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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Man, I'm in heaven.  After Monday nights contest with the Bay-Birdies ... there is one unequivocal certainty ... this franchise can not only beat Wilson's crew, but they can do it to any NFL team & do it convincingly.  Why?  Because the belief in it is exploding.  At this moment, you might be saying, "Did we just watch the same game" or "What planet are you on?"  Just keep in mind that Thielen didn't dress for that contest & "The Future is NYE".  Another little tidbit is that this Viking's offense can do the exact same thing to the River-Bird's that they did to us ... but we don't need 6 offensive linemen to do it.  Keep in mind that Cook was strung & Mattison was never unleashed.  

Down 24 unanswered point, my immediate thoughts turned back to Teddy's final year, where Teddy attempted several failed comebacks during the season, in each case, needing only 3 points.  Maybe his most heartbreaking effort was in Denver, where on that final drive he coughed up the ball, thwarting his final chance.  As painful an experience that it was, his growth never stopped where he led this team back versus these same vultures in the playoffs for that final field goal attempt by Blair Walsh that ended in disaster.  The story being ... the wheel turns.        

It's been refreshing to hear Vikings fans call in on NFL national broadcasts pledging their unwavering support for Kirk Cousins ... as they are starting to get it at a completely new level.  Past records don't matter ... Statistics don't matter ... and neither does a 1-game result matter.  However, this result will go along way at swaying the alternative fan base & all those franchises that think that we are firmly in their rear view mirror ... which we are not.  To be direct, when we were down by 17, giving up 24 unanswered points, when others were mired deep within the remorse of their suds ... I was up & dancing around in the restaurant ... as I could clearly see it.  Why?  It was because the River-Cock's were mocking my beloved franchise.  As any true Viking fan clearly understands ... you never act in that manner because we always await for the other shoe ... TO DROP.  It begged the question ... "Are they (The Sea-Chick's) mocking God?"  Well ... in short order you got your answer ... to shaving the lead to 3-points (whoops ... 4 points).  How about that ... 

The contrast that is out there, is at its crescendo ... from stout & firm support of this franchise & everything that it stands for versus the absolute never ending vitriol of the dreg ... to Zulgad.  Maybe we're on to something here?    

Before you go running to the gate to signup Stefanski to the next head coaching gig, you need to search real hard for his clear & concise mistakes.  At halftime, you have a 7 point lead on the road and what do we see.  Kirk Cousin's in the shotgun as if we are trying to run up the score on that very good defense.  Regardless of whether Dalvin Cook was out with injury, the objective should have been to secure a heavy dose of run after run, screens & outlets with Mattison, Boone & Abdullah to establish "The Unstoppable One".  We need to keep our eye on the objective ... the name of the game is play action passing.  Was it any wonder the inexperience of Stefanski's play calling resulted in 24 unanswered points.  Where was the heavy hand of Head Coach Mike Zimmer with his directive ... the signal ... to impart & establish THE OBJECTIVE at all costs.  FOR THEY LACKED A LEADER ... It is a an absolute mistake to think that the run-game is some sort of conservative approach, where the "Wet-Back-Duckies" took what should have been our game plan after halftime ... and rammed it down our throat ... being down by 7.   

Now let me ask you, it's 3rd & 2, during that 24 point swing, & you see our quarterback in the shot gun instead of under center.  Hey, it's what Tom Brady does.  Are we cowards?  Are we afraid to run the ball on 3rd & two yards to go?  Letter Kenny had no better saying ... "It's embarrassing (kick the bucket)!"   Cowardice & fear are the workings within the dark side.  Find the light ...  

Head Coach Mike Zimmer clearly needs to awaken from the safe zone comfort of the analytics.  Your kickers are remarkable athletes ... but they are clearly not in line.  The punt in Kansas City that led to that final field goal, & that final missed extra point clearly illustrate the point.  You can no longer rely on any kicker as the taint is palatable.  It's not as if the warning hadn't been issued.    

"The Tale:  Within 3 months, 15 were dead within a 1 mile radius ... of where I stood with my one & only resource.  Lawlessness was abound & apparent.  On every occasion, I faced the fear of stepping on tainted needles ... along with the thought that I might find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time at any moment.  My only thought was my preservation for the continuity of my family.  Then, the Lord spoke through his surrogate ... as he had done many times before.  Never immerse yourself within dark side ... which is clearly where I was heading.  Evil has to hide within the cracks of society where Evil's power always pales in comparison to that within the light.  Society never clearly explains this fact, as it only muddles it, nor was it ever clearly understood ... until that very moment.  Then I was instructed, "You do not need to be there.  You are there because you choose to be there (& it was easy for you)."  All arguments that ensued were futile.  What followed was to literally pick up tons of material & transport it, & myself, to safety.  Nothing existed ... it all had to be created from nothing.  With hindsight ... it was my own story of Noah's Ark."    

That final missed extra point was a choice.  You did not have to kick anything.  You don't make it ... you have the same result (-4).  You convert it and you have a very different result (-2).  Would that have changed anything?  Someday you'll take a page from "Digg's Miracle Play" where he refused to allow another failed field goal attempt. or any kick for that matter, & instead made a decision that changed everything.  Put your faith in the blood & sweat of the bulk ... not in the tainted efforts of one.  After the moment of Blair Walsh's miss, was you first thought of the body of work & efforts of the entire team?  Did it add up?    

Was there some sort of successful fake punt that should have sealed the deal at that very moment?  If the objective is to always catch the punt, where the fair catch is assumed ... then the one & only focus must be to foil any fake & this must be without question. 

Is Xavier Rhodes the same pro-bowl caliber player?  Well Coach Mike Zimmer, does Xavier believe that he's the most feared defensive back on the planet, or is he still reeling from your off season comments, in your disappointment in his play.  There's nothing like emasculating a man (removing his junk) in public, for all the world to laugh & cavort, at his expense.  It's ok to do it on the field, when he can take a swipe at you when your out of line, but not in public.  Exactly what were you thinking?  This wasn't some sort of coward that Patton slapped.  This is one of the proudest warriors that his franchise has ever had, to face incredible injustices week after week.  It's has been incredibly easy to throw a flag on Xavier as compared to just about any other DB in this league.  Since his rookie campaign he's been issued an inordinate amount of laundry with many of those calls being quite questionable ... but again, they "gotsta" help A. A. Ron.  If you want Xavier back, he needs a very public apology from Head Coach Mike Zimmer that starts with the words, "By the way, in regard to Xavier ... I was wrong & he was right?"  You don't need to explain it ... just be sure that everyone knows that your faith in Xavier is unquestioned ...  as he's your guy.  There is only one Xavier Rhodes & no one can do what he does.  After everything that happened, since your very public disaster, Xavier's forced fumble at the end of the last game told me just everything that I need to know about him.  His stats & grades don't matter a lick to me ... in my mind he's Pro-Bowl talent & always will be Pro-Bowl talent ... and when his mind is right again ... there will be nothing that stops him.            

God, hear this prayer.  This Thielen Kid "worked it" from the slime pits of the abyss, to share with us an incredible & unbelievable tale.  From the infinite, we've accepted any & all test thrown in our path however, it is clear, that over time we've become intoxicated with the thought of watching "Adam-Fly-Once-Again".  In our minds, it has opened the scientific experiment, that questions, "Does velocity defy gravity?"  Maybe, we just aren't deserving ... understanding your plan to cease & desist can come at any moment, but maybe ... just maybe ... you'd like to see it again too.  There might be someone else more deserving, but in the mass of dreg that is out there, it would be hard to find someone of Adam's strength & character.  We'll keep the miracles out there ... but maybe just a little sun light on this dogs ass??? 

The Lord then awoke to the tears of injustice ... and didst with his mighty outstretched hand ... Yea shall mock no more!@

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 4, 2019