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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Now! There is only one statement left that matters.  Mr. Rick Spielman, General Manager of the Minnesota Vikings, older brother of Detroit Lions linebacker Chris Spielman (No ... No, there is no hatred in the Spielman family for this Viking's franchise), both college & pro scouting for the Detroit Lions, then to be the Director of the Chicago Bears Pro Personnel (97-99), then promoted as General Manager of the Miami Dolphins in 2004, to be an NFL analyst in 2005 ... now that there is an air craft carrier sized anchor around your neck, by the name of Christian Ponder ... "Are you prepared to ride the Patzer (Potzer), this #1 draft pick bust, as the prime moniker on your epitaph?"
Why all the bile and anger?  History will show that this 2011 #1 draft pick bust, by the name of Christian Ponder, now stands directly in the way of a 2012 championship season, to be led by what will become the greatest draft class in Viking history ... led by the draft class that includes Joe Webb, Everson Griffin, Toby Gerhart, Chris Cook and others.    
ould we be approaching our 3rd consecutive write-off season (2010, 2011, 2012???), under the complete and absolute control of the puppet master?  Other than the opening home game, the first six (6) contests are make or break for the 2012 season.  Let me ask you directly... do you really know Christian Ponder or did you blindly take that leap of faith as you were told?  Do you really know Ponder's history (or is your head once again buried in the sand)???  How is it that you as a Viking fan ... the faithful ... can sit back on your hands and allow this insanity to continue ... as if directed by a puppet master of true evil & deceit?  Sure ... we know what we're doing ... lay your money down and shut the heck up!  The puppet master is now in full & absolute control!

Our painful recent history ...... 2010 being a write-off under the return of Favre.  2011 was a controlled write-off under McNabb's masterful 0-6 start, which was soon followed by the rag doll folly of the 0-10 Ponder.  Of course, Ponder was credited with two (2) start-victories with the first awarded by the missed chip shot field goal in Carolina and the second under the "ever-questioned" skill set of the remarkable Joe Webb.  Yeah ...  he's too stupid to run this offense ... masterful as he might be.  Never ever forget that it was the man named Montana that fed the Vikings, and everyone else for that matter, it's lunch over and over again (except in 1987).
Here's the rub.  The decision has been made to once again hand over the keys of this Porsche.  Since 1966, this organization has made it share of mistakes.  Where it has shined is when it has searched & found, then nurtured that diamond in the rough.  Of course, I'm once again talking about Joe Webb ... but forget what he's done on the field (remember seeing that Porche)... never mind that man behind the curtain ... crack, crack, smoosh!  We are, "The Great and Powerful Oz"!.  
To put this leap of faith into perspective, just think about this fact.  Every time Ponder's name comes up its soon followed by a bunch of words ... they call it ...
Ponder had a tough season ... it was because he didn't have a training camp under his belt.  Without that camp, he didn't have the opportunity to polish his performance with his skill players.  True, but ... 
Ponder would have performed last year except didn't have enough offensive threats.  Yeah, he had Harvin and maybe the best running back in the game, not to mention a bruising back in Gerhart, and maybe the best blocking tight end in the game Sass, and a 2009 11-TD Shiancoe ... but the rest of the field was pretty thin out there. Never mind the well oiled machine that was seen under the hand of Joe Webb. You know ... the same Joe Webb that the entire league gushed about.  
Ponder ... tossed around like a rag doll out there ... would have performed, except he had way too many holes in his offensive line.  Now that he has this new phenom offensive tackle out of SC, shoring up the offensive line ... well, we now can expect great things.  Don't hold you breath ... as Ponder ain't no Joe Montana!  Never will be!  
 Get your excuses ready, and inserter them here, because Ponder wasn't molded and crafted by the gods. When the gods scream into my ears ... over and over again ... it is always the same chorus ... Joe Webb!

It wasn't so long ago that my father ripped my lungs out when I started to make excuses about my performance on the field.  It only happened just once.  My father stood there shaking in stress, pulled aside from the viewing eye & ear, in a fit of rage, calling me an "Alibi-Ike".  What the heck is "Alibi-Ike", I stuttered?  He then took me aside, steam released ... and then he uttered to me, "It is someone that makes excuses (for his performance)".  You know, sort of like every time the name Ponder comes up ... the words ... and the Talk start flowing ... like a heavy dose of seltzer water combined with a big bowl of recently digested Prune Fruit Compote.  Bye the way ... not a good combination unless you're into rocket science, which is why they installed seat belts on toilets.  Ponder just might be the best back-up quarterback in the league but ...

You see, in the NFL, during that early 2012 six (6) game stretch, no one is going to hand you victories (except maybe one of our choosing). To win, you are going to have to earn it. To be direct, I don't believe for one minute that Ponder is the guy. Why? The answer is both absolute and simple ... it doesn't show up on tape ... it hasn't shown up historically, except sporadically. Anyone can have a good day now and then as even a blind squirrel is going to find a nut from time to time but this is not the pedigree of an NFL champion ... molded by the gods.  A Rag Doll ... is just that!  Unfortunately for Christian ... it never will show up on tape.  He may be the greatest practice player in the world ... he might be the most intelligent quarterback in the world ... but when it comes to crunch time ... all I see, and all you will ever see ... is a rag doll. It doesn't matter what you put up in front of this kid ... it just won't matter. Just like preparing a Christmas list as a kid, it's time for you all to prepare your extensive list of excuses for Ponder. Step right up ... we've heard them all! The puppet master is in control.

Yeah, Ponder was our first round selection in 2011 but at some point you're going to have to come to grips with the fact that he was a reach. Do you know his history ... it's not pretty?  So ... how many quarterbacks were selected in front of him?  No ... you won't need both your fingers and toes however what you need to keep front & center was, "Did we select the best available player or did we select Ponder based upon need?" That churning sound that is coming from your stomach holds that answer. If you believe it was based upon need, then it's easier to come to grips with that fact that we might of made a mistake.  It's not that the kid is evil, or is bad, or faulty in any way ... it just a fact that he was a reach that will in no way ever be hoisting a Lombardi Trophy as the leader of this franchise.  Go ahead ... tell me that I'm wrong.  You know that I'm 100% right.  Then why are you buying this bilge set up by the puppet master ... hook, line & sinker?

My prediction for the 2012 season! The Vikings can be counted on to make the mistake as Ponder will be your opening day starter however that will Not be For Long because Talk is always going to be just that ... Talk! This is the NFL. You may talk a great game when it comes to Ponder however Money Talks and bull whowie walks. The only question that remains comes directly from the gods ... in what form shall be this final destruction and what ugly form will it take. The pestilent behaviors of the gods is now at hand ... like opening a can of tuna ... it's power and majesty is truly a beautiful and awe inspiring site. The only question that now screams within my ears is the length and extent of its reach. As it's witness ... it is not something that I relish ... but, must view as a man standing in these shoes.  Take a look east at 4 am ... and you'll know its majesty. 

Within decades of despair, combined within absolute rage, and a taste of vengeance, it has all evolved.  Over time, all these emotions gathered themselves within wisdom.  It was an overall patient process, deeply within a hardened heart, that forge the greatest of gladiators in the form of Hercules and/or Perseus, to be released upon the world in absolute adventure.  The gods have spoken time and again with warning after warning.  It has not been as if it were not there for you all to see.  The gods shall await no man ... or his obstinate behaviors.  The puppet master is soon to be drawn & quartered.  His next move shall either release him into a historical perspective or place him firmly under the hand known as the death watch.

Who or what did we turn over all this power and control?  Evil walks hand & hand with us every day.  Blind trust is just that ... Blind!  It hides and slithers among us ... the good ... deep within false intensions, deceit & beneath the cloak of smoke & mirrors. It is time to raise & stir your Viking souls!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: July 24, 2012