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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Rocky Balboa  
You might not have noticed but according to all the experts out there, the Philadelphia Eagles are the class of the NFL ... or at the very least the NFC and unless they falter badly ... at best ... the Minnesota Vikings will have to travel to Lincoln Financial Field to play its most important game of this 2017 season.  

In the 2016 season, I was made to witness two primary contests.  The first was versus the Panthers ... where I got to see Theilen fly, and of course the 2nd was to witness all the wheels come off that bus, starting beginning with J. T. Clemmings false start at the 1 yard line after Sendejo's interception at the 20 yard line ... to take the early lead in that game.  After that it was a complete self destruction where as a team our power ranking went from #1 to #32 in an instant.  It would be incorrect to blame Clemmings for the disaster but better to assign blame to the preparation in regard to offensive line depth which was tested to its breaking point in 2016.

Of course, Sam Bradford was at the helm on that day where the teams leadership was completely different from where it is today but that visit did indicate something very important & integral to this teams (Vikings) future with Bradford & how it pertained to the team that traded Bradford to us for a kings ransom (a 2017 1st & 2018 4th round picks).

It's October 23, 2016 & this franchise was 5-0 coming out of its bye week having maintained the #1 power ranking for two consecutive weeks (due to that bye week).  We were the first team that maintained that position that year up to that point & we were riding high & were full of ourselves.  It was then that this team was introduced to the city of Philadelphia & something very few of these young Viking players understood.

Maybe some of these players got the opportunity of sampling a Philly Cheese Steak Wit or Wit out.  But that one experience is as far from explaining Philadelphia as you can get.  Philly is an old American city with both great & absolutely rotten attributes but there is a definite link with this present Vikings franchise & this cities key identifier ... and to a player ... they don't understand it.
 That link is Rocky & to be direct today's Viking players are probably too young to understand what's actually happening ... and what you don't understand ... you tend to fear.  This was more than apparent on that field on October 23rd, 2016.  Every time those bells of the theme to Rocky tolled it was like watching this team act like a deer starring into a cars high beams as 2 tons approached at 60 miles per hour directly at this squad.  

Being in attendance on that day, every time our offense would have to face a 3rd down opportunity, the bells would sound.  It was the Rocky theme ... which is actually "The-Minnesota-Vikings-Call to Arms", & it's is considered to be the city of Philadelphia's key identifier.  It is now time for these bells to ring at every Minnesota Vikings practice.  Why?  Because Rocky's theme doesn't belong to the City of Philadelphia ... it belongs to this 2017 Minnesota Vikings Team.  The similarities between this present team & the Rocky Theme are astounding.   

Since the movie Rocky came out in 1976, where most of these present players probably weren't even born yet, a firm recommendation from the ghost would be to have every player on our roster watch this movie immediately, as being the most heart warming and endearing movie of the life a modern day gladiator, where the similarities to this 2017 Vikings squad of coaches & players will become apparent.  They just don't know it yet because they have no idea what its about.    

Mickie Goldmill, otherwise known as "MIC", played by the late Burgess Meredith, becomes one of the most endearing characters of the Rocky plot.  "Mic" is an old broken down trainer, where all he knows is boxing ... where his life & any potential opportunities have long passed him by.  He is a gruff & mean spirited character with the firm belief that within him is a wealth of experience to develop greatness ... where his life became mired in the mundane.  Rocky, was apart of his gym, with a love for boxing & nothing more than a street thug.  Although the two would eventually become indelibly linked in time ... they were nothing more than casual acquaintances.  In time the "Mic" would teach Rocky how to "Crap Thunder".  Does that sound like anyone on this present Minnesota Vikings Squad?

Maybe you haven't noticed, but the character "Mic" today would be played by Head Coach Mike Zimmer.  Year after year, the opportunities of life would pass him by, leading a cantankerous life of adhering to both teachings & the details ... until he would get his shot.  Mike like Mic would be prostrated in front of everyone until someone would finally see what was inside of him ... the ability to bring out greatness in others.      

Then Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) would enter the scene to give a virtual unknown a title shot.  That shot was given to Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) & the coach that he aligned himself with, because he had no other option, would be "MIC".   

On October 23rd, it was quite possible that not one of our present Vikings players understood the bells of that Rocky theme ... but that's about to change. 
Why?  Because just about every player on today's present squad is in fact Rocky Balboa and like it or not, your coach is the "MIC".

Everson Griffen was a 4th round pick.  He was supposed to be selected in the first round which meant that team after team had their reservations.  Instead he evolved into Rocky.  

Stephon Diggs became our second 5th round pick in 2015.  Now he's part of an elite WR squad of misfits.  You could say he's like Rocky Balboa in allot of ways.

Adam Thielen & Kyle Sloter weren't even drafted.  Sure maybe Kyle hasn't even gotten the opportunity to throw one NFL season pass yet but who's to say that he isn't going to end up like "Rocky Theilen".

Maybe you might have forgotten but Sendejo was in a fight with 3 other safeties where he had no pedigree, no talent, and just about nothing else.  Then someone like "Mic" noticed that he had heart & good chemistry with this guy Smith.  Then somehow "Mic" turned this knucklehead into something viable & now he plays like Rocky.  Get the picture?  
This team is absolutely stacked with over-achieving knuckleheads ... every one of which is destined to fight like Rocky ... game after game.  In fact, "The Mic", reminds every one of you of that day after day.  Yeah, they might not look like Rocky with mouses over their eyes, but their fight... to a man ... is never ending.  They don't back peddle where they take that scrappy fight to their foe.  They've learned to never give up ... to keep advancing ... and keep getting better.  Does this sound like anyone of today's Viking Squad?

So here's the point:

If you hear the bells of that Rocky theme ever again... they are in fact playing for you.  They are a call to arms.  Understand that this theme has nothing to do with the City of Philadelphia ... something that you may have previously feared ... but instead are a re-awakening of what is deep within you.

The mistake made by the Philadelphia Eagles is that they believe that they are the only individuals that have to overcome adversity.  When those Rocky Theme Bells are sounded once again on 3rd down, they will be like that smack of "smelling salts" prior to executing your next opportunity.

Until you watch this film ... you will fear exactly the thing that should in fact be motivating you to greatness.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 3, 2017 - Happy Birthday my special love!