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Mind Set  
Let me tell you what it will take to win the NFL's greatest achievement ... "MIND SET". 

Whomever came up with the quote, "Let's not worry about anything other than our next game!", was certainly not referring to the pre-season.  He also wasn't talking about any part of the NFL's regular season either however this quote is generally applied to just about every aspect of the NFL, as if it somehow held some magic potion within it.  What it transformed into is a gutless approach to a career playing football where it became the mindset of a loser.  This quote, of course, applies to the playoffs, where you may or may not know your next opponent, so it was like saying, let's concern ourselves with that next obstacle when we have our draw.  Of course, the idea in the NFL is to dumb everything down and then proliferate garbage.  These concepts are generated for losers to eat up as they are eager to embrace just about any ridiculous idea that anyone is willing to toss down the pike.  Which leads us to, "Just because you have an idea ... doesn't mean that it is a good one."  So this ridiculous concept became doctrine because there are 31 other franchises vying for only 1 trophy.  The game plan & the ideas are simple.  Proliferate garbage so that you can blow smoke at your competition.  Unfortunately, what this concept ultimately contains is acceptance ... which makes you a loser.  

To give credence to this observation consider both Tom Brady's & Bill Belichick's approach.  Proliferate the doctrine, over & over again, but keep within you a deeply concealed & imbedded specific notion.  Within their minds is only one thought.  We are going to destroy everything that lies within our path & if this doesn't work, we are going to find a way to make it work.  This is the very definition of a winner, regardless of the outcome.  This might help to explain why the United States Armed Services should never be used as either peace keepers, or to be used as the police for the worlds degenerates.  They are designed to destroy anything & everything within a kill box, where holding onto anything is the other guys job.   

Which brings me to our up coming 2019 regular season schedule and the one mindset that will define our bid for that one and only prize.

The Minnesota Vikings statement or signature game of the 2019 season will be held in Chicago.  Once the script for that bit of entertainment is written, the winner of that contest will ultimately define who gets to represent the NFC in the NFL's up coming greatest contest.  Now ask yourself, when would be a good time for you to begin to mold your 2019 season "MIND SET"?  Do you want to go to the show or not?  

Your greatest trouble games in 2019 will be versus Oakland & again, Chicago at home.  Do you think last years season end was a fluke or was our mind set focused upon our inability to compete on that greatest stage.  As for Oakland, Gruden is the most wily character going, where that early season contest will be seen as his statement game leading toward his future.  He has brought this Minnesota Vikings franchise to its knees before and we all know what Buffalo did not so long ago.  The script will play into Gruden's every advantage where winning that game will take professionalism combined with the refusal to beat yourself ... over and over again.  Successive first down will be crucial as to win you'll have to grind.     

Now your "Mind Set" needs to follow the big pointer (AKA your index finger) to our away games in Detroit, Kansas City, Dallas, Seattle & in Los Angeles playing the Chargers.  

The most difficult game of 2019 will be in Kansas City which might be a preview to something very special.  If you know your recent history you will recall an undefeated Patriots team that traveled to New Your to play Manning's squad, on his turf, for that seasons toughest contest.  Sometime later, on some neutral field, a timely helmet catch resulted in the greatest defeat in NFL history.  That defeat went on to eclipsed Kelso wide right kick of which both involved the Giants.  The howl that I released at that moment in seeing the Patriot's go down to defeat gave both me & the 72 Dolphin's great satisfaction ... all the while being bitter sweet at the same time as it reduced Randy Moss's efforts into shambles.  Kansas City sees themselves as the anointed ones, full of youth & exuberance and also the holders of history as their one & only World Championship of American Football (not an NFL Championship) was over this franchise.  In their view, they own the central time zone over this Viking franchise, especially on their own court.  This contest will be as difficult as when the Vikings were made to play the opener versus the Chiefs facing a field temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit.  On this day, youth & skill will fall to wisdom, veteran eyes, leadership ... and a nasty bit of treachery.  

Viking's are not mariners.  Viking's are not members of the United States Navy.  Viking's are not carrier pilots.  Vikings are not seamen.  Viking's are not Raider's.

Viking's are Berserker's that find their feet lashed to the deck, with their comrades by their side, shields stationed upon the breech & gunwale.  Beserker's are filled with exhilaration, upon the turbulent pitching seas, peering upward into the gales of an angry billowing wind, amongst skies of clapping thunder.  Beserkers ditch the dance of Thor's current bolts of death.  As the sea rises ever further over the sides & gunwales unto the deck, what becomes apparent is a reason that you are there.  That must become your Mind Set.  That is the image that is to be drawn in your mind.  Superstars can not & do not exist upon these decks ... where the survivors become humbled by the immenseness of the experience.   There is a reason for the heat of that dragon's mighty breath as he roars upon that field.  There is a reason the dragon leads your ship onward toward your destiny.  You are Beserker's ... "What Manner of Men are These?" 

The Dallas contest has no chance as their is no real test in their early schedule prior to that meeting upon their soil.  Elliot is correct in understanding that the Cowboy's don't win without him whereas their overpriced quarterback isn't the star of the triplets.  Although quite talented, their play for cash wide receiver will look more like Hershel Walker than either Drew Pearson or Mr. Miami Hurricane's.  As for his contract ... do you really expect to get deep into the playoffs without Elliot? 

Seattle's time is at hand, where illegally jumping over the line of scrimmage prevented our bid for the playoff's in 2018, which leads us to a crucial loop hole in the NFL rules.  Field Goal attempts are scoring plays where an illegal move most certainly changed the result of that contest.  No one man (omnipotent official) should have the ability to destroy the work of an entire seasons worth of work of any NFL franchise.  All scoring plays require careful consideration & scrutiny because, "If your not trying to cheat ... then your not trying to win the game".  That quote came directly from Gumby from George Chump.  You see ... not everyone plays the game the way they do as taught by this Minnesota Franchise.    

The NFL isn't about football ... it's about entertainment.  Just like last year, there will be a display in Los Angeles that will go well beyond must see TV.  This will feature the who's who of 2019 NFL Super Stars but unfortunately it will also involve the waning skills of a future member of the Hall of Fame.  Father time will not be denied, and no you don't get to decide when, if or how.  

There are many others including away at Detroit but they only involve the prospect of either beating yourself or being outright lazy.  You cannot allow Detroit to line up field goals on every drive.  

So regardless of what you've been told to do, lash out & then choose your MIND SET.  Either these matches are on your mind & deeply held within your subconscious or your an out & out loser.  In your Mind Set you will have to win each & every one of these contests by not only meeting the challenges but in facing your fears as a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Either you see that grid iron as a field of plastic, stitching &, rubber crum, or green grass, paint & mud, or you'll see it as some sort of fearsome sea that was explicitly designed for you and your fellow Berserker's.   By changing the landscape into the vastness of the seas, with no shores in sight, do you have the chance to turn the tables into your destiny.  This is a fate worse than a bottomless pit of quicksand as the toying of peril goes on into infinity.    

Not since the days of Ray Guy has a kicker been used as such a weapon ... as John Madden used to say.  For Mike Zimmer, it should be full steam ahead.  Do not buy into that old chestnut in regard to NFL experience to keep either Bailey or Wiley as either your an NFL talent or you are not.  Did Adrian Peterson require experience before he almost destroyed the NFL rookie rushing record.  NO!  HE DID NOT! 

It wouldn't surprise me if McDermott ended up as the latest member of this Vikings franchise to land in New Orleans's.  It is also the belief in Chicago that the kicker they need will fall into their lap, which is their misfortune.  Kaare Vedvik will require the strategic movement of Bailey where it is unacceptable & unconceivable to allow him to fall into Chicago's lap.  It might involve the trade of Bailey, before the 53 man roster cut date ,along with the flipping of 2020 Viking 7th round picks to move Bailey onto a better place.  In other words, any of the Viking 7th round picks would be flipped to the team that traded for Bailey if that draft pick ends up before their 7th round pick.  In other words, any Viking draft day trades might result in a an even more favorable outcome for the trading team.  It works somewhat similar to the Hershel Walker trade where you either keep the players or take the draft picks.  Why do this?  Call it a strategic move.         

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 15, 2019