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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Not an After Thought
Do you think the Vikings absolute & complete dominance over the Bills, in every phase of the game, for the first time it has happened all year long, was just a coincidence?  Was it because we were playing a Bills team which has dominated over the last several weeks ... or was it due to the activation of Joe Webb?  As promised & ignored week after week, as soon as Joe Webb would be allowed to take the field, the Vikings bad Ju Ju would be cast aside.  For this cosmic shift to occur, the gods first had to be appeased.  This is the drama of Perseus.

Look back ... when I said, Peterson had a fumbling problem ... at the time, and what would soon follow, he had a tumultuous fumbling issue.  When I said that his fumbling days were over ... the fumbles ceased ... at least statistically.  AD was all standup when he took the blame for his one & only exchange in 2010.  AD is now no ones fool.

Brett Favre now averages a major injury per game.  Punishment for ignoring the GIFT!  It's time to shut that down.  It should of been shut down upon news of broken bones.  We'd certainly find ourselves in a different light rather than still being fixated upon what is now a meaningless record.  Exactly when did our focus shift from ring to record?  In his life time ... no one will come close to the man of iron.    

Now we find the dome roof collapsing.  My youthful dream coming true ... to rip that roof off that facility.  Masters of the Tundra.  Can you hear the question, "Is you head right (Cool Hand) Luke"?  Were they once again considering deactivating Joe Webb.  Now, the result is at least a 1-day delay from the Sunday 12 pm CST start.  A major cosmic shift ... advantage Vikings.  We are now drawn & fixated upon the Lions, finding ourselves aligned with the defeat of the Pack.  If the Pack lose today, it may spell their certain doom.  With it, the door swings open for the Vikings, with their interests over both the Eagles & Giants.  Minus the Packers, it will take 10 & 6 to eliminate the run.  There is only one team that has the ability to streak to the end.  

For the right player, the IT arrives on the first day that they walk on the field.  For the Minnesota Vikings ... that player is Joe Webb.  Why was his start so unassuming?  Call it the TEST!  He is no after thought.  So now you might be wondering, why then did Joe Webb get hurt?  As its witness, I had no idea that Joe Webb's feet would hit the field on this day.  I never once saw him play ... not once.  All I heard was Dad, Joe Webb just returned the kick off ... I ran to the set, no replay ... no Webb.  Still I have yet to be its witness.  Hamstring or not, Joe Webb must climb from the primordial ooze & get back on that field.  Regardless of risk or injury ... deactivate him at your own peril.

As for Childress, good or bad, there is one thing a miss, & that my friends is gratitude.  Let us never forget that under his wing he brought us players like Adrian Peterson, Griffin, Percy Harvin, Loadholt, Sidney Rice & Toby Gerhart.  If not for a 12 man in the huddle & what appeared to be an ill advised bookie pass ... two years of solid corner play were put into peril.  Let us never forget that Griffin's injury occurred on an overtime kickoff that should of never been.

Anyone of the mind that we should be playing for 2011 draft order needs to have his head examined.  Regardless of whether we are eligible for the 2010 playoff dance, or not, when all is said & done in 2010, this team will be the best team by far ... and that fact will be unmistakable.  It always means ... unfinished business.

Some time ago was the reminder.  With Perseus on your side, it doesn't matter where or when you play.  Now that theory shall be tested in Detroit.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 12, 2010

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