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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Playoff Offensive Line Starters 
Reiff LT, Berger LG, Elflein C, Remmers RG, Hill RT

Let me tell you that Berger would absolutely hate being moved from right guard, to center, then to left guard but he will do it because he knows that that will give our offensive line the best chance to win.  He also knows that he's the most versatile player that we have on the offensive line because where ever you put him we don't lose a beat.  In fact, you could say that he's so good that he was playing at a pro-bowl level in 2016 at center.  Obviously, there is one major drawback that I can think of and that is his career may be coming to an end & we will miss his versatility like no other.  He is the very definition of a Pro's Pro & not one commentator will ever notice or mention his sacrifice to this team because every time he has to be moved it lumps on incredible pressure & responsibility onto his shoulders that only he can understand.  

Considering Sirles at left guard is will not be anywhere as effective.

Remmers is most effective on the right side of that line as he's been on that side all year.  He also has one game working with Hill on the right & they most certainly appear to be capable.

In addition, if next year Easton does come back as our left guard & if Berger decides to retire, then your right guard is most likely going to be manned by Remmers.  Some say that Remmers arms are not long enough to dominate at right tackle but all that bother goes away playing right guard.  If the long term plan is to have Elflein at center with Reiff at LT, where it makes sense to have both Remmers & Hill on the field at the same time then the above alignment means invaluable experience to the long term plans of this franchise.  Is Hill a better right tackle than Remmers?  Well that might still be up for debate but both Hill & Remmers playing on the right side makes everyone a bunch of clairvoyant smart guys.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 3, 2018