've become oblivious to that eventuality.  It's really quite simple:


This is what Kurt Warner understood.  He would never hang Marshall Faulk out to dry.  Warner would hit Faulk at full speed but I can't remember a moment where Faulk would catch the ball only to have the lumber brought down upon him the moment he caught the ball.  Maybe Kurt Warner is in the Hall of Fame because he studied & practiced this tendency so that the eventuality never happened whereas what we get in Viking football is only a half finished product.  Exactly how many times did one of our offensive stars get lit up yesterday & exactly who is responsible for missing "THE-BIG-IT"?  At who's feet does this responsibility lie?

No, you might think that it lies at the feet of the person throwing that ball ... Kirk Cousins, but you'd be wrong.  It lies directly at our head coach Mike Zimmer.  Since sewage flows down hill, the next contestant on the Price is Right would be John DeFilippo.  Said another way, Flip should be screaming in Mr. Cousins ears until they were ringing.  This crew that we've assembled up here in Minnesota belongs to me and you're going to do everything in your absolute power not to destroy it.  "YOU WILL NOT DESTROY ANY COMPONENT OF IT".

Diggs, Theilen, Rudolph, Cook, Murray ... and everyone else apart of this magnificent offense, for that matter, belong to me & you will not recklessly break my toys.  If that means developing a 7th or an 8th sense to get them the ball in space safely... then that is exactly what we are going to do.  We've got to get this ship to port in one piece and getting there with tattered & torn sails just isn't going to cut it.  
A couple notes for Flip:
1. If you're going to perform a reverse lateral in our backfield then it better be followed by a pass downfield to Kirk Cousins.

2. It time the league recognize that although this is a copy cat league that we don't have Tom Brady playing for us.  The big chief up in Seattle had to learn this in the Super Bowl too.  It was 1st & goal at the 2 yard line.  Now, your only focus should be on John Madden.  "The offense knew exactly what we were going to do.  The defense knew exactly what we were going to do.  Everyone on the planet ... for that matter ... knew exactly what we were going to do ... but they were powerless to stop it".  You have four downs to punch it in from the 2.  Run the ball.  Marsh awn Lynch probably wakes up every night in a cold sweat thinking about these words knowing that his team was 1 yard from the NFL's greatest prize as Madden's words echo throughout the league.  Instead what we got was cutsie... cutsie ... stupid.  For that reason alone ... Flip ... you should give back last weeks game ball, until you've learned your lesson.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 22, 2018