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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rookie of the Year - The Sequel!
With Sydney Rice looking more & more like he's headed for surgery and the reserve PUP list, the Vikings are searching far & league-wide for a suitable replacement at receiver.  Note to Chilly ... what you're looking for is not in that pool.  Your resolve is being tested to its breaking point.  Sometimes you have to look no further than the end of your nose as what you're looking for might be standing right in front of you.  Of course I'm speaking of none other than Joe Webb ... what could arguably be the most dynamic player available in the 2010 draft class.  First and foremost ... he's an athlete and you're absolutely insane if you think you're going to be able to bottle that up on any sideline.   The question is ... "Do you risk the winning move?"  

Sure, you're now thinking that you've wasted an entire training camp grooming this Webb-master at taking rep's at quarterback rather than at wide receiver however absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.  Sure, you've spent Sage Rosenfel's up coming paychecks on Brett Favre's raise ... but hey ... it's only the owners money.  Money that could be paid back in spades if you are not risk adverse.  Can we keep Sage, Tarvaris & Brett and piss off the entire league sitting on a quarterback pool and then move Joe Webb back to receiver?  What?  Could this move be the difference between sitting on the choice of juicy draft picks rather to succumbing to whatever by letting Sage split the scene for little or nothing?  Not this time ... Dude!  I'll bet Brad is reaching for the antacids with just the thought of it.  

How am I going to explain this ... it starts with ... the situation is fluid!  No one ever wants to have to reach for the salesmen cap ...  especially within your own organization, because having to think on ones feat is having to react rather than act, however doing so is the difference between just a coach, or head cheerleader, and what is true genius.  These are the decisions that will always be pointed to.  High risk can bring high rewards.  It can also bring certain disaster but the end for every head coach is always the same ... isn't it.  The only questions is, "Did I do it my way?"  Frank Sinatra just might have the answer for you.  Options ... Choices ... could that be a good thing?        

First of all, you have the most celebrated quarterback in the NFL at the helm, which is the difference between telling someone they are the best wide receiver in the league to convincing the league that they are an elite receiver in this league.  In other words, does Sidney Rice become an elite receiver or does Percy Harvin achieve the stats of the Rookie of the Year without Mr. Fort Knox in his ass?  I don't think so.  Let me tell you directly ... Brett has a way of getting excited about obvious talent and there is nothing more exciting to Mr. Favre than fully utilizing resources.  When Joe Webb scored last Sunday Brett's reaction to it could not be hidden.  You could see the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.  Could that be his father prodding him into beginning the obvious lobbying process.  

So what do big hands have to do with catching a ball anyways?         

So exactly how do you accomplish this, or better said, how do you pull off such a monumental feat of insanity? Well that's easy ... just tell Chilly's crew that it can't be done.  Brad baby ... it can't be done ... can't be done.  I said ... it can't be done.  It's going to be fun watching those guys bash their heads against the wall trying to make this Webb-kid into an NFL elite receiver.  That's exactly right ... it can't be done!        

Does Sydney Rice need to be placed on IR.  Absolutely not.  Since he was never moved from the Active Pup list to the active roster, he will never count against the 53 man roster until three weeks after the 6th week.  In short, our consideration is in playing him for what may lie at the end of the season, not what lies at its beginning.  If the Big-P is not there, they can always place him on IR after that 3rd week plus 6 in the 2010 season.  However, if we do have the Big-P looming on the horizon, activating him without playing him may prove to be pivotal.  Always remember that each week not all 53 dress each week, that is ... until Sid's ready.     

By the way, the NFL Rookie of the Year has never been won by the same team back to back, let alone 3 of the last 4 years.  It simply can't be done.   

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 25, 2010

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