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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

2007 (Jan 2008) NFC Championship - Hello Lambeau!
The Cowboys/Packers tilt is now in the books.  They'll have you believe that the road to the Super Bowl travels through Dallas, TX.  Don't bet on it.

Last evening, while running the clock at my daughters high school basketball game, I overheard a couple Cowboy braggart fans, "There's no one in the NFC that can stop us (The 2007 Dallas Cowboys)".  In other words, the Cowboys have already punched their ticket to Arizona, just like the players blurted out in their interviews after losing to the Patriots.  After hearing that statement, I immediately turned around to this boisterous bunch of fools and thought to myself, there is one team that can knock the Pokes of their lofty perch, but I held myself in check, and my tongue in reserve.  My only unending thought was, "There's a tidbit of unfinished business left to do in regard to my 1975 Vikings (see September 26th article)."   

Even before the Cowboys/Packers match, I spoke with a close Viking fan of numerous years, and I was absolutely convinced that the 2007 NFC Championship game was to be played in Lambeau Field.  After viewing the final 45 minutes of the Cowboys/Packers contest ... I was truly stunned.  I was certain that the Packers would win this tilt.  An inexplicable feeling overwhelmed me by the result of this contest.  I thought to myself, had everything that I envisioned for the 2007 Minnesota Vikings team be just an apparition.

What was unmistakable was the real weather in Lambeau.  The kind of weather that grounds aerial attacks.  It was as if I were a boy again praying for the effects of winter like I prayed for at the old Metropolitan Stadium.   As Carl Eller once described, when the sun dipped at the Met, the 12th man had come to call.  The dominant running game overwhelmed and gutted the Packers, and with it, was packaged a vivid image of horror painted all over Bret Farve's face ... but more intense than the event where Randy Moss simulated his mooning incident in a special NFC playoff contest.  There, looming in the distance was the echo of Bret Farve's words, that he's repeated all year long, we can't do this without and we need a running game.  His door (of opportunity) had finally closed.  

The reason ... there was no "extra" protection available for Bret after being swept by them the last three seasons.   This is our season!

The 2007 NFC Championship game will be played in Greenbay ... once shaken and disturbed ... this is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.02.07

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