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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Release McNabb
Before you get all excited, by my count, the Vikings are 0-5 under Ponder.  They say your record is what it is however you might recall that the Panthers missed a chip shot field goal at the end of the game.  Like I said ... 0 wins - 5 losses.
 It is what it is.  Are you willing to ride that into 2012 without the measure of the man named Webb?  

There is one play that will completely summarize Ponder's career and it happened playing the Raiders on November 20, 2011.  Most of you just put it out of your mind so let me remind you.  A Raider's lineman blew out & through the center of our line and completely annihilated Ponder.  He just didn't hit him, or knock him down, or sack him ... Ponder was annihilated.  Yes, Ponder did bounce up after the play but it clearly indicated one important fact ... Ponder is not, nor will he ever be a franchise quarterback.  For a brief moment there, I thought the man had bought the farm.  Again, are you willing to ride that & Ponder's losing record into 2012?   
In McNabb's career, his window of opportunity of winning the Super Bowl is now at its zenith.  If he were released today, there aren't very many under achieving teams that would have an interest in him however, for a team like the Houston Texan's, McNabb could bring them a championship.  Like McNabb said, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with me or the way I throw".  To be direct, not only do I believe him, I predicted it.  He did what he was told to do.

So why would releasing McNabb be advantageous to the Vikings:

Anything that derails the Green Bay Packers at this point and anything that would take that smile off Rodger's face would be worth doing.  Isn't it funny that if you remove Rodger's from the pack, the Pack become useless.  Do you think that there might be others that see this too?  


McNabb is going to get paid his money anyway because, "if you're on the opening day roster ... then your pay for the entire year is guaranteed."  As they say in business school ... that asset is sunk.  McNabb is not helping us ... he's a distraction. "He's going to help Ponder?" ... Please!


Since Webb has clearly demonstrated that he's our #1 quarterback, Ponder's recent five (5) start opportunity has clearly demonstrated that he'd be a suitable #2 making McNabb redundant.


History has always indicated that the Minnesota Vikings are not spiteful, which is why so many have done so many great things in Minnesota as access (future organizational entrants) are determined by this organizations flexibility.  In this regard, the Vikings are unique.  If you become spiteful by making McNabb sit on that bench, and watch his career get flushed down the toilet, you are sending the wrong message.  Our door needs to remain open to our future.


If we release McNabb, we'd be allowed to raid the practice squads of 31 other teams with that open roster spot.  There is most certainly a series of offensive lineman or linebackers that might be available.  In our present position, absolutely nothing on those practice squads should be considered sacred.  We are in survival mode.    

So what does our owner get for his $5 million dollar investment in McNabb.  He got exactly what he wanted, an LA exit pass, and a bit of a lesson.  As for the money, he recoups his investment by raiding those up & coming players that are stashed and protected upon the leagues practice squads.  Our offensive line play is the worst that I've ever seen and the fault does not lie at Hutch's feet.  There is most certainly a player available that will have a significant future in Minnesota.  That door is closed to the Vikings until they open up McNabb's roster spot.   

Isn't it interesting.  Webb has two (2) starts.  He beat the playoff bound Eagles, and he lost 17-10 to a Detroit team that won how many games in a row?  Joe Webb is a winner ... period!  Also, as a 6 win team in 2011, if we lost that day to Detroit, we'd be drafting 1 spot before Detroit in the 2011 and we'd have the additional benefit of playing a 4th place schedule.  Not much for Webb to play for on that day however that day will be his last mistake in judgment.
  From here-on-out, Joe Webb loses for no one.    
Isn't it interesting, how our poor Joe Webb, the man labeled as too stupid to be our starting quarterback by our brain trust still sits upon that bench.  Warning after warning was issued in 2010 that by doing so, that the wrath of the god's would be brought down upon this organization.  The Dome collapsed.  The Vikings played its home game in Detroit and another in Gopher stadium.  One major injury to Favre per start in 2010.  This was unprecedented and of course the warnings were ignored.  Webb could of been our starter in 2011 instead we draft Ponder splashing him with starter anointing oils.  A political under-value pick that cost our organization the opportunity of shoring up team weaknesses.  In the old neighborhood, what was exclaimed ... BONEHEADS!     
The stench of McNabb was exposed by this ghostwriter dating back to the pre-season.  More warning signs were issued.  On September 12, 2011 a final warning was issued, "If you donít (play Webb), the next thing that will be unleashed upon this franchise is going to make the frigid ice on a college field, home games in Detroit or the collapse of the Dome look like a sweet home coming party. Both hands of my spread fingers are now crossing over my eyes. I COWER UNDER IT'S WEIGHT! You have been warned!"  So tell me ... where do we see ourselves today?  The pending damage is more extensive than what can be seen.  The true damage lies upon the hearts of these Viking warriors.  For example, Shank might hang his shield with Webb (potential, art, creativity, ability & soul) but he's certain to bolt under Ponder (the company line).  From this, it gets worse.  

The funny thing is that it is not too late to resurrect it all.  The problem is, no matter what, Webb will not lose a game for anyone ... not anymore.  You put Webb at the helm again ... he'll get beaten & bludgeoned ... but he'll never lose again.  The Vikings organization can't have that as this might disrupt the LA exit pass.  Everything is right on schedule.  So shut up and pay your money on direct TV ticket passes, season ticket sales & let's not forget those hard drinking beer commercials.        
Isn't it ironic that we are about to meet on a field of battle with an organization that heeded my warnings through TEBOW.  The Bronc's will be starting Tim Tebow where the Viking organization is headed in an entirely different direction.  Tebow is a winner ... just like Joe Webb (see September 12, 2011).  Look back upon the ghostwriter chicken scratching dating back to Joe Webb's entrance.  His impact was immediate.  Isn't it funny how no one can stop that Bronco running game, just like I said that there would be no way to stop Joe Webb & company.  Irony!  The true irony is that Joe Webb will be it's master ... the start of a new generational rift.   

There is a rather funny statistic.  Under Fran Tarkenton, measured in wins and losses, the Vikings were +6 or so versus the Packers.  We had the franchise quarterback that ruled the roost.  Under Favre, not only did that trend reverse, Favre turned that to a -8 or so.  Now the Packers, like the 49ers (Montana & Young), have back to back franchise quarterbacks.  I wonder where that number is today? It looks like the Colts are soon to follow.  The Vikings have wasted draft after draft, never securing that franchise quarterback.  The Viking organization has taken the opposite approach and somehow they don't understand why they have come up short time after time against the franchise quarterback.  So how do you define the word ... stupid?  Just because you reached for a player doesn't guarantee you a franchise quarterback.  Doesn't anyone care that Joe Webb was drafted in the same exact spot as a guy named Tom Brady.  Coincidence!  What you are looking for is standing right in front of you.  Pinheads!

Joe Webb is that franchise quarterback.  Prove me wrong.  I know ... you can't, but it will be proven in time.  The only question is ... will it be in Minnesota?  Owner says ... hello LA!  The owner doesn't care about you, about this organization, about this region or it's history because you can't put that into his vault.  Look at the man called Joe Webb and you'll see a child's heart that does care ... the Babe Ruth of football.  Bound & gagged ... So shut up about it! 

If you are truly a Viking fan ... if you say that opening a vein will draw & reveal the deep purple of reddening blood ... if you say would do anything to keep the Vikings in Minnesota then there should be only one demand seething from your eyes, mouths and claws ... put Joe Webb at the helm.  Until this happens however, what follows could be described as nothing less than an absolute blood bath.  The time for nice-et-ies have gone bye bye.  The clocks & alarms of thousands blare the strike of midnight!  It will be as if hell itself has opened upon this region and consumed it all within its depths.  You have been warned!  Push or pulled ... you will succumb to what lies ahead!  For you, it is the end of the world ... all because you sit upon your hands and say not but a word.  Control does not lie upon the owners hand, or his puppets ... the power lies within your feeble hands.  Sheep in a world full of wolves.  That's right ... shut up about it!  Not me ... Not me ... not while there is an ounce of fight within my breath or those of my foes and those of my bros.  

Looks like Kapp at 73 has a little fight left in that tank.  The fuming cauldron within me stands right next to that bull-goose loony idiot.  Why?  Because he never lost ... be was beaten, battered and bludgeoned upon the worlds greatest stage.  There is a difference.  It's too much for a Pinhead to understand.      
The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 28, 2011