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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Respect 1 Play Away 
It's a funny thing about the NFL ... in that respect is only 1 play away.  Sure you might almost be as bad as the Cleveland Browns ... Oh Yeah, we lost to the Browns and sure we just lost to the 0 win 6 loss Giants, but like I said ... respect is only 1 play away.

You look at the NFC north and the Vikings are just 2 games out of first place.  What?  After that opening debacle.  That's right, a win at home versus the Packers next Sunday night ... on national TV ... and the Vikings would have 5 loses and the Packers would have 3 ... that's 2 games out of first place.  How could that be?  Well that's the way it is.

Let's not forget that the both the Packers and the Bears are reeling.  The Bears are minus Cutler ... meaning woe is me in Chicago and the Packers are minus many offensive weapons with a questionable line that just might not be able to protect Rodgers in a raucous crowd in the Metro Dome.  All is not well is the land of Fudge Packing.  The Packers are quite beatable.  Oh Yeah!  We forgot that the Viking fans have packed it in for the season ... well maybe not so much. 

So what is ailing this crew?

For starters, Jamarca Sanford couldn't catch a cold running naked for 24 hours on Lambeau field in February.  He's remarkable in many roles however until this Viking franchise can find another safety that can catch a ball (one that's not tipped for him), we are sunk in our ability to turn the table on our opponents.  Jamarca "Hands of Stone" Sanford.  Catch the darn ball.

Bill Musgrave needs to be fired ... or better said ... to be thrown on the street.  Maybe he can run naked with Jamarca "Hands of Stone" Sanford up in Lambeau.  We have the greatest running back combo in the league and Toby Gerhart never touches the ball.  Without Toby ... everything ... and I mean everything ... is so predictable.  So Adrian Peterson has got a tight hamstring ... why isn't Toby brought in on first down?  The giants stack the box on first down daring the Vikings to run the ball with single coverage.  We bring in Toby on 1st down and maybe the Giants switch into a standard defensive set because after all ... they will have no idea what we are planning to do.

When they stack the box ... Do we run crossing routes like the rest of the NFL to beat man coverage ... no we run low percentage go routes.  Brilliant!  What happened to running Adrian on third down?  What happened to throwing to Adrian on the edge on 3rd down?  

Is Josh Freeman the guy?  Well after this last outing, you might think that the answer is no.  On Monday, Josh couldn't hit water falling out of a boat but that's A-OK with me.  For the Giants, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.  What you saw from Freeman on Monday was a man looking over his shoulder and until Ponder is given his walking papers on his way to St. Louis ... the image in old Josh's mind is one foot on either side of the fence with his nuts riding along the fence wire.  Ouch!  You cut the ties with Ponder ... and there is no turning back ... and the entire team will be focused on one man; Josh Freeman.  It's call fish or cut bait!      

There's nothing like incentive to get your head right.  Sure the Vikings have a few injuries ... a few nicks here and there ... but for all purposes this is a dysfunctional bunch of whiners ... no that's not winners ... that's whiners.  We've been embarrassed by the Browns.  We've had our head handed to us by the Panthers ... and now we've been beaten by team so woeful ... that the NFL invalids are now licking their chops over a match with the Vikings.  It's so bad that the invalids are favored by 10. 

Really ... its not that bad.  No really.

You see ... the shoe is now on the other foot.  When you play the Packers, the Cowboys and the Seahawks ... they are supposed to not only win these games ... they are supposed to walk away with your dignity while they spit in your face.  The problem is ... they, like my lovely bunch of Minnetonkin Whiners from up north ... will not be able to put up with adversity ... especially if "Hands of Stone" Sanford actually comes up with an interception.  It all stems from the question, "How can we lose to such a lowly bunch of whiners?"  That ... they will not be able to handle.  The Vikings lose the games they were supposed to win and win the games they were supposed to lose.

You see, there is one very important point that everyone seems to be missing.  Sure Josh Freeman couldn't hit water falling out of a boat ... but those receivers ... yes ... our receivers ... they were open.  Josh isn't an ugly man ... he's a fat man that could diet.  In other words ... he could get hot and fall into a streak.  You see ... he's no invalid.  To earn your respect ... you're going to have to put in the work ... you lazy assed blankety blank.  Remembering the fond old days when Jeff Christie rapped Zimmerman on the jaw on national television ... to help get his head right.     

Josh comes in thinking that the Vikings have a guy already here.  It was sort of like Brett Favre thinking that all he would have to do is hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson.  Then it hits old Brett straight between the eyes.  For this thing to actually work ... he was going to have to earn his keep.  Again, incentive is a wonderful thing.

So Josh wasn't prepared.  He was thinking that he could slide on by and just hand the ball off to AD and good things would happen.  Well meet Mr. Bill Musgrave.  He must be the dumbest Offensive Coordinator in the league.  The running game is any quarterbacks greatest friend in the world and he abandons it early and often.  With maybe the greatest backup runner in the league ... does he dust off Toby Gerhart ... No!  Keep slinging it Josh.  Add insult to injury.

Maybe Bill Musgrave isn't as stupid as we all might think.  Maybe he's peering at "Daunte Culpepper 2", who thinks that he doesn't have to put in the work ... all I have to do is sling it down the field to Moss.  Maybe Bill Musgrave had to let Josh Freeman play the game his way ... to get his ass exposed ... and get embarrassed on national television ... to get his point across.  Not to worry Josh, most people changed the channel well before the first half ended.

There was nothing like the network apologizing to their national audience stating that there was no way to recoup the last 3 hours for the debacle we just witnessed.

If I were the offensive coordinator the first thing that I would do is bench Jerome Simpson, Jarius Wright and Greg Jennings for the entire 1st quarter.  All three were insubordinate whiners that did nothing to help this teams quarterback, going forward, to succeed.  I would open the first quarter with Rodney Smith and Joe Webb with a firm message in mind for the Packers ... we are going to run the ball and ram it right down your friggin' throat.  The other message to Josh Freeman would be that he wouldn't have to worry about hitting either Simpson, Wright or Jenning's because they were sitting on the bench until he learned how to throw to them a catchable ball.  The rocket ball just might hit one of them in the hands but they aren't coming down with it if you're tearing their arms off in the process.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 22, 2013