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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Randle Factor
It is not how you begin a season that matters ... only how you end it.  How often have teams started out hotter than Georgia asphalt only to fade in the end.  Sometimes a hot start happens due to favorable scheduling.  Other times its just happens based upon a favorable event (See Brett Favre in 2009 versus 49ers).  Other times, its due to organizational or situational changes that account for a teams downfall.  Players get injured, promises are broken where players stop buying in, teams weaknesses get figured out,  coaches become stale and predictable, or teams just fall apart because victories don't come easily.

What people tend to forget is that just the opposite can occur too.  Most notably due to inspirational leadership.  You need to look no further than a guy named Rodgers to clearly understand this concept.

Unfortunately, it is my firm expectation that what is about to happen or occur this weekend to the franchise of my childhood, a life long devotion of passion, will be biblical ... in defiance of the gods.  This lesson will soon become your future motivation as nothing in the NFL comes to anyone easily.

There is a reason for historical mythical figures but these symbolic events are placed in our path for a reason that most cannot fathom.  Story telling dates back with mans first job (prostitution) and accounting (someone to record the transaction).  The reason for symbolic events is to remind the ownership, the directors, the coaches and the players to know that not one day of practice was required by the mythical figure David to bring down Goliath ... as he was fulfilling his destiny.  Joe Webb is your mythical figure Perseus.  Perseus, on his mythical adventures, did not have one day of practice in his series of adventures to pull of the destruction of the Kraken.  This  is the key to all mythical symbolic events and by the way, David was not a mythical figure.  We use the word mythical because there is no one that actually witnessed the event and in time no one will have witnessed anything that is part of our past, present or future.   

As a coach, I've seen an awesome number of practice players.  During practice they'd pull off every play, time and again without fail.  During the game, they would fall apart at the most crucial times.  On the other hand, I do recall another player that used to get screamed at during practice.  Later they were spoken to ... time and again.  It was as if that player wasn't all there during practice.  What it was, was an insatiable set of motor of skills that couldn't completely focus at practice ... when it didn't count.  There is no yardstick for a hyperactive mind however, some could label Joe Webb ... as if he were considered stupid.  A high motor, at another level, that can be misdiagnosed as ADD.  At times, coaches would bench this player thinking that the player was not listening to them or they could not grasp concepts.  In time, those coaches would realize how big a mistake it was.  Incredible events ... unexplained events occurred.  In line, these coaches all recanted their false evaluations ... one by one.  Oh!  They were wrong because during game time ... ice water ran through this players veins.  Almost like opening a vein to witness it's purple blood.   Not so long ago, commentators called these players gamers.

Doesn't anyone remember that Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick?  

One of the greatest defensive lines in the history of the NFL featured Keith Millard, Chris Dolman and Hank (Henry) Thomas.  Their numbers do not lie.  To put this in perspective, when asked about this line, Bill Parcells first pointed to Henry Thomas ... it's anchor.  What most people forget was that there was another player sitting upon that Viking bench that some of you might recall.  His name was John Randle.  For those that do not know John Randle ... well he's now been enshrined in the hall of fame.  Who was it that said the greatest secondary players first began upon the defensive line?

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 22, 2011

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