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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Prime Time-The NFL ain't the BCS!
It's a funny thing, but the NFL has never been defined by a won-loss record, for teams that make the playoffs.  Many act as if the NFL is an extension of the BCS system where the won-loss record enables someone to decide by proxy, who should be the best team in the nation.  This might help to explain Prime-Time's one and done theory.  Unfortunately, what the NFL is all about is serendipity ... a fickle bit of fate ... combined with a cauldron of destruction.  The proof of fate is in watching the ball bounce and the cauldron is a never ending event that now includes a player named Plexico Burress.  

Once again ... things are aligning ... and its now out of control.  Go ask Pat Williams a question for me ... "Do the Titans scare you!@?  For the Titan's ... we are in their rear view mirror ... maybe they should take the time to reconsider that perspective.  

Take for instance TJack.  He walks onto the field, has a dominant performance, and TJack simply defines his performance down to its most simple and rudimentary basis ... he called it having fun.  The reality was that the kid walked onto that field without having to carry tons of baggage upon his back ... what you saw was a free spirit and his god given talent and abilities.  I had to rub my eyes as I no longer recognized TJack ... he morphed!  Were was that kid that was encumbered by months of writers and commentators piling-on all the hype and expectations for this team, which was all dependent upon his ability to lead this team, where every piece was in place except for the quarterback.  Unfortunately for TJack ... he didn't adequately discern that this was nothing but a bit of age and treachery ... used to work over his psyche.  In other words, some brilliant individual, that cannot stand the Vikings, came up with this plan of deception, and then used our own commentators to repeat this bit of bilge like parrots, to cause its destruction like a virus.

So my first thought would be that Brad would come to realize, or at least ponder this change, which just might result in our Vikings wining this thing in Arizona this week, but of course ... his first reaction was to play the only card he knows ... nothing has changed.  He has a 37 year old back up quarterback that could desperately use a week off, and he instead plants a seed that Gus should press his bets.  For Brad, it is now time to make your move.  The best decision is to start TJack and the only response should be, "We are a team and it is clear what we have to do"!

Unfortunately, the media machine will then shift into overdrive ... where it will be best not to answer any questions at all ... the answer to every question will be determined on the field ... and that is where I'll leave it.

As for TJack, just in case you missed this point, your team lost to Detroit and there went the 2008 Minnesota Vikings playoff hopes.  Instead TJack found a way to led his team ... snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, so this notion of all you have to do is not make mistakes and just show up on the field apparently is nothing but a bit of horse hockey.  What we viewed in Detroit from TJack was the maturation of his passing skills.  His touch pass to Peterson ... with a pin point catch in the flat ... running downhill at full speed was a jaw dropping event.  I guarantee you that those defenders had the fear of the old 1960's Packer's sweep popping into there eyes on that one.  Apparently, this kid has evolved ... he's certainly learned some things.  If there are words of wisdom for TJack it would be ... "All you have to do is to be yourself ... be what you are"!        

TJack, if you start, or if you get to lead your team at some point during this upcoming game, you will be in a very envious position and that is because you're not expected to do anything.  Why is your position envious?  It is because no matter what ... it's will be the classic definition of a win-win situation.  It happened to a guy name Warner in 1999, and due to serendipity ... it just might happen again. 

The Key
Tyrell Johnson just might be the key in our future plans, especially after observing Benny's latest list of tirades.  Tyrell might be best served to observe the New York Giants key man by the name of Toomer.  He is the Giant's equivalent to our Cris Carter, as the go to guy on 3rd down, where if he gets shut down ... the Giants will crumble.  Make it your quest to study and know Toomer's tendencies, as within him, lies a key.  Madieu, the Vikings unsung cog, has been nothing less than stellar.  His coverage skills may prove to be decisive versus a 3rd or menacing tight ends, allowing Tyrell to be free.

Playoff Future
Not so long ago, I received a call from my closest Viking fan-brother about our 1998 Championship game versus the Falcons, where that call occurred several hours prior to the game being played.  What was odd about that call was that he predicted and dreamt the outcome of the 2nd half of that game.  His vision was so strong that he repeated it over and over again in that conversation.  As it turned out ... it was a nightmare. The very day before that same game, my brother in-law stood in my kitchen and stated  ... wouldn't it be great if Gary Anderson (which made every regular season field goal that year), was to miss a field goal during tomorrows championship game ... to which I immediately reacted, "No bleeping way"!  Well, on November 11th, I had a vision so strong, and I was so certain of the outcome of our November 16th meeting with the Bucs that I went to print with it.  Now the Bucs lost on Monday, thereby losing the #2 playoff spot to the Panthers.  So I still don't understand that vision but apparently it just might have something to do with our upcoming playoff future.  Only time will tell.                    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 10, 2008

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