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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

NFL Iron Man
Finding a silver lining to the question, "Who might benefit the most from the Bret Farve experiment", and the answers to that question becomes quite numerous.  Some see the proliferation of Berrian under Favre, where for me, it's hard not to imagine a Pro Bowl break for "The Shank" and the slashing proliferation for Westbrook#2 ... my man Chester.
  The greatest beneficiary however, just might be the immortal #70 Jim Marshall, the NFL's reigning Iron Man.  Sorry folk's ... although Mathews played more games (they weren't consecutive starts) and kickers just don't count!~      

As a young adult, many many years before he broke this record, I fondly remember a day where I watched Cal Ripkin cleat into and over a fence in the 3rd inning, where the Orioles came to town to play their farm 3-A club, the Rochester Red Wings.  Here was a down to earth guy, in a farm system town, that hopped into a loving crowd to be immediately surrounded by a gang kids that sought maybe their only moment in time to be near an elite major leaguer.  This sight was as old school as watching Moss celebrate with a leap into an end zone seat, as the moment defies description.   Many years later I immersed myself in Cal Ripkin's quest to summit Ludwig (Lou) Heinrich Gehrig's monumental achievement of consecutive games played.  With each passing game, the countdown ensued, bringing fame and notoriety to the unattainable and unachievable moment.  A moment that may never be seen again in my life time.  Although Jim can do nothing further to enhance the lime-light upon his incredible career, we fans instilled with Berserker rage most certainly can.      

Under the favors of the gods, and the almighty, the least likely position (quarterback) in the NFL just may be given the opportunity to join a select-company-of-one.  According to the official stats, Bret Farve consecutive starts is at 269, where Jim Marshal is officially credited with 270, which means opening day Bret Farve ties the record ... or does he?  Due to a lack of documentation, the actual record according to Jim's hard core Viking faithful stands pat firmly at 282 consecutive games.  So if you're like a me, a Viking fan, the tally shall faithfully continue week after week.  The exact moment in time is scheduled to happen at home with in the friendly confines of the Metrodome versus the Cincinnati Bengal's on December 13, 2009, bringing a long awaited birth to the infamy that is Jim Marshall, The NFL's reigning Iron Man.  It happens on this day, because the first snap of the following game breaks Iron-Man-Jim's record for all time ... no questions asked.       

On that day, the NFL's greatest decoration of honor, of consecutive games started, shall be passed on to a new warrior.  Since 1979, this unmistakable and unattainable record, has stood for almost 30 years to the day. Make no mistake ... the greatest badge on honor lies within the salt of consecutive games played, and only another man, such as this warrior, can truly attest to its due.  The beam of light that Bret Farve casts upon this particular record, that has drawn upon his life's blood, will be without question.  No longer will this monumental achievement be ignored, or spat upon, as if it were something less than what it really is ... the NFL's greatest honor.  

This time ... the entire world of NFL football will be watching, both the official and unofficial weekly tally.  Earning it as if it were played upon dirt.  On this record, the youthful Bret won't be carrying a man upon his back ... he will be carrying an entire league.        

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 5, 2009

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