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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Strength of Schedule ... Presently there are four teams with  0-4 records.  According to the rules governing the NFL draft & if the season ended today, the Vikings would be drafting 3rd with a SOS of 0.516, whereas the Colts & Dolphins would be flipping a coin at 0.520 for the rights to next franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.  The Rams bottom out at 4th place in this lottery at 0.477.  Tell me, how would it feel to flip a coin for the next Dan Marino or Peyton Manning if both the Colts & Dolphins register 0-16 seasons?  Before you get gutted like a pig on what the OUTLAW JOSEY WALES called "A Missouri Boat Ride", that is better known as our 2011 season ... it was important that you all know these facts.  Don't focus on Peyton Manning's recent payday for comfort as the Colts will do anything to secure Andrew Luck.  3rd place in this lottery is as good as last place.     

(From the mouths of babes)  My son from a very early age digested football.  He could tell you the names of every team that ever existed and there were several unusual names as I recall.  He can even tell you about the location of a certain Pennsylvania landmark sign that records for history a certain South Central PA NFL football team championship that had been stolen from them and awarded to the Chicago Bears.  One day, when the last person that remembers that event dies, the landmark will probably be converted into granite for the cock roaches to observe one day.  Thus is another part of the sordid history of the NFL.
When I asked my son about Christian Ponder this is what he said, "He's a (first round) bust.  He was definitely a reach".  He didn't quiver ... he didn't hesitate ... it was clearly front & center on his mind.  He made that statement after watching a good part of the preseason.  Statistically alone his statement holds a great deal of weight, just due to the number of quarterbacks that were drafted in front of Ponder but numbers are meaningless.  What is of fact is that it is not enough to just be able to start in this league.  The measure of whether Ponder is a bust or not is if he develops into a franchise quarterback.  History alone doesn't bode well for Ponder.  In Viking history, I remember a few: Kapp, Tarkenton, Kramer, Culpepper of which we only drafted 3.  Favre, Wilson (drafted 8th round), Moon & Johnson (drafted 9th round) just don't fit into my concept being of a VIKING FRANCHISE QB.   Obviously these observations are meaningless as it is not a measure of the man they call Christian Ponder.  

Here's the thing!  What if they know.   What if they know that Christian Ponder is never going to be the franchise quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.  In other words, these coaches get Carte Blanche when it comes to evaluating starters and backup as well as when to start McNabb (believe me buddy we know more than you do) but they are not smart enough to know what they have in Ponder after the pre-season alone.  What if they know they've made a mistake.  Isn't is odd that the Vikings where able to know that a certain 3rd round draft pick in 1961 could play based upon the pre-season alone.  You might remember that this kid was called in to play in that first historical game versus the beat-down of the world renowned Chicago Bears.  Good times!  Now combine this thought with the knowledge that Chilly's concept of, "We can insert any quarterback into a great team and win it all" ... doesn't work.  Now toss these concepts into the pressure cooker of knowing that Green Bay & Detroit, both now at 4-0 in 2011, one with a newly acquired Super Bowl championship, which both took a vastly different approach during those same years by developing their own franchise quarterbacks and it becomes clear that the pressure needle is clearly in the red.  So your thinking, that like McNabb's first year, that it takes almost a season to determine whether you have a franchise quarterback or not  ...  NOT ALWAYS!  Like an adult circumcision ... you'll soon have that answer soon.  

When faced with overwhelming odds ... Spock chose chess ... Captain James T. Kirk chose poker.  The captains choice was to bluff to win the day ... and he did.  The funny thing about poker and the bluff is that its always better to be in the position that you don't give a lick whether is works or not than it is to be immersed within the pressure cooker with the needle pegged in the red.  Let me be direct ... you're holding the losing hand.

Before it all hits the fan, take heart my friends.  Why?  Because they've never adequately explored the Joe Webb experience.  Oh yes ... you will be entertained.  It's a funny thing, as Fran Tarkenton said, "You won't know whether or not that you have a Franchise Quarterback ... until you hand him the keys"!
The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 6, 2011