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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Ghost 
Who or what is the ghost?  Well ... you know when you are running around town in your vehicle, with absolutely nothing in your head, and out of the blue you think of something that you need to remember as very important that you need to say to either your wife or your child, or your friend.  You have no idea why it popped into your head while you were day dreaming.  Well ... that's the ghost, however in this humble narrators case, the voices become overwhelming like a nagging wife, where the urgency becomes like a crescendo in my ears.
  It's not like someone dictating, its more like trial and error poetry.  The Ghost Writer writes something in a specific vein or thought process, where it never sounds perfect the first time around.  The Ghost then interjects, causing re-write after re-write until it becomes poetic with clarity.  What is absolutely clear is that the bellowing message doesn't stop until it's as it should be.

On other occasions, the ghost speaks to someone that is close to me.  All that person knows is that whatever that needs to be said is something important or that it is something that this narrator needs to know.  Most times that person is adamant as they generally get right in my face with their arguments.  They think they are expressing their own views however the passion generally doesn't fit within their character where they don't even realize that the ghost is implanting an important thought, concept or an idea.  It is then that it pays to be a good listener, however at times, it can make peoples skin crawl.  To know what I'm talking about, visit the Fredericksburg, VA battlefield when you hear that ghost repeat the same words, over and over again, to the federal park rangers.  It's so prevalent that there are no park rangers from the Fredericksburg, VA area as eventually they'd lose their minds by the manipulation of the ghost.  It's quite astonishing.  

Just to be clear, from the interfacing described above, absolute evil will describe and define this as schizophrenia and as being dangerous.  Before you jump of the building understand that a medium is someone that can communicate on a level unknown to most.  It is evil that is harmful.
  In years past, in watching my beloved Vikings, I always had an uneasy feeling of dread ... that feeling is no more.
Over the years, many have contacted the Ghost Writer indicating that the content exhibits very bad grammar and is also a non-lucid style of writing.  Well, that might be allot to ask of someone that's speaking to me from beyond the grave.  When you read this content, what you need to keep in mind is that it is like the writings of William Shakespeare as it is more like poetry rather than today's proper English.  For all I know, William Shakespeare is a Viking fan, as am I, and it is he that directs my pen to act as it's witness.

So why not use my proper name like Judd Zulgad, one of my favorites, instead of my prior pen name or The Ghost Writer?  That is a very good question.  Well after my first article, dating back to September 27, 2007, my father started reading the content.  After reviewing the content, he was quite direct in stating that he feared for my life or at the very least, to be careful .  By using my present pen name, which is a more accurate description of the on-going process, it allowed me to do something that no other journalist can possibly do.  It enabled the ghost to speak freely, as was intended for the United States of America, without fear of being hindered from doing so in any way.  Of course, what sounds good in theory never works out as planned as this world in constructed and revolves around absolute power.
What power?  What are you talking about?  Well consider the following.  What gets politicians in Washington elected?  If you said voters or money you'd be 100% wrong.  Remember that it doesn't matter who you voted for as the only thing that counts is who gets to count the ballets.  Hey I can flip this switch all day.  The true currency in Washington isn't money ... it's absolute power.  The ultimate currency, or power, are found within secrets?  If someone has some sort of compromising information about a powerful or key government official, that individual then controls the currency of almost unlimited power.  As an example, what if the night before the Supreme Court released it findings, in regard to our present health care system, that it was found to be 100% unconstitutional.  Now enter some key specific compromising information of an individual that is very close to the Chief Supreme Court justice, for example, and the unconstitutionality of the law is skirted in favor of a 1 page document that allows congress to tax its citizens.  In other words, with the right currency, any disastrous problem can be averted.  Obviously, this is purely fictitious.  

So what does all of this have to do with this humble narrator.  The answer is absolutely nothing, as I'm only it's witness.  In other words, when the Metrodome collapsed this narrator had nothing to do with it however the ghost made it known that the gods were not happy with the course this organization chose to take.  The net result, of course, is that there is new stadium being constructed in Minnesota.  Disaster adverted.  Imagine that.  When the ghost indicated that Brett Favre would gut this organization like a pig, even before Brett joined the Vikings, it was a good guess ... right???  However, aren't the similarities of Brett Favre's interceptions versus the Giants and the Saints ... both in NFC championship games ... at the absolute worst possible moments ... just a coincidence.  Favre was asked to leave after the giants debacle and never played in Green and Gold again and after the Saints interception, all in one fell swoop, he repaired his image for all time in Green Bay by sinking the Vikings 2009 ship.  Of course, it's all just a coincidence.

So what does it all mean?  Well for one, no local news outlet (in Minnesota) will pick up this column as to have access within the organization ... you have to play nice.  Do you think that tentative look on Zulgadd's face is an aberration or is he dancing on egg shells?  Judd, don't blow yourself up now.  Regardless, as Judd is as hard hitting as they get ... sometimes wrong ... but he most certainly isn't afraid of telling you that the skunk in the room changed the completion within the ventilation.  One thing is for certain ... he's no shill but it's almost like he has two hands tightening around his neck.  As for other journalist, how would you feel if some other writer did not have to bow to power as they are made to do.  In a word, jealousy just doesn't cut it as the ghosts very presents jeopardizes access.   
As for the author, all that was wanted was for this organization to be able to win the NFL's greatest prize without compromising what it is to be apart of this great Viking Franchise Tradition.  After attaching myself to the legends of this game, how could it be that we could all associate ourselves with the cheating of an organization like the Patriots, or the low brow of the Saints, or the present exploding scum under Pete Carrol in Seattle.  When they do win, it should be on our terms ... which involves holding our collective heads high ... being able to look at ourselves in the mirror.  You know, like someone that has a real job and isn't collecting something, in one way or another, from our governments teat.  
So what's the deal?  Well, as it turns out, my reward is to never be allowed to visit Mecca, which is home plate in the Mall of America.  Maybe one day I might be able to get there covertly but never officially.  How would you feel if your life's greatest passion was closed to you like a metaphorical door ... constructed of iron ... for all time.  That is my cross to bear.  

What is of most anguish to me now is that the ghosts commentary has been censored for some time now.  No, the content is not being changed in any way but it is also clear that it's content is not allowed to proliferate without facing significant penalty.  No matter.  It was both shocking and nice to hear that Jared Allen risk himself, on national television, answering the ghost, as that took courage, but on his own behalf, his manhood was being called out.  How could he help himself.  Oh yeah!  He's in Chicago now!  Imagine that.  

It is not exactly clear how the ghost feels about being censored but as its witness, the bad ju ju or karma is now leaking out in droves until the Ghost gets exactly what he wants.  It's as if he has a schedule to keep.  What it most certain is that the ghost does not appreciate being ignored, especially when decisions are made that negatively impact this franchise.  Ponder and Favre immediately come to mind.  The ditching Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart also come to mind.  It's as if there is absolute evil stationed within the franchise.  This entity is both trusted and is his or her advise is being followed exactly as instructed.  The force, like Christian Ponder ... is destructive. It is, what it is.
Somewhere in it all, is a dream.  In that dream my identity is known and I'm embraced upon the NFL's greatest stage.  It will have to stay a dream.  
Just as in the God Father, the traitor will bring you Adrian Peterson's head on the platter.  Ziggy ... do not throw it all away.  Just like Fredo ... you may have already heard the identifier.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 7, 2014