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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Madden (comes to town) to make more Viking fodder!
In years past, I absolutely loved listening to John Madden-isms ... that is until I realized that his sole purpose in life was to transform the Vikings into fodder for the league.  Not playing on Sunday night has been a blessing ... but that's about to change.

In war, if you eliminate the officers (communications) ... you win.  Today, in the NFL, if you surgically remove a teams elite, or better said, if you impart a bidding process for a teams elite, then you remove that foes ability to wage war.  

Just this morning, I was handed as a gift, nine (9) 3-card-packs (in their original cellophane wrappers) of a limited edition trading card set of Minnesota Vikings that was originally offered by a major burger chain.  Although I had originally written this commentary on December 11th, this gift was a message so powerful that I was compelled to re-write this document.  Very very few (like maybe 1 - Robert Smith) of them retired as Vikings, or played their entire careers as Vikings.  Look at our past history of futility of resigning our own free agents ... to get a whiff of what I'm talkin' about!    

On January 9, 1977 in Super Bowl XI, the two teams of the greatest futility were about to meet.  Only one would leave as an NFL champion.  The AFC's winning-est team, at the time, the "low-life-scum-bag" Oakland Raiders versus the prideful and distinguished men of the Minnesota Vikings (the loser of Super Bowl IV, VIII, and IX - pitted against some of the greatest teams in the history of the NFL - just note the names in the hall of fame).  To hammer home my point, which team generated a State Supreme Court Justice of outstanding character.  In fact, looking at the history, it could be argued that the Raiders had an even greater record of futility (look at the history of lost championships up to that point).  Once again, at the time, neither one of them had won the big game.  The rest in now history ... this would be the mountain top of John Madden's coaching career ... his launching pad, if you will.  Since that time, the Minnesota Vikings have gotten close several times, but never to the pinnacle.  

So what's my beef with Madden.  John has always had more than a passing interest in the Minnesota Vikings ... he has a certain more-than-a-special-interest interest in this franchise.  In his attempt to re-write history, to indicate that his Raiders were the greatest in the history of that era, he's has used the Vikings as his own personal whipping boy.  In fact, history has been re-written to show my hero's as the clowns of the league (see my hero).  For crying out loud, he's been stumping for a punter to surpass the NFL's Iron Man for the hall of fame for years.  Get the picture.  John Madden may appear to be a playful and harmless character, but in fact, he's constantly nipping at the juggler of our Viking Nation.  John is an ex-coach ... he knows talent ... he does his homework ... and he's not as stupid and harmless as he would have you think.  John is either a genius or he's apart of the greatest bit of serpendipity of events ever perpetrated within and under the nose of the league.  Is it just a coincidence that he looks somewhat like a mad scientist.  I'm not fooled.       

John's years of having the nation's prime time audience of viewers and NFL coaches has launched him into an enviable position.  This is his covert platform of power.  In his efforts to dismantle the Vikings he regularly discusses our upcoming list of available worth-while free agents.  Many may not even be playing in the game, but the league will hear about them just the same.  John makes this special little effort only for select teams and I personally consider this a crime.  

He also regularly discusses our elite players.  You might recall the statement, "If I were to start a team today, Randy Moss would be at the top of that list".  He didn't say that once.  At every opportunity he repeated this statement in every game that Randy Moss ever played as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.  Is it any wonder why Randy is now playing in New England.  

Let's not forget our 98 team.  John knew talent when he saw it.  His eyes were affixed upon players like John Randle, Randall McDaniel and Jeff Christy ... just to mention a few.  All those pro-bowls didn't hurt either.  There was a reason that your stomach churned when Madden spewed his words of venom, all while sitting in your easy chair ... all while thinking that it didn't matter.  The facts are now clear ... none of these players had the opportunity of finishing their careers in Minnesota because John Madden was assured the result ... the NFL would bid for our elite talent and there was no way that we could win a battle while he sat upon his lofty perch.  

Is this just a simple case of paranoia ... history indicates more than just a little smoke.  

Let's just leave it that John Madden isn't on my list of favorite people ... you large bag or RAIDER-SCUM!  He will receive no pass from this segment of the Viking faithful.  In fact, I have a raw egg with his name on it for this low-life demon of a man.  He's earned it.

My eyes are wide open!

What is also certain is that a man will betray himself in his own words every time ... so keep your ears open ... and your arms cocked for the Madden Cruiser!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.12.07

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