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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

How to Solve Minnesota Vikings Defensive Problems: 
Green Bay 34, Vikings O ...  we need to look no further than yesterdays time of possession 40:40 vs. 19:20.  You could argue that there is a problem with our defense, that is, when they are at full strength, but the real culprit does not lie on the defensive side of the ball ... does it?

Without Toine' on the field yesterday, the edges of our Viking defense was exposed.  Antoine Winfield is truly a freak of nature.  Each and every week he does the impossible with his 5'9" 180# frame by shutting down and frustrating the edge of every foe he faced, and for his efforts, commentators give him a casual mention for the pro-bowl.  McCarthy exposed the edges early, which opened the running lanes, and the heart of the Vikings defense was ripped open for all to see.    

Before the kickoff, there must have been an offensive game plan.  That game plan should have included one key element, which was to control the clock and keep the ball out of the hands of #4.  To control the clock, whether it's the most ugly football contest in the history of the NFL or not, the first quarter belongs to none other than Chester Taylor on first and second down, followed by Mewelde Moore as our 3rd down back.   Until the 1/2-way point of the 2nd quarter, Adrian Peterson shouldn't touch the ball unless he's needed to spell Chester Taylor.  If the first two running downs don't produce at least 7 yards, regardless of whether there's eight in the box or not, then the offense has failed.  They clearly understand this.  This is what the Vikings have been build for and this, like it or not, is none other than Brad Childress football.  Even if we did a 3-and-out's, there would be one certainty, there would be at least (8) eight Green Bay packers that would have been pounded on.  Instead, what we did see is a pounding, and it was Adrian Pederson that was on the receiving end of that pounding.    

Patients!  The Vikings are not designed for immediate gratification!  The game is not won or lost in the first and second quarter, unless you give up of course!  

You don't come out slingin'-it against the Packers.  You know Farve is going to light you up early ... every Viking swingin'-horn on that field should have been aware of that eventuallity, but the plan should have been crystal clear and unwaivering.  We are going to pound the Packers into submission.  Instead, we gave them, and more importantly, the aging old 17-year fart a pass.  What Fran Tarkington got in his 17th year was a broken leg.  Gentlemen, it's called old fashioned smash-mouth football.  This eventuallity takes a real set to be able to execute it but by doing so, your able to look yourself in the mirror on Monday morning.   

In contrast, their are a few that remember a man named Joe Kapp, who was sent packing to the hapless Patriots on a rail.  What you may not realise is that if he were standing in front of me or any true Viking fan, our hands would collectively be extended to him in gratitude for what he gave us.  What Joe had could certainly could not be construde as raw tallent, unless you included the word "unwaivering".  It was something that went far beyond a paycheck ... maybe something you cannot understand.  That's because of what Mr. Kapp did on that field was completely visable to each and every one of us on every snap.   Old #11 had one thing that could never be taken from him until his dieing day ... he had heart.   This was his legacy!  Gentlemen, what you did yesterday was one of the most gutless performance in the history of the Viking's.  Is it any wonder why there are so many hard drinking Viking fans that are still patiently await your coronation?   

Politics be dammed!  So, someone says that Adrian Peterson deserves to start.  Well, it is true, he is remarkable and he does deserve it, but he is only a small part of this team.  So go ahead and put Adrian on the field for that first play and then use your head.  There are numerous options available to doing this, with Chester so he gets the official start and run play action or do a max protect and toss a bomb!

What the Vikings deserve is to win the game ... and that, Coach Childress, involves my man Chester and his cohorts.  Chester is no afterthought!  Chester is an invaluable slasher!  The Vikings tight ends, full back and offensive line need that initial running style to establish and apply leverage.  Leverage turns a stand-up-impass into a devastating, albeit embarrasing, pancake-type block.  With a little patients, time will turn these eventualities into gapping holes in the third and fourth quarter for the fleet-footed Peterson.      

When the Vikings offense finally ponies up, the defense will get their well deserved breather, which will pay huge dividends.  The offense has an obligation ... and payment is well past due!

Patients!  It's truly a virtue.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 11.07.07

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