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Open Enough
There is a certain statistic that leaps off the page when evaluating  Donovan McNabb … it’s his red flag waiving lifetime interception percentage.  As I understand it, his lifetime interception rating is the best for any modern day quarterback ever.  Sometimes a great stat doesn’t tell the whole story.  Another way to say red flag waiving is to say that McNabb is risk adverse ... to the point of being a reinforced obsessive compulsive.  Now combine this fact with Andy Reid’s dominant defensive units that brought the Eagles five (5) NFC championship appearances and what soon develops is the concept of … "He wasn’t open enough"!
In evaluating film, when you see a McNabb throw landing at a receivers ankles, feet or bouncing off the turf … you begin to understand the concept of … "He wasn’t open enough".  Now imagine Andy Reid saying;  “Good decision Donovan.  Wait for that opportunity.  Don’t make that mistake.”   So one could say that that out of bounds throw or that toss into the dirt is a signal to his players, and more importantly McNabb’s coaches, that from McNabb's point of view, the receiver in question just wasn’t open enough.  Good decision!  Give Donovan a pat on the back.  Reinforce that risk adverse stifling behavior.  The problem is ... What we see is 3 & out McNabb.  
Now consider this … statistically McNabb is the polar opposite of Brett Favre.  Favre was the interception king because in his mind, if he saw a faint sliver of an opening, Brett processed that as an opportunity.  Brett then fed that receiver as if he were a starving Joe that hadn’t eaten in a week.  The players absolutely loved him for that ... at least in 2009.  Turning up the volume.  So tell me ... when are we and my Viking cohorts going to get something other than the pole?   When you chose a player to quell our desires ... let me tell you directly ... you chose the wrong pole and the wrong hole if you're plan was to try and shut us up.  No!  No! Adrian Peterson ... I got this!  


McNabb's approach presents several problems.  The first, and to a lesser extent, our receivers have been spoiled by Brett Favre’s approach, in they expect a ball that they can compete for & then snatch from the sky.  To this perspective ... this represents almost every Sidney Rice & Calvin Johnson completion.  The second, and most importantly of all, is that there is no one else on the Viking squad that can act in this manner.  Do you think Jared Allen can act as both Judge & Jury in regard to a sliver of an opportunity in being able to blow up a quarterback or make a defensive play.  That's not what I see on film.  How about Adrian Peterson saying, "I could have blown open that hole except that that Gale Sayers sliver of daylight, which was all he needed, wasn’t big enough so I just took a knee."  The film doesn't show that either.  The third problem, is that there is no way you can come from behind using McNabb's approach.  So in other words, the exact right amount of McNabb pressure ... in what he can handle ... is exactly wrong. 

Now lets put this all into perspective.  Call it simple terms.  A famous Michael Jordan quote went something like this, "Didn't you know that you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take".  Is it any wonder why, if I were a Viking receiver, that I would be screaming to the almighty with blood shooting from my eyes in anger.  Why does that sandwich smell like a waste treatment plant ... not to worry .... take a bite.       
It is any wonder why there was no true Viking fan contained within that dome on Sunday that could contain the bile buried deep within their bowels when they were force fed more Donovan McNabb … “you just weren’t open enough” throws that we’ve been force fed all season long.  What was Shrek’s quote, “Better out than in … I always say”.  In my opinion, those fans that are infamous throughout the league for the din within the dome were not loud enough ... as Leslie Frazier simply didn't hear your disgust.

There are way too many that are spilling their blood, sweat & guts out there.  There are very few words that I wish to hear from Leslie Frazier and not one of them in any combination whatsoever sounds like, “We will start McNabb”.  To be direct, I'd rather have any small part of Joe Webb, a man with a true Viking heart, with broken limbs, blown out knees, a cut throat, and in a permanent state of bad luck than to stomach McNabb for one more minute.    

Am I being clear enough?  Can you hear me Leslie Frazier?  Do I have to risk my certain death in a throw down with every Viking horn wearing player to get this point across.  I think this is now as pristine and as clear as an azure river.

How many more of my beloved Vikings, flawed as they all are, must be sacrificed to the gods, before you correct the McNabb problem?  More importantly ... who is next?  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 11, 2011