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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Pacify, Conciliate, Soothe, Calm, Mollify, Appease, Propitiate, Satisfy, & of course the word Please.  Someone that is being paid a guaranteed $84 million dollars should never expect the word "Please" to come from anyone within any franchise.  Maybe the worst possible word to be attached to the word Placate is Satiate, which means to gratify.  May I remind you that even one trillion dollars does not guarantee you playing time in the NFL where it is a good thing because our politicians would do just about anything to steal a nickel from John Q Public.
Let's look at this Kirk Cousin's historic rise, as a franchise quarterback objectively. RG3 was the Number 1 highly touted draft pick that year, where Kirk Cousins, from the outside-in, was considered an afterthought, where his 4th round selection could be construed as an insurance policy.  Regardless of his body of work, his work ethic, or his ultimate path to what is now considered a franchise quarterback status, his foundation began upon the word "Placate", as within his body of work, which includes his win-loss record, his overall handling all fell under this set of defined words that are used to define the word Placate.  The harsh reality is that when RG3 disintegrated ... what other choice was left for the Washington Redskins in regard to acceptance.   Just because you are granted experience, opportunity & a degree of success does not guaranty any specific result in regard to overall proficiency.  Proficiency comes from the commitments made from striving for consistent success and in the NFL ... it is measured in victories.  Success can only come from that individuals commitments within that franchises collective where once that is breached ... disaster.        

So exactly what caused this monumental shift in focus upon Kirk Cousins at this exact moment in time ... well, it's due in part to the newest reporting  coming out of this franchises sports complex.  We are all going to come together collectively to mind meld all of our minds together to figure out exactly what we believe we are successful at ... which worked quite well under Pat Shurmur.  In theory, this sounds wonderful, but lets now consider Head Coach Mike Zimmer's present posture which is without doubt light years away from "OUR OUT DOOR BATTLE HARDENED" playoff game at about 5 degrees Fahrenheit running a team of absolute hell, under the youth of an ever expanding Teddy Bridgewater.  Let's also not forget the insertion of our newest offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski ... being thrown into a cauldron of fire ...  that can ill afford to be dominated & overpowered by anyone at this juncture.  

Then, where this thing all craps the bed lies within the statement issued by Head Coach Mike Zimmer that Kirk Cousins will have more say ... 

In 1972, Fran Tarkenton's numbers were very good, where the defense decided that they needed to be placated, rather than play to their potential, as after all they were a hardened playoff contender before his re-arrival back to the Twin Cities.  Although we find ourselves back at 500 ball, exactly as we ended that 72 season, our defense has proven to be anything but in need of being placated.  So exactly where is the issue? 

Today's issue lies within the statement, "I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade."  Exactly who has fettered away. almost week after week, what should have been an absolutely glorious opportunity?  Exactly who touches the ball on every offensive snap?  Who has given up the ball consistently at an alarming rate?  Exactly who is sacrificing field position, to flip the field, by not securing a simple series of first downs.  Who is throwing an 18 yard "down the field" "Quick-Kill" incompletion on a 3rd & 2 (Now compare that to Brady's dinks & dunks)?   Who has foolishly not attempted to avoid the rush by moving & shuffling his feet consistently thereby changing his launch point in what has proven to be ... a consistently flawed pocket?  Who has insisted on an off the street back-up left guard thereby sacrificing our run game proven to be achievable under Danny Isidora?  Who has allowed the insertion of an inconsistent ball dropping Treadwell rather than inserting a proven playmaker Aldrick Robinson?  Who has made 100% sure that Kyle Sloter doesn't dress week after week all the while knowing that #7 Taysom Hill is allowed to freely proliferates under Drew Brees ... one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks ever.  Exactly who decided to stop handing the ball off to Dalvin Cook playing just outside of Boston, especially considering his unbelievable yards per attempt achieved in that game.  None of this can be ignored.          

Whereas Bud Grant had no choice, in that it was impossible for him to simultaneously placate the egos of all the members of his defense, less than trying to sacrifice Fran Tarkenton at the altar of the gods, Head Coach Mike Zimmer finds himself in a completely different swamp of man-eating quicksand.  His solution doesn't begin with him placating his #1 performance issue upon the field.  His solution begins with lighting a fire under the hind quarters of his completely satiated quarterback that finds himself in a what appears to be a no-win situation, and thus ... a not enviable position.  Just for a moment think about that conversation between Kirk Cousins & his wife ... and what she might have provided as advise for how to handle this continuing saga, that is his nightmare.         

Now consider the following.  As this franchises 84 million "guaranteed dollar" savior, whenever something goes wrong ... it is all his fault, where all the blame lies at his feet.  Of course, this is the exact opposite of the Dallas Cowboys trade for Amari Cooper or the Chicago Bears trade for Khalil Mack.   Can you for one moment possibly see the difference?  When Thielen or Diggs make that miraculous catch ... does Cousins get the credit for it ... No ... at least not any more!  When the defense scrapes out an incredible performance like that in Seattle ... will Kirk Cousins get his commensurate level credit in that victory ... No.  In fact, there is very little that he can do on the field except be the scapegoat for this floundering franchise & somehow we allowed the media to control that message, which has allowed this very thing to happen.  So what is Kirk Cousins only other option?  "Isn't there another way to win?"  Yes.  He has to change the game & eventually (ultimately) the cast of characters.  If he has a choice to feed Thielen or Diggs or lose the game ... his choice is instead to find an alternate solution to his problem, as he's is not about to hand his biggest set of problems to his ego get a big bonus for whatever they might do on that field.  If this isn't true, then you all collectively better get your commitments, "TO THE SHIT", back in order, because your lack of focus to it as gotten you all into this boat.  In the word victory is this very thought, "I AM THE SHIT!"  Last year, Diggs was in our end zone, with his arms crossed ... thinking at that moment that very thought ... maybe not in so many words.  Regardless, after being its witness, I know each & every one of you, so I do absolutely know what the real deal is however, you all now need to let the whole world know it.  Or would you rather be laughed at some more.  

If you really want to help Kirk Cousins out ... placating anything that he does from here on out will only cripple him some more.  The solution to absolutely all of this lies within his commitments as a man.  His only answer lies within doing everything he can to secure that victory on the field & if he fails to do it ... then get him a set of fine tweezers so that he can efficiently pick splinters out of his hind quarters. 

It is clear that General Gorge S. Patton ordered an amphibious assault in Sicily, where he was instructed that he was asking the impossible of his men.  He was asked to reconsider his direct order.  In his absence at this moment, allow me to retort.  "I'M NOT GOING TO PLACATE A GOD DAMN THING".  Sure it is harsh but you couldn't say for a moment that he wasn't focused.   I wonder if our head coach is thinking about slapping someone to restore in him the ideas of his commitments ... as a man.   Although I've never met you Coach Zimmer ... I do love what you've done right up to this very moment.  You need to know that.     

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 14, 2018