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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Of Green Bay's 53 man roster, every Packer that walks on that field on Sunday, December 30th will be entrusted to stop Adrian Peterson's record setting performance.  It is believed ... by those very Packers ... that within these yards lies a Viking victory ... as Adrian Peterson will not be denied victory twice within those record setting yards.  If this is true, then it is also true that every Viking that gets to stray upon the Mall of America gridiron tomorrow will also have ownership in Adrian Peterson's record ... if he gets to cross that immortal plane. 

Thinking back to the movie 61*, Roger Maris in game 154, gets to clock number 59 in Baltimore on his 2nd At-Bat with at least two more attempts to reach the immortal Babe Ruth.  It didn't happen.  His team ... refusing to let him down ... rallied to get Maris one more shot.  Once again, it didn't happen ... but if it did, each of those team mates would have had a direct hand in Maris sharing the record with Babe Ruth.  Of course baseball is different because there is only one man standing in that batters box ... the ultimate is public speaking ... and only one man can influence the result.  

In football it is entirely different because to a man, they are not only facing that opposing team ... and the officials.  Each man is made to face and confront the most devastating factor of his life ... the clock.  Each of all of us is born to be made to face the clock.  Having to stand by ... watching it expire, without embattlement is not only counterintuitive ... it is a sub human thought.     

If the Viking's find a way to take the lead, the Packers ... in their hope to salvage that first round bye by winning the contest ... will have no choice but to conserve the clock to get the ball back into Rodger's hands.  Why would any Viking ... in his right mind ... want to put the ball back into Rodger's hands?  Quite simply ... it's because we all must be made to face the fires ... without fear ... but with determination.      

Tomorrow, as a Viking, it doesn't matter if you're a defensive end, a corner, a wide receiver, or a safety ... you will each have your heart all over that clock ... watching every second ... having your hand upon that shot toward destiny.  The struggle of life ... chips ... always chips ... as it progresses.  What lies within the words ... "I was there"?  Finding that split second ... that elusive demon running in slow motion within your head ... being your life long tormentor ... but maybe not so much on this day.   

It is comical to even think that this particular contest will not be viewed in an unprecedented fashion.  What did the viewer ship of the Texan's match up tell us?  The Texan's contest pails in comparison.  They say that this particular game  means nothing ... as compared to others (Cowboy's/Redskin's) ... but the numbers will not lie.  We each, fan or foe, are hungry to know ... What will be the story?  Calvin Johnson ... Pleeeeze!  Is this happening ... as it progresses ... is it good for the NFL?  Will it happen ... as the big guns fall ... one by one?

Has anyone every asked ... What can Adrian Peterson do with just one second?  Will this theory ever be tested?

There will only be one man entrusted with wasting the day's time by attacking the inside hip ... turning it back ... into Lombardi's Alley!  Well away from the clock killing sidelines.  Mono E Mono!  The ultimate laxative detector.  

Now, pushing well past 50, what could this one soul give for the opportunity to save and then savor just 1 more second on that clock tomorrow ... to give just one man one more opportunity of achieving what is clearly impossible?

How many of us, some well beyond that middle range, could even fathom the magic behind Bronco Nagurski's ... as he dragged himself toward that championship ... as a deep-well backup ... well beyond his prime.  What does that one second really mean?  

Many of us have stood next to the cast bronze of Jim Thorpe, the imposing statured uniform of Walter Peyton, and the whitewashed, laundered & erased NFL Iron Man ... the man that changed defensive end play for all time ... into the modern era ... James Lawrence Marshall ... where we cannot even grasp onto  ... no matter how hard we try ... that one precious second. 

There's a funny thing about rarified air ... the speeds obtained ... are actually ... incredible!

These are just but simple words.  Who's paying attention?  Why would that matter?  
The Viking Ghost Writer
December 29, 2012