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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Teddy Two Gloves
Sure, the statement is used as derogatory statement ... to portray Teddy as something less than an elite quarterback.  Look, we have Tom Brady whereas you have "Teddy Two Gloves" ... snicker, snicker ... laugh.  People tend to forget that he just completed his first full season as a starter and 2nd season overall.  Not to make excuses, but this offense has been evolving from a completely different mindset and it is still deep within that process of change. 

The key to remember in regard to that statement ... Teddy Two Gloves ... is what history tells us.  What history tells us is in fact biblical where the events of time are filled with props that mean little or nothing to us individually but have true significance to all over time.  To put these props into perspectives, I'll ask you.  What was Samson (& Delilah) without his locks of hair?  What was David without his sling shot and a simple stone?  What was Noah without his ark?  What was Adam without his succubus known as Lilith?  
No, I'm not saying the infinite sent Teddy his gloves.  I'm saying there is significance within the tools that Teddy chooses going forward and nothing can be casually discounted.  Heck, if Teddy finally wins that first Viking Super Bowl, you might see your restaurant servers wearing a set of serving gloves.   

Now for those worshiping upon the gridiron, What would Biletinikoff be without his dollops of that outlawed sticky substance?  Is the literally translation of Biletinikoff, "The head of Billets Ne".  In perspective, and by comparison, Teddy Two Gloves doesn't sound so bad after all.  

So the next time "Teddy Two Gloves" is thrown in our face, where in the past we might of felt down about it, we need to keep the records of history in perspective.  Things happen for a reason where the bulk of Viking fans have accepted it ... whereas the outside world lays down its mock.  Yes, we are in a good place with that.

Lately, I've thought a great deal about the connection between Norv Turner, Teddy Bridgewater and Philip Rivers ... where the mechanical style of play is similar.  Then I think of Troy Aikman's comments in regard to Norv's brilliance on the offensive side of the ball.  Then I think of Mike Zimmer's comment about having another set of eyes with the addition of Tony Sparano as our new offensive line coach.  To be direct, my first thought was in regard to cracks or fissures opening up between Zimmer and old Norv where the question was asked ... is there a trust issue here?  After allowing things to settle in, and stew a bit, it appears to be another brilliant move by Mike Zimmer where he can be taken at his word.  In other words, not everyone has the foresight to see not only what is needed but how it all crucially might fit together.

Said another way, not everyone has the foresight to see things for what they really are.  To achieve the pinnacle, you must maximize your personals utility.  Another coach, or owner for that matter, might have forced Norv Turning into a role that could have destroyed our opportunity.  Norv, do this ... this ... this ... this & this.  Sure, he could do it all, but could he do it all ... at an elite level.  In Mike Zimmer's brilliant mind he answered the question.  Zimmer said no to making Norv spreading himself too thin.  Instead, he moved into a more secure setting.  We are going to treat this problem like we would handle our defense.  Mike had the foresight to see Norv's development of Teddy and the evolution of his "Go-Strategy-Offense" ... a place where Norv lives and breathes ... as his number one priorities.  These segments of the offense are fundamentally different from the necessary developments within the pits.  In other words, the development of sound & proficient protection schemes is fundamentally different from the overall flow of Norv's Go Strategy.  One is mired within details while the other is a measure of the momentum of ebb & flow.  Zimmer has put his best man on what they do best.  

The only question upon the minds of every Viking fan ... breathing or dead ... is, can Sparano align his destroyers around Norv's carriers from one end of the Pacific to the other?
 Sparano has proven teaching & communication skills with Mike Zimmer.  He also has an excellent pedigree under the umbrella of NFL elite coaches.  Overall, one thing is unequivocally clear.  They might fail but Parcells boys wont have any further system  disconnects.     

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: April ,3, 2016