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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Will this upcoming 2016 group be able to link "NFL Champion" with their name?   
2) Will these changes to the offensive line result in a cohesive protection group that will result in Teddy's continued development so that he can exploit the opportunities?
3) Will Bridgewater continue his growth toward being an elite quarterback that can impose his will upon any situation that will result in victory when most ... if not all ... have very little expectation or faith in overcoming the odds? 
4) Will Zimmer's defense remain patient within itself, to impose its will, when chaos is all about?
5) Will Norv Turner advance his offensive "Go-Offensive-Scheme" by utilizing his tools at hand, without silly restriction (ego's), to advance this offensive into a top 5 scoring offense?   
6) Will this new rookie group find the humility to press & become starters understanding that fear results from being unprepared?
7) Will leadership result from complete preparation combined with unquestioned devotion?
8) Will this franchise remove its weakest links that will be exposed at the worst possible moment?
9) Will this franchise exercise it's "Season Long Humility" understanding that no result means a thing without beating the elite in the NFL's playoff tournament? 
10) Will this team find its swagger?

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: June 9, 2016