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Poisoned Well 
Jerry Jones put the entire NFL into a head lock last year by succumbing to Zeke Elliott's contract demands signed in 2019.  In 2019 Elliot was facing his 4th year of his rookie deal having to play the 2019 season with no future guaranteed money.  It set a precedent, that quite directly, has now poisoned the well where every agent in the league now sees every running back as being an "exclusive group" that is apart of the NFL.  The result for every running back will now be either a renegotiated contract after the 3rd year or a holdout in the form of Melvin Gordon.    

It all stems from the concept that if one top 2 quarterback is paid 30 million dollars a year ... then every starting quarterback in the league is entitled to that same or very similar contract.  Now just consider for a moment that a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon (aged for 12 years before being sold) would run you $220 purchased on the internet.  Would it be fair to demand $220 for a bottle of sparkling wine 2008 Ponder.  Well, if you're a seasoned Viking fan, you'd probably say keep your sparkling wine because that type of reasoning just doesn't Scowl.  However that now is exactly what you can expect from any future "now-segmented" running back flotilla.  

I know, after waiting two painful injury plagued years, we got to see Dalvin Cook finally take his place as this franchises productive engine only to see this new "poisoned well" before us.  So we now must ask ourselves the question, "Why did Jerry Jones do it"?  Well, the answer comes within his own history under his prior set of triplets.  Back in the day of Aikman, Smith & Irvin they were all true Cowboy in-bred studs.  What Jerry Jones learned is that he didn't win without Emmitt Smith.  Today's version of Prescott, Elliot & Copper, of the three, only Elliot is clearly the in-bread stud whereas Prescott & Copper remain in question regardless of what their new contracts might state, so Elliott's contract came first.  To me, it was clear, that Jerry Jones had to bend his knee to Elliot's demands because without him he simply can't win.  The important point to learn here is that this concept doesn't apply universally throughout the league.

Now enter the agent where the bulk of his job is to present a clear & concise picture based completely upon conjecture.  Since we were all born ignorant we all tend to aqueous to the exotic nature of smoke & mirrors.  Where it all falls apart is when we think with our heart & feelings which of course means chucking-out the math & statistics.  Said another way, there is no way anyone should follow how Jerry Jones feels regardless of how much you'd like to be like him.  Sure, if you were to say that you wanted to be a mensch by tossing some clams around to someone you really wanted to help out ... I'd say ok, but we all know that your decisions are about the smoke & mirrors because you're working with the same agents over an over again.  It's like sitting around a fire telling the same yarns over & over again ... because it makes us feel good about ourselves.  Wait ... Is that what wins championships versus a ravenous league of jackals?      

The moment when any players agent begins a demand for a new contract that player officially changes his status to being a free agent, regardless of whether they are under contract or not.  The red flag is now clearly waving & every future moment will be under full scrutiny.  The only questions that remain is will that player now to be an overpriced free agent & will it be worth putting your franchise through having to deal with this.  Quite directly ... How do you now see the future status of Dalvin Cook?  The sunlight directed on this discussion isn't directly about Dalvin Cook but is now directly focused upon the "Poisoned Well"

It's funny that in past years, franchises were forced at looking at past performances (think Tom Brady) to access the contract, projecting future performance.  Unfortunately, for the Vikings, it's history is to realize & then feel the nasty impact of an overpriced free agent sliding fat & happy upon their newly formed bloated contract status.  The only question that now faces Tampa Bay is exactly when will that slide-mode begin.  For Dalvin, a good part of his past is glowing but much of a Dalvin's future contract will be directed upon a good leap of faith.  Does something like that secure your future at winning a Super Bowl?       

For some time now, there has been allot of focus upon franchised Anthony Harris where maybe that focus should be upon Dalvin Cook.  To be direct, I don't expect him to play at anywhere near his 2019 level in 2020 due in part only to the "Poisoned Well".  Will the Viking's select a safety in this years 2020 draft, of course as at the very least they will need depth with the loss of both Zendejo & Kearse however they'd be foolish not to be also looking at running back also.  

The point here again isn't about Dalvin Cook.  It is rather about the new dynamic of this new NFL running back segment or collective, which now believes that a 4 year rookie contracts no longer applies to them.  It's just the nature of the beast & that means focusing draft picks upon running backs.  That's the new NFL.    

Will Dalvin Cook get his money?  Of course, but does that mean the gun now being held to this franchises head needs to aqueous to this new dynamic ... well ... only if it makes sense.  To be direct, Carolina Panther money in Minnesota is nothing more than allot of smoke & mirrors in a herd of elephants.  Can you at least smell that?    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: April 24, 2020