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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Many years ago, my brother-in-law said this kid from Syracuse was going to be a great one.  Of course I scoffed at that remark and asked what was his name?  He said, Donovan McNabb!  Maybe I should look into this kid but at the time, of course, I didn't.   This kid would be an afterthought.  Then I remembered a bunch of boos during the draft when this new head coach Andy Reid selected this kid as his number 1.   My only thought at the time was back to my brother-in-laws prophetic words and that this Reid guy knows something and that this Reid character walks with a set of brass bearings.  The later part of that thought turned out to be prophetic indeed.  Andy is as solid as any.    

Years later, I remembered every head to head contest.  McNabb owned the Vikings every time out.  Is he really that good or was it some other factor?  To this day I still believe that it was some other extraneous list of factors that put this McNabb guy on top.  In his entire career, and I've seen him play allot of games as I'm deeply immersed within the Philly region, I haven't seen it.  I haven't seen what it was that stirred my brother-in-law to say that this kid is going to be a great one.  Of course there are five (5) championship games that somehow are screaming at me that I've clearly missed something.  What lies within this kid and most importantly of all ... does it still burn deeply within him?  

Now I listen to the man and his words absolutely scare me.  I see it in his body language.  I hear "The Company Man" spewing boiler plate saying what needs to be said to collect his pay check ... to continue playing as a starter.  What has been neatly tucked away within this kid?  Of course there is a part of me that saying this isn't fair as this group has barely had time to catch their breath let alone start a season but after all, they are about to go into the belly of the beast.  The question is, when opening day arrives, I'm wondering what what will be flying: footballs or excuses?  Let's just say, I'm uncomfortable.  

As someone once said to me along time ago, look at the name that signs that paycheck.  It is time to ponder its true meaning.  It is time to awaken the person that somehow got left  behind somewhere in your past.  When we are immersed into a new environment it is easy to get entwined within the surreal.  What is clear is that the path that you were on was a very dangerous one.  It is and was a treacherous stretch.   The one continual mistake that you've made is in understanding that the men that you've been playing with can't see exactly everything as your eyes are the windows to your soul.  Don't bull crap me!  These men have been patient as they await your inner child ... your inner self ... not what has been hardened by time and your past.  There is one certain fact that I can share with you and that is that no one, and I absolutely mean no one, will stand by you and watch you throw it all away.  They'll stand with you because it is still within you but you've got to break through the barriers that you've created for yourself.    

I can recall another QB from the Eagles that was called upon while working in Vegas while hauling marble.  He was out of the league entirely only to be pulled back to play once again with the boys.  He was truly fortunate to have seen first hand when it was all over.  To never know what it would be like to walk on that field again.  To then be given a gift once more, like Favre smelling the cut lawn of Lambeau Field with a belly full of emotion choking down his throat to have one more time to call upon the impossible ... one more time.  For Randall Cunningham what followed was his personal inspiration that he found within the players around him which resulted in an MVP campaign that went far beyond the stratosphere.   

McNabb ... What exactly inspires you?  If you don't know then don't waist my time.  Don't bull crap me!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 21, 2011

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