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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Teddy's Things to Do List:  Revised January 4, 2016
  1. Get Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame
  2. Do a Bunch of Other Stuff (to be determined).
  3. Win the Vikings First Super Bowl Championship. 
  4. Accomplish more overall victories than the Packers.  This is the true definition of a dynasty.
  5. Win back to back NFC North Division Titles.
  6. Make the playoffs, winning the Division Title the previous year.
  7. Sweep the Packers.
  8. Win an NFC Championship.
  9. Win a road playoff game.
  10. Win a home playoff game.
  11. Win an NFC North Division Title (Jan 3, 2016).
  12. Qualify for the playoffs (December 27, 2015).
  13. Defeat the Packers at Lambaeu (Jan 3, 2016).
  14. Defeat the Packers at home..
  15. Defeat a team that you're not supposed to defeat.  Although Atlanta may have qualified, their overall 2014 record indicated something different.
  16. Win on Sunday Night (December 27, 2015)
  17. Win on Thursday Night
  18. Win on Monday Night
  19. Beat Detroit on the road (Done)
  20. Beat Detroit at home (Done)
  21. Beat Chicago in Chicago (Done)

There is a key difference between having a career in the NFL, a good carreer in the NFL and having a great career in the NFL. Trent Dilfer recently reminded us that although he won a Super Bowl championship, as being apart of a great team ... all he had was a good career.  Although the 2014 game versus Atlanta may have qualified as a team that we were supposed to lose to, their overall 2014 record, and the 2014 record of the NFC South, indicated something very different.  All of it assumes longevity in the league, which assumes some prime and also key traits which include that you're smart enough to stay healthy and that you can battle through any and all adversity.  Continuity with good key coaches is also one vital part of these key equations which means ownership has to overcome stupidity by overcoming adversity too.

Although Teddy might accomplish these goals out of sequence, where he might even accomplish most of these goals this season (from your mouth to Gods ears), this list is most certainly a key check list to Teddy's NFL longevity.  Sure it would be nice to have Favre's or Big Ben's frame but Tarkenton accomplished this without it as so can you.  The Hall of Fame is littered with 6' nothin' guys.  So why is it that the Packers are listed and not Detroit or Chicago, as all three are apart of the NFC North Division?  Well the answer is unequivocal.  You don't beat the Packers and you won't be around for very long.  Just looking at our head to head record from the 60's up until this up coming 2015 season, it is apparent that the Packers are our #1 rival, and therefore #1 advisary bar none.  The simplest or most direct statement that can be made is that is will never be OK to lose to the Packers ... EVER!  Come to grips with it.  

Although it may not be polite to say to either Mr. Zimmer or Mr. Bridgewater that if you lose to the Packers ... your history, what I can tell you without even the slightest doubt whatsoever is that to weaken their #1 rival, year after year, decade after decade ... that you have to beat the Vikings.  You do that and the rest will take care of itself.  Some may not understand this so I'll make it clear.  This owner will not stand one minute more of losing to the Packers which means from Spielman on down ... if you lose to the Packers ... your history.  So you better be doing the best job that you could possibly do to defeat your #1 rival.   

Some how ... some way ... this message has to get through.  

From Spielman on down the list, this organization believes in you.  You have a job to do.  We have to remember to chant Teddy ... Teddy ... Teddy, over and over again until we literally turn purple.         

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 28, 2015