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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Aaaah!  A chance to send these pesky little buggers (The 2012 Minnesota Vikings) home for a long winters nap.  Just one simple and clear victory ... and the Viking's season is done.  Then we get the week off ... to bask in the glory of 2012 Northern NFC Division Championship before taking on that nasty upcoming playoff schedule for Green Bay's contest as the NFC's #2 seed.  The 49ers lost on Sunday night, and we now have something real to play for ... that #2 seed.  We can start all of our best players ... to bring our A-game ... rather than to have to watch the Viking's pound on our backups ... to finally dispatch these pesky little vance's (bed bugs), once and for all, into the nether regions where they belong.  Don't you know that we are "Title Town" ... "The NFL's Champions" ... as no one has more NFL championships.  Berserker Rage ... Berserker Fury ... is nothing but a myth ... these Berserkers ... they never existed.  There is no way that this fledgling offense is winning four (4) in a row.  The running game is a myth.  Of course, this is the Green Bay Packer's hopeful view of the up coming December 30th contest ... that's been moved to a 4:25 pm start.

Of course there is no Packer fear.  There are no uneasy feelings to upset our queasy stomachs.  After all ... I'm Mr. Packer.  I'm Mr. Discount Double Check ... didn't you see all my commercials saying so.  I'm Aaron Rodgers ... the greatest NFL quarterback of my era ... bar none ... and it will be but child's play to dispatch these underlings.  Get the brooms ready ... to sweep!  I'm an NFL champion ... never forget that.  Want to see my Super Bowl Ring.  You may kneel and kiss it ... one by one.  Bow before your king.  I've got the greatest team on the planet to help me deliver that final blow.  Shiver and quake within my presence.  Didn't you know that I relish the thought of playing in a dome?  Don't you know who I am?    

Don't you know ... Adrian Peterson has an abdomen ... all because he got caught was once again chasing Eric Dickerson.  Don't you remember when AD was in position to smash Dickerson's rookie record.  How fickle ... the gods are?  There are no miracles left.  AD is their entire offense.  Without him ... they are sunk.  There are no other runners.  The pass game is suspect.  AD can't go ... he is just but a shadow of himself.  How else could you explain being a 3 point dog in their own park ... playing for a Viking playoff berth as the 2012 NFC #6 seed?  Bow to the bookies ... as they know much more than you.  Bend your knee.  Don't you know that we now have #52 Clay Mathews back ... the prime reason why Adrian Peterson got to put up 210 yards against us in our park?  We didn't have him in that first go around.  Don't you know that the Packer's are the NFC's jewel.  This contest is done.  It's over.  Why should we even have to show up at the park?  I know ... to give the Viking faithful hope ... so we can crush that simple bit of desire at their feet.    

Who was it that said, "Yes!  Yes!  We want you to bring your A-game because after we smash you on Sunday ... you will be powerless to be smashed once again ... in front of all your adoring fans"?  Was it you .... or was it you?  The chase is far from being over.  


Who gets to write history?  Who holds that pen?  Who gets to be called a genius ... maybe coach of the year?  Who gets to be called the greatest there ever was?  Who gets to witness the legend ... as it unfolds?  When does the barometer of history for an organization finally change from foul to fair?  No one knows ... they can only anticipate that day.  What stirs within your soul?  What do you feel ... drawing down ... deep within your bones?  

Will the Bear's beat the Lion's to record a 10-6 season?  Yes, I think they will.  Will the 4:25 E.S.T. 49ers beat the Cardinal's to cinch the NFC West to stake their claim upon that #2 seed and a first round bye ... if the Packer's falter in the Dome.  I think the 49ers will do that very thing.  Could this actually happen ... these are division games?

If this were all to happen, where the Vikings actually did get that victory over the Packer's securing that 6th seed in the playoffs, they would just have to travel back up to Green Bay the following week to play them once again.  We all know history.  There has never been a team that could beat the same team in back to back games ... let alone the mighty and impressive Green Bay Packer's.  How cruel would it be to be the #2 seek in week 16 ... only to have it ripped away in week 17?  What about my vacation plans?

What would the Viking's be playing for, after all they would only be the 6th seed ... away for every playoff contest ... playing the spoiler in every contest ... the lowly dog ... the phoenix, rising from the ash of the fires.  Overlooked at 130:1 ... that says no.  No Viking in it's history has ever relished that role ... or maybe we all might be mistaken.  Don't you know that if the lowly Viking's were to dispatch the Packer's season, to return that favor, that they would have to travel to Atlanta to play the #1 seed ... another dome team.  After all ... the Texan's, the AFC's #1 seed, didn't bring their A-game.  There is no one on that present Viking roster that knows anything about that 1998 championship game which put the Falcon team, today's NFC #1 seed, in the Super Bowl ... ripping Cris Carter's one and only chance from his god-like hands.  There's no reason to right that history.  Players play ... the gods have no hand in this.  Of course, the Viking faithful have most certainly gotten over that day by now.  There is no Berserker Rage within their eyes.  The shoe now wouldn't be on the other foot ... the Falcon's grasping onto that superior passing game with a prior playoff history of failures (Denny Green) ... and the Viking's with that dominant run game.  The insult of the "Dirty Bird" replayed in their end zone.  Yes ... the gods have no role in this.  What does history tell us? 

Golly!  It's getting real excitin' out here!  Thanks Tom Hanks.

On the other side of the slate, might there lie the Redskin's with the Seahawk's (originally the spawn of the AFC) on the road.  Does RG3 dispatch these warriors so far away from their 12th man only to then face a weakened & slipping 49ers crew.  Running quarterback versus running quarterback ... what could the football gods be thinking?  No traditional drop back quarterbacks here ... what happened ... where did they go?   Maybe if I stamp my feet they'll appear before me.    How could it be that Kaepernick, Wilson & RG3 would all be made to face each other to dispatch ... to just one?  Each untested ... and without playoff experience ... on their quest to a Super Bowl.  How could this be?  Oh!  The humanity!  Wasn't the moniker ... drop back pocket passers forever!  After all, Tarkenton was wrong ... wasn't he?

If we were so foolish as to think that we might be facing the Redskin's in Washington, most certainly no one remember's Darrin Nelson's NFC Championship drop on the goal line, in that games final moments.  The drop that propelled the Redskin's to their second "strike season" Super Bowl victory.  Ending that magical 1987 Viking run.  Again ... there's no Berserker Rage here.  Still think the gods don't have a hand in this?

Of course, if the Redskin's didn't happen in this years playoffs, then there would be no history with the 49ers whatsoever.  It's a good thing we've all got that "Viking Memory" ...  sort of like Senior Moments ... to help us all forget all those painful memories, year after year, other than that magical 1987 season where we finally got to beat Joe Montana ... our one and only time.  Again ... there's no Beserker Rage here.

Or could it be Seed 5 versus Seed 6, facing that 12th man for a second time in 2012, with what would most certainly be a red hot Seahawk team .... or by that time, will they have cooled off ... for some unknown reason?  There's never a price to be paid for running it up ... or is there?  Maybe old Pete needs to understand that this isn't college ball and if you look around ... you'll find out that you're not in Southern California anymore.   

Division rivals, pounding each other into oblivion in a playoff format.  Bill Murray: "Cats and Dogs ... living together!"  Can the NFL live with itself or is there some sort of rule that disallows this stuff for viewers interest ... or is there just too much bad blood for the viewers that want us all, "To-Play-Nice" ,,, you know ... "Tom Brady Ball".  You remember, like the twisted idea of exciting kickoffs, that some idiot demanded only a few short years ago ... or has that time actually passed.

Merry  Christmas ... to the Viking Nation!

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 26, 2012