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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Metamorphosis-The Tell-Five!
First - to explain the number five.  

If you believe in the biblical code, or the code of the bible:  what was ... what is ... and what will be ... is defined by this biblical code.  According to the founders of this code ... there are just way too many definitive past events, outlined by this code, for the code to be random .... whether you believe it or not.  Somewhere within that code ... lies a Viking Coronation ... which now beacons.   

The number five ... which is symbolized by an outstretched open hand (four open fingers and an open thumb) ... is in reference to five Vikings:  Randall McDaniel {All Pro 9 consecutive years-12 consecutive pro bowls-started 202 consecutive games-there is no parallel}, John Randle {undrafted-7 pro bowls-137.5 sacks tied for 5th all time-most by any defensive tackles}, Cris Carter {3 times all pro, 8 consecutive pro bowls, 2nd all time receptions, #1 touchdowns inside 20-Gods gifted hands ... with no parallel}, Jim Marshal {NFL Iron Man-282 consecutive starts-#1 recovered fumbles) and Chris Doleman {150.5 sacks- 2 times all pro-8 pro bowls}.  

The precedence has been set with the coronation of three Washington Redskins.    All the above have been ... or will be ... snubbed by the Hall of Fame.  Your coronation ... lies hand in hand ... with theirs.  Answer the bell for they can't speak with their play no more!  

The Tell!
Dick Vermiel fondly shared a look back at the reality of the 1999 Ram's ... the greatest show on turf ... which began with a pre-season blow-out of Trent Green's knee ... combined with an inauspicious start.  In his own words ... he felt the heat ... as the team started out on more than just shaky ground ... where he was in fear of his coaching life.  

Childress finds himself within a trench and would be willing to pay just about anything to understand exactly how in the heck the other team seams to know exactly what we are about to do ... driving towards our power ... before we do it.  There is a tell ... and it is directly attributable to Brett Farve, and his supposed conversations with the Detroit Lions.  This tell was recently exposed by a bit of deception masterfully pulled off by Jim Kleinsasser.  He saddled himself into his blocking set ... flowed by a peel and roll into the flat for the big gainer.  In short ... when the Sass is manning his post ... he becomes the tell!  Defenses have become dependent upon his execution ... as he is used only as a blocker ... never a receiver.  This was no mistake.  Success can be optioned off the Sass.  Follow the Sass ... as if your life depended upon it.  Where he goes ... the Vikings are supposed to follow.  So you might be wondering about Brett Farve ... the Bear's and the Lion's.  You need to look no further than their superior Tight End play ... Brett understood deception ... there was never an always for any player.  Sass's special talent shouldn't be used to overwhelm his versatility.  Could it truly be that simple?  Could it be that there are now 31 sets of soiled armor?            

Never in the history of the Vikings has there been such a year!  

bulletIn Tennessee ... the commissioners indisputable video  ... of a 4th and goal ... that's becomes disputable somehow because apparently we can't see so good ... neither his actual forward progress, his continual movement, the lack of a whistle, or a Vikings recovered fumble in the end zone, because after all ... it's the Vikings. 
bulletDetroit's final hip check ... which apparently doesn't fall under the category of tangling feet ... which is then displayed league wide as a Viking disgrace ... because apparently we needed it to win!
bulletChicago's Nate-Wright-like shove of Ciurciu, followed by tripping over my little mess.  No problemo ... the sheets got it covered!  Poor Choo Choo!  Commentators ... opps! ... we can't show that replay!  Then of course, the six gifts:
bulletAdd 7 - Kluwe's double kick!  By the way Chris - stand with your head tall and spit and piss on everything that stands in your way ... the answer lies within true grit ... John Wayne. 
bulletAdd 7 - Gordon's elbow ... Dude!  Prime time wants you cut cause he knows true talent ... which is needed desperately in Poke-Land!  Head up high!
bullet4 Interceptions - Need we say more!  Gus ... we all have to get out of bed ... keep slingin' it!
bulletAdd 3 - Encroaching Ray Edwards!  53 yard miss to 48 yard gaff!
bulletAdd 7 - Poor Choo Choo!
bullet4th and 1.  With the most dominate run game in the league ... we pass.  Pay dirt ... money ... AD!  Gus ... it ain't your fault!
bulletDid Indy's first touchdown break that plane.  After all ... Daunte had both feet completely in the end zone standing upright in Philly on a Monday night ... standing with his back to the end line ... and for some reason ... it doesn't wash.  Neither did Shiancoe's reviews in KC or Minnesota.  

Come on!  This stuff doesn't matter right!  It certainly doesn't matter to Brad Childress does it?

Season 98, 82, 87, 07, 69, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78 ... there were some bad days ... days where we'd all be better off not getting out of bed on that day.  For some reason ... the upside-down dipper always seemed to run out of Viking luck when we needed it most.  Not this time.    

Funny thing about luck ... when it's bad ... it can be very bad!  Funny thing about the wheel or a pendulum!  The wheel keeps turning ... what turns around ... comes around.   The pendulum swings both ways ... but this time ... in a different way.  Remember to smile ... and then laugh ... as there will be no explanation.     

Two Viking fans having lunch at a local owl-appendage-like-type-chicken-wing-establishment ... when I'm asked to explain ... what are you talking about ... metamorphosis.  I take the time to explain.  Take Nutty Joe for instance.  You saw it!  We all saw it!  Stage 1 ... he speaks to us all in his warm and kind hearted demeanor ... fondly reflecting upon his Viking past of glory.  A happening that has been white washed into the age of abandon.  Stage 2 ... he looks into the camera and a tries to make a contorted mean looking face ... we all take a collective breath ... at his folly ... and we involuntarily crack a smile for the ones that know.  Then ... we are all immediately reminded and immersed .... that maybe it wasn't the peanut butter that brother Joe sold up in Canada.  The scene flashes to that unmistaken stare ... on the only true frozen tundra ... where the eyes don't look at you ... they look beyond and through you.  There can be no doubt ... Metamorphosis ... hello, beloved Joe ... we've deeply missed your presence ... Light from darkness!  

Then Kapp pipes in ... "the only thing Bud ever said to me was ..."  Hello!  In three years ... Bud and Joe never spoke (apparently in confidence) ... as that statement roared right over all of our heads like a screaming window-shattering B1A bomber on its final approach.  Apparently ... they didn't use words ... they communicated in another way.  Joe wasn't acting ... there is no way that you can replicate that aura ... in this description ... the word metamorphosis was then immediately understood.

Due to Bud ... our history was to apply the hammer ... to snake the aggression by pinning the ears back ... always above the board ... and within the constraints of the hut ... to the whistle.  Bud demanded professionalism at all times ... only then can the punishment applied be truly demoralizing!

Brad baby!  It's time to put away the happy pills and the Blood Pressure meds too, as you get bonus points for being bug-eyed.  As Hoffa once said, before his pivotal campaign, "Are we talking words, Dolly".  It's time to put away the words!  For kids to claw, kick and scream ... toward that every step ... they need a bit of understanding on a different level.  It must come kicking and screaming from within their hearts and their soul.  There can be no act.  Metamorphosis is at hand.  

The only question is, "Do you wear those horns?"  Tell me once again ... exactly whom is the ever endurable laughable league fodder!          
What's the Deal Here!
So what's the deal here?  Take a good look at the 2007 power structure ... apparently the guard is changing!  

The Patriots are toofless ... how can they possibly visit without the cheater and his tells!  The Cowboys are faltering behind the 2 year mouth of destruction!  The Steelers have no line!  The Colts are diverging!  The Wars's are leathal ... but suspect ... especially knowing that they would have to face the Williams Wall!  The Giant's purged and they are dealing with an Owens II ... after the last 2 visits ... they want no part of the Vikings ... especially with some overdue itchy purple safeties.  The Hawks ... OMG!  The Chargers ... minus Merriman ... are on the ropes.  Cleveland is dealing with an overdue payment ... Brady Quinn!  New Orlean's is an enigma!

So what does this leave for our quivering purple ... that are afraid to take their rightful place in history.  The 82/87 scab-ball Skin's, that are always ready to strike at opportunity ... the same foes that raped us of our 2007 & 87 runs.  The shell in Chicago, or the Pack ... which are well overdue for a good spanking.  

What holds our destiny.  The cheatin' and Santa booing Phil-Gal's.  More likely the Buc's, Kitties, or Card-less-Anquan.  The point is ...  when we will we finally find a set ... to stand proud.   

The good news is that finally ... the run game is now on our side of the tote!   What is certain ... is that there is much more ball to play ... and much to evolve.  

Unfortunately ... until this remarkable bit of evolution of the NFL power structure was pointed out to my purple horned friends ... they really had little to no idea that this was actually happening.  If it had ... it surely hadn't manifested itself in your recent uninspired play.

Destiny awaits!  It's never too late! 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 23, 2008

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