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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Minnesota Viking Renegade Football! 
Yo Brad!  You lose football games and you'll need to find a good job.  Good thing you've covered your bases by giving away C. J. Mosley, Hank Basket, Tyler Thigpen, not to mention draft picks for Hicks and Holcomb, and securing bums like Mike McMahon, and Brooks Bollinger, etc.  I'm certain you'll have a soft cushy landing.

As a team, we have to learn to overcome calls that don't go our way.  Bull!  What exactly preparation will be at your disposal in the event that two teams are evenly matched in a Super Bowl setting!  When put in this light, does that statement even begin to make sense.   What if the Titan's final play versus the Ram's was actually a blatant defensive pass interference that was never called.  Hello! 

If however you strap on the Viking horns, and you have to look at yourself in the mirror, your plight with the league and the Zeebs will never be heard, that is unless notice is served.  Just try to tell me that the guy standing next to you doesn't feel the same way.  We've played the nice guy role and what exactly has it gotten us.  You know, "You don't have to be a shark, you just need to learn how to swim with them".  Your nothing but a bunch of little no-body's under the thumb of the man.  You don't matter, the Viking's don't matter, and they never will matter.  

It starts with these words ... up yours Brad.  It follows with taking things into your own hands.  He certainly can't bench the entire team because Bradie babie still needs to be able to field a product.  Let's not forget there are many coaches on staff that have a little backbone which will carry your colors into battle.  To be direct, renegade football is all the power barons really understand, because I can market that crap.  

Hey, I can't control those guys out there!  Brad, you'll get fired for that too, but at least they won't be calling me and my mates a bunch of queens.  Maybe you can't hear them but they spit in your face and laugh ... Minni HA HA!

The league has a long and sorted history of renegades and their special brand of football.  Always understand that the league is foremost entertainment and money first, and that vicious brand of football is what truly sells ... doesn't it.  

Not so very long ago, the Giants and 49ers met, each were 10-0, and Joe took them apart.  In the rematch, Joe Montana got crushed by a relentless New York Giant defense that eventually won their first Super Bowl.  Today, they are in the history books. Let's not ever forget Fran Tarkenton's 17th  year in the NFL.  He was on the recipients end of a broken leg.  If Herb Brooks were alive today he'd tell you, History Boys!  Play your game!  Protect the leagues stars, yeah right, this applies to everyone except those that wear Viking horns.  

I'm sick of it.   Stand like men!@  All the tools are in place.  The most dangerous team, when it counts, is the one that can run the ball.  Wake Up! 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 2, 2007

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