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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Yeah, it's Packer week.  Many think this whole thing revolves around Brett Farve.  It does, in a way, but not for the reasons that you might think.  The Packers are playing a team whereas the Vikings have an opportunity that is much bigger than playing any team.  If the Packers focus on one man, like Mr. Favre, they'll lose.  To be direct, seizing this opportunity & achieving the required successful result lies in a counter intuitive approach.

Vikings victory lies within very simple things.  Getting your sleep, for example,  with a clear mind.  The latter happens with a solid belief in your preparations and in absolute faith in what lies around you.  Although the fans are going to be ravenous lunatics ... with Berserkers Rage and Fury ... your job, come Monday night ... will be to leave the fan fair in the hands of the 12th players.  They're on it!@  Every player to a man must be even keeled, methodical and ready to seize upon his opportunities ... for each gain is like a sledge hammer.

You may only get one opportunity ... then again, maybe not.  Believe it or not, this Viking Victory just might depend on whether Jim Kleinsasser catches that pass or not.  Jim might say, "You're kidding, right"!  The answer has always been no.  You've been preparing for this moment your whole life and you've been waiting for this special moment, as the Green Bay Packers fear the death strike of the tight end more than any other position on that field.  It can happen anywhere at any time and in any way.             

The Packers will have no choice but to strap onto the roller coaster of incredible highs with indominatable lows.  The Viking keys, or the advantage if you will, that lies at your feet, is in the ability to be able to smooth out and smooth over the highs and lows, taking a methodical diesel-engine-like never-ceasing dismantling approach.  In other words, all veterans have been there before ... there are no more rookies.  Relish and enjoy each moment on your never ending quest.

In sixth grade, being challenged to a fight, I had no choice but to accept.  Being surrounded by peers, I foolishly took on the task.  This school mate that I faced upon a playground field with rage in his eyes came at me.  I repelled his attempts, viscously releasing beating after beating upon him.  Each time he retreated, he wiped away his blood from his battered body, pacing back & forth, and then he came at me again and again and again.  In that final attempt, he finally gained position and put me in a death grip head lock and refused to release me until I relented unscathed.  A lesson was learned that day, and that foe became one of my dearest and closest friends, because on that day he proved to me that he was cut from a different cloth.        

On this day, the opportunity lies not just in defeating a team.  It is an opportunity to strike upon its very foundation.  Think of it as not just tackling a person but to be able to drive through that body.  With either outcome, The Packer fan base wins & come out being right.  If the Packers lose, the fans were right in that the organization should never have let Brett leave.  The same cannot be said for the Packer foundation.  The faces of these men are truly desperate as a loss on this day might set the organization back by a decade.  To be direct, the players know this only too well, and it is not sitting well with them.

If you find that you were unable to make that play ... keep cool & take heart ... because more opportunities will be forthcoming, but understand that for each successfully gained opportunity, the Viking winds of peril grow in force ... even if you might think that it is only one minor catch.   

Never in the history of the Vikings have you had such an opportunity!      

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 2, 2009

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