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Provo Clan  
Imagine, for a moment, that your a Cowboy's fan.  Now don't jump off half cocked here as there are very important points to be made.  If you've listened to the NFL sports beat call-in talk shows all year long it was clear that every fan of those Pokes where very aware of something that was amiss, except for maybe their first few weeks this season.  Now imagine the base of all the other 31 franchises out there, and what is becoming quite clear is that the collective fan bases of each franchise is sensing major disturbances within their own franchises.  It is causing consternation amongst these collectives.  You need to look no further than Tom Brady & his play ... now under the latest conspiracy.  

Now consider that dominant team, the water turkeys, that we faced in week 13 which has now just lost a major wheel or cog to their machine in the first quarter of their week 14 contest.  Did they recently begin to look pedestrian?  Without that dual headed running attack, losing Rashod Penny, the team will become somewhat one-dimensional where it will become reliant upon Wilson & a very suspect receiving corp.  Now don't get me wrong ... Carson is still dominant ... but he's also now becoming suspect over this long 16 game season.  Is it any wonder that the sea birdies are now projected to finish 6th in our conference potentially setting up a rematch under some fire breathing dragon ... but this time ... not reliant upon any sort of kicker & his deeds whatsoever?  Has Zimmer finally learned his lesson?   

If you haven't noticed, in almost every contest, we were made to face teams at their most dominant.  For example, when the Packers faced the Cowboys is was less both their left & right tackle who were at both full strength, & still viable, in our match.  Let's not forget all those hankies to help A. A. Ron on the unfrozen tundra.  Why?  It's called preparation for the eventuality. 

In Drew Brees latest contest ... was there any reason for concern ... even under the premise if we lose to you now ... then we get to win sometime later in our rematch?  It sounds like a lock & a trip to the Super Bowl for the Saints however there is one major obstacle in that path ... the pride of A. A. Ron.  In other words what if there was a rematch between A. A. Ron & the 49ers before the NFC championship?  Wow!  Mind Blown ... as A. A. Ron & his crew were thoroughly embarrassed by the gold-diggers.  Yup!  The inbred nature of our divisional format gets you there ... but only to a point ... until you're finally exposed. 

Now!  What's the point?  Well it's PROVOCATIVE on so many fronts.  Did Mike Zimmer's crew learn some very hard lesson ... something so very special in sea-chick-town by having both heads rammed down our throat while I danced in a very public restaurant ... as the energy flowed?  Did the answer just recently show up versus Detroit which involved Boone, Mattison & Cook?  No, it's not a three headed monster per se but the effective utilization of what should be rookie of the year Mattison is becoming more & more apparent.  Tell me ... exactly what was the purpose of Boone, showing up on that touchdown replay?  Let me tell you directly, the offensive mindset up in Minnesota ... is "ABSOLUTELY SICK" ... and not sick in a bad way?  It's diversity is secretly accelerating ... Under-The-Radar ... in an alarming way.  In all my years of watching ... since 1966 ... I've never seen anything like it.  So Adam Theilen can't fly ... no problemo ... but tell me ... when exactly did someone strap on a set of thrusters upon "Bisi".  My mind is awash of everything that's now on tape ... it's almost overwhelming.   

Yes, it is under the radar as the world is fixated upon fantasy & way to reliant upon the hero.  We have no such luxury ... as every one that has been pressed into the fight ... has "THE FLAW" ... to be picked apart ad nauseam ... that can only be overcome by the POSITIVE ... & the heart of the CLAN.   

The jackals want me to tear Cousins to pieces.  The same for Rhodes.  You name the imperfections of man & there are the many that are ready to feast.

Now, the problem has finally been solved.  It's not about belief which can be changed with just a repeatable hurtful slogan.  You have to be responsible ... you have to choose that path of positive energy.  You must stand to dance & cavort ... unable to be swayed by any negative thought.  To be direct, my days of thinking & feeling the way Cowboy fans do today is in my past.  What's within me is an undying devotion to those that toil on that field for this franchise.  This is my Clan ... my family ... my souls that have endured it all with me.  There is no time for any weak link that has been used as our seeds of destruction.    

One day, Kirk Cousins will find all that positive energy so as not be afraid to fail.  Xavier Rhodes will feel my presence next to him ... knowing that he no longer stands alone.  He will hear his coaches undying devotion to who & what he is.  Every one within this Clan can be beaten ... standing alone ... at any time, as we are just mere mortal men but this Clan is gaining the positive & is clearly very strong.  I await & relish my beating ... at the chance & opportunity that can clearly now be envisioned.  The power of the positive & it's absolute energy is palatable.    

Sure Coach Zimmer will remain his gruff & cantankerous self ... a real fire breathing "Tard", which is exactly where we need him to be.  If he's happy ... well ... that's not good.  If he's angry & stuttering it's like my father yanking his belt strap to my absolute attention?

Now ask yourself ... does everything happen for a reason?  In other words, was there a reason for what is now Zimmer's "Glaring Eye"?  Why was coach put through this tribulation? Was something both taken & then given to our coach ... beyond a true battle scar?   Maybe it's was my fault as I once spoke of the fire breathing dragons upon that frozen field as a child & now it has become a fixture within the battle hardened DRAGON-HEADED-LONG-SHIP.   It was clear that I was drawn to this organization by a man that didn't ever speak ... that communicated with his eyes of STEEL DIPPED IN a cauldron of FIRE.  Bud Grant may have been fooled ... and mortally (season end) cut by it .. but he was rarely disappointed with the heart of his Clan.  No one could stand up to the scrutiny of the glare of those eyes.  The acts of the gods are truly hard to comprehend but they are pivotal to any legend & it is becoming clear that Zimmer's heart is leading to his destiny.  Tom Landry had his fedora cap & Lombardi had his Bi-Polar subduction zone where maybe Vikings are made to wear scars like horns upon their helmets.  No one gets to escape their destiny to which it is to be relished for all days.             

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 10, 2019