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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

This Viking's franchise could learn a great deal from the battle of Midway ... especially after our performance versus the Fudge-Packers in front of our home crowd.  Maybe the most important aspect in the "Battle of Midway" was in who led it.  The battle was led by Cruiser Commander Marc A. Matcher who was instructed to play it like he saw it ... and not to depend on what he thought someone else would do.  In other words ... call your own shots.

In listening to Brett Favre in his glee in being able to review the contest between the Vikings & the Fudgies, he stated that it would be a difficult assignment for Kirk Cousins without a running game.  The translation here being not that the Vikings couldn't run the ball, but rather that they could not run the ball well, which would lead to them abandoning the run game for all purposes.  Once that happened it was clear to all that the Vikings would lose.  Why?  Well if Kirk Cousins is the best play action passer in the league & he's without a run game, then it stands to reason that it's in the bag for Favre's Fudgies.  As it turned out ... he was exactly correct.  So what did A. A. Ron's crew do?  They dialed up a slew of first half play action passes followed by a steady dose of run the ball down our throats in the second half.  In other words, take the Vikings preferred game plan ... and ram that down the Vikings throat.  After all, it stands to reason that our defense would be well prepared to play that game practicing against that particular brand of offense.  Unfortunately after seven three & outs, the defense was too depleted to even care.         

So, what does the Midway comment have to do with this Viking franchise winning games ... well ... you can never do what you are expected to do.  People become reliant upon it.  Yes, in that game you did have Kirk Cousins out in the pattern ... but ... you missed that opportunity.   

So, was the Fudgies contest Kirk Cousins fault ... well yes ... and of course ... no.  This Vikings franchise failed because they allowed Kirk Cousins to do exactly what he wanted to do ... what he likes to do ... rather than directing what needed to be done.  In our five losses this year, Kirk Cousins averaged 19 receptions for 35 attempts averaging 216 yards passing, recording 0.66 (0.33 lost) fumbles per game, with 0.8 interceptions, tallying a time of possession of 23.73 minutes (39.5%) per game.  So, in all those lovely stats just presented, which ones were the most important.  Well after the Fudgie Bowl II it became obviously clear ... Time of Possession by recording First Downs.  Now look at the play by play once again and count up the total number of three & outs and be prepared for The Volcanic Viking Vomit - The three V's of the NFL.

So, who is responsible for this disaster?  Could it lie at the inexperience of what is being called the next NFL Head Coach Kevin Stephanski ... hardly.  As our offensive coordinator he's still just cutting his teeth.  Might it be Gary Kubiak - our Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Adviser ... well yes & no ... as "The Call" most likely has been out of his hands ... whereas he could have that Marc Mitscher role ... to make the call in the midst of our next disaster.  No, it falls at the feet of our lovable grumpy Head Coach Mike Zimmer who hasn't yet learned his lesson ... in The Decision of Command.  Said another way, I'm not asking you to run the ball, as I simply don't care what the result of any play or set of plays might be.  In other words, we already have the wholesale market on three & outs already cornered doing what we are doing.  I'm telling you that we are going to run the ball ... again ... & again ... & again.  DO I HAVE TO DIG UP HERB BROOKS WHISTLE????     Why?  No run game ... no offense.  No offense ... lose the game.  Could it be that simple?  

The very best reason why you should not replace Head Coach Mike Zimmer is so that we don't have to relive all his mistakes, and the same exact mistakes of his predecessors, over again because we replaced him with someone new that will be allowed to make the same mistakes. With all due respect to our head coach, that simplicity covers just the tip of his ice berg but that sentiment is traversed throughout the nation.  Coach Zimmer is so much more than an off hand comment or someone in the cage slingin' crap at the Nation.       

I absolutely love Kirk Cousins as he's clearly my guy now.  He's but a moment from what he was born to be ... ditching his own personal critical tripe.  Just like Xavier Rhodes ... in my mind ...  he's a pure Pro Bowl talent & his guile is both evident & clearly back to form.  On the opposite, the combination of Harris & Waynes can shut down just about anyone.  The fore told demise of this secondary ... well ... me thinks thou dost protest to much.  Kirk's Cousins is not disciplined in that his very impressive skill sets allows him to do things that he should not be doing.  Was I alone thinking that we desperately needed Tom Brady's very efficient short passing game (outlet passing to the side line doesn't count) to slow down that Fudgie rush to counter our lack of run game.  Kirk Cousins in the pocket SPOT or in the shot gun SPOT too often leads to disaster.  In other words, we can ill afford to play our game into their hands.  Is it too much to move that SPOT?  The ladies seem to like it when you do.  Do you think that we can learn something from that?  

At some point Mitscher is going to be allowed to say ... screw it ... we are going for two ... and it won't be regulated to the end of the game.  Said another way, we aren't going to do it like everybody else anymore.  Once you take on that attitude ... everything changes.  

Is there a change in the NFC power structure?  No!  Our first opponent will be are hardest to defeat.  

In regard to the Spielman-Zimmer combination, in this years 2018 draft there appears to be at least two Pro-Bowl lineman & a 3rd offensive line starter & a perennial long snapper.  Also snagged were a starting wide receiver, tight end & running back including an outstanding special teamer and two critical role players.  That is at least a ten player haul.  Anyone that thinks breaking up this team is a good idea needs to have his head examined.  Either they got lucky or they have finally learned from all those mistakes.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 31, 2019