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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Top Dog
Anyone & everyone in the NFL can say that they want or they expect to win this years Super Bowl.  Of course, to be "Top Dog" you clearly understand that there is a difference between talking the Talk & walking the Walk.  In other words, saying stuff doesn't get you a thing.  To get to that pinnacle you have to do more than rely upon hard work, or a hard work ethic, because no matter who you speak with, from the Janitor of a building to an incoming NFL rookie, they all will tell you that they work hard because in their mind ... they all believe they are the hardest workers in the league.  In short, you need to be married to an idea ... or better said, you need to see that vision.  Once imagined in your minds eye ... nothing can prevent you from achieving it.  The difference between do-ers & the people that slam everything except of course what they might be doing.     

Which brings us to the cross over between the NFL and the real world.  As we characters sit in an office, and we speak with our boss (everyone has one), he or she might ask the question, "where do you see yourself in 5 years?"  Of course our answer may not be so direct and forthright, as we all might be willing to tell someone where they can stick this job, but in our

What is your #1 up coming goal for the 2016 season?
AP:  To complete the season healthy, strong and fully functional.  By doing this my expectation is to once again become the 2016 NFL's rushing leader but with one caveat ... to do so with less than 75% or less of 2015's carries from scrimmage.  My expectation is that this will be achieved by Norv Turner's scheme of expanding numerical threats which by its very nature will result in expanding opportunities for yours truly.  My objective is to assault Emmitt Smith's NFL rushing record and to re-instill throughout the league the importance and the role of the running back within NFL lore.   

In any particular Championship Season there might be one particular play that presents that pivotal moment that changes everything.  Can you describe that upcoming 2016 seasonal event for us?    
AP:  As you are all well aware, too often an achievement occurs due to some specific breakdown within an offensive or defensive scheme.  For example, a defensive lineman ends up with a sack due in part to an offensive lineman being mesmerized for just a split second opening an opportunity for exploitation.  Another example might be a corner back that might slip, or that he bit on a hip fake, causing an ever so slight separation that caused enough of an opening for some sort of devastating catch.  Of course that doesn't diminish the accomplishment however it is clear that this isn't what Adrian Peterson is about.  The key or seminal event, that will occur, is when I impart my will upon a particular unmentioned game, in such a way, that it will be impossible for every other team to recover from.  You'd like to believe that it will be some sort of break-away run through a defense.  Sure, I fully expect that this will occur however the key event that I'm speaking of does not spin off one of my runs, or one of my catches, it will occur upon this notice.  I won't tell you if is occurs to a safety, or a corner, or to a line backer, or a tackle, or a defensive end because knowing that piece of the puzzle might cause someone to think they have some sort of free pass ... which they don't.  The key or seminal event will occur on what I call the unforeseen "Annihilation Block" from which their is absolutely no recovery.  Just like last year, this event will occur under the radar, almost completely unnoticed by the media, and it will send a shock wave as if the NFL was a small calm pond trying to handle a dropping rock of 2 tons.  Believe me ... it will ripple.

So, are you saying that you're the "Top Dog"?
AP: No.  This thing has been assembled for each of us to carry the load where we all can become the "Top Dog".  So in fact there are many dogs but from your perspective there is only one "Top Dog".  

Can you tell us more about your vision?
  Sure.  This is more than an expectation as these Vikings will be in the 2016 playoffs ... and not a thing will be handed to us.  We now have everything in place where it is now incumbent upon us to execute what we have been born to do.  The infinite one has made us the athletes that we have become.  He has given us the extra sets of eyes that we need & we have the knowledge and wisdom on our side to make it happen.  There isn't a man standing here that expects to sleep walk through this season and fooling this Viking crew is now just a distant memory.  

Is there any other personal goals that you expect to achieve that might fall under the radar?
  One of my personal goals is to make my mark in the playoffs error free.  Everyone knows that perfection is impossible to achieve but I'd like to make-up for some historical mishaps of my past.  Of course there was last years fumble versus the Sea Hawks that led to those critical go ahead points.  Then there was that fumble in the 2009 championship game near the goal line that might have sealed the victory right there and then over the Saints putting us in the Super Bowl.  Of course, these are hard memories to get over however if I had a wish it would be to get through the 2016 playoffs without laying that ball on the carpet ... where absolutely no one would recognize that fact.  In other words, almost error free ball ... that no one notices.   

It sounds like that you're acquiring a collection?
  This is true.  Too often, great teams clash in the playoffs, where great runners do not eclipse the century mark, or they do not score in the Super Bowl (Sweetness) but it does not diminish them in any way from their greatness.  Sure, I'd like to break Timmy Smith's record for rushing in a Super Bowl but I'd rather be known as that guy with that remarkable lunch pail.  Cris Carter once said how disappointed he was in life having to rely upon others ... as this is ultimately a team sport of wins and losses ... but in my mind that misses the point.  We are trying to win it all for the first time ever for this franchise where my only hope is that I can get others to pick up that lunch pail with me to make it happen.  Greatness alone, which Cris most certainly had, does not bring that ultimate prize.   My blessings alone are not in question ... what is in question is the weakest link ... and I never ever want to be in that position ever again.  Life is too short and my opportunity is right before my outstretched hand ... waning ... waning ... waning.  I'd like to be the first one to say that I didn't let it get away from me as it's importance to each and every one of us is truly incalculable.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: May 26, 2016